A Soldier's Life
A Soldier's Life

A Soldier's Life

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A Soldier's Life novel is a popular light novel covering Historical, Mature, and Slice of Life genres. Written by the Author Alwaysrollsaone. 116 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Generic story of being transported to another world.

The MC is forced into the military in a fantasy setting and rises through the ranks while keeping his true ability secret.

This is my attempt to add some humor to my writing. Hope you enjoy it.

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  • Goldsroll 3

    Da f*ck going on in south Dakota 🗣️❓

  • iPrinxe 5

    Close to catching up to new chapters, I would say for those considering this, the premise is by the title and the slice of life tag. Meaning there’ll be progress in power but it’ll likely take a while(novel is still in the 100s anyways). For those who are caught up, do ya’ll know any more novels like this?

  • lnwUser101992 2

    I'm reading it and I even liked it.

  • Angry_walterjr 14

    Very descriptive, to me past paced also. 6-7/10 I have read like 10 chaps so take this with a grain of salt

  • Polle 13

    Tiring to read. In terms of quality, it's more reminiscent of a "mid" fanfic than a webnovel. At least the first 40 chapters.

    Edited: 1d~
  • Bing_Chilling 1

    Hmmm... Interesting, but I'll wait till it has 500 chapters.

  • Hades_inHeaven 3

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    • ShadowMagister 15

      what are you doing...going to random novels and posting this? XD smart but annoying

      • Zoldan 20

        ? The reason why they had to do this is to spread awareness to our fellow readers. I wouldn't have even find out I can comment using the app if not for someone replying to my old comment which made me wonder why they could comment while I couldn't, only found out after trying to reply using the app since I was using browsr most of the time. Anyway, the point is, not everyone is using the app to read novels, and I see no reason why they would be "annoying" given that the discord channel was now only made exclusive for supporters which obviously made non supporters (which are most likely the majority of the users) unaware why they suddenly couldn't comment. Those people would merely assume that the function would comeback after the admins fix it based on the warning. Basically, they're gonna wait for who knows how long till the comment function comes back or until they realize by themselves that they would only be able to comment again if they use the app(Like me). They're helpful.

      • ShadowMagister 15

        I dunno what you mean. I just wanted to say it must be pretty annoying to going to random novel cs and copy pasting this. Better for nether to post an announcement. And if you read the comments in dev, everyone has been saying that we can still comment through app since 20th. I didn't mean to belittle the effort of someone else anyway

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  • HappyGolucky010 10

    to whoever ever is contemplating reading this: this story is pure vibes. It nails the ancient Roman setting soo well that it almost feels like non fiction even though there is a magic system, and a pretty good one too. (it even mentions how the Mc showers, sh*ts, and even wipes) the characters are freaking awesome although I some times confuse a couple of supporting characters with others because of how they are similarly written they are. the comedy is very good and most of the jokes landed imo.

    Edited: 5d
  • Deadinlife 6

    now my journey begins wish me luck

  • Lifelessleeper 5

    i will now begin reading this