Become a Star
Become a Star

Become a Star

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Become a Star novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Fantasy, and Slice of Life genres. Written by the Author WindPetals. 244 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


What if you woke up one morning and remembered all 999 of your past lives?

Chae Woojin, an actor who will shine brighter than the stars. A story about his journey towards his dreams!

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  • sereuale 2

    Bruh 😭😭 I love this novel but I find the ending unsatisfying. I wanted the God stuff be concluded properly. And what happened to their biological father's plan? I think author rushed the last 100 chapters, considering he isn't putting the comments of the viewers and fans about his recent movies anymore. I knew it when author started making time skips. I was looking forward to seeing their reactions especially in Confession of Whites. I loved Ilya's and Woojin's interaction the most. One thing I also love about this is the plot of each movies, they are all very interesting. The novel's good. 10/10 The novels in this kind of genre and plot are always good. But the endingggg, aghhh 😭 They were either dropped by the author like Top Management or was rushed.

    Edited: 12d
  • BeauMadonna 4

    As a starter of the novel, taking into consideration by reading the comments under this novel. I expected a really weak self-esteemed and not confident mc. Even so, as I read further and have now finished the novel until the end, if you're worried about his weak ego, don't worry. It's not for long, you'll see him in the end helping a certain someone else out from a harsh scandal and the other fact he took it upon himself with the efficient evidence he had. Which he took by himself. So happy reading!

    • Night_Venerable 9

      I read until Ch 35, still naive and unconfident If it wasn't for his friend he wouldn't have recorded the evidence

  • LadyH 1

    Unconfident characters are just not my cup of tea. I started reading this a while back and had to stop because of the number of chapters and the novel was just not clicking for me.

    Edited: 2mo
  • CaddeEtrama 1

    I may have to pause for this novel, It started good but I feel like his unconfident self is dragging way too much. It was okay for me at first but I don't know. If someone read this and have finished the novel, please tell me if he's ever gonna be confident enough. If not, I may have to drop it.

    • BlackMiraV 2

      I finished and I liked how he adapt and understand the world better... I believe that you'll like if you can continue.

  • BLANK00015 2

    Great Story... !!! 04/18/2024

  • Noid 5

    deep inside, i know, this kind of novel always the best.

  • Luccia 3

    When I started reading the novel I thought they just stopped translating it because of the ongoing status, but I still read it, but as I arrived at chapter 239, I got this dreadful sense that it would soon come to an end, and surely enough it did, by chapter 242, it was like reading a resume of what was going to happen in the future, but a well done resume nonetheless. I may have thought that it was a bit abrupt but there was no incongruity at all, no plot hole or anything of the sort. It was in fact so well written that I cried in the end. I think I'll be grieving in next few days. This was an amazing adventure, exciting, happy, frustrating at times but still really excellent. One of the few novels I finished without getting bored at all.

  • raydon 1

    Started reading it a few days ago and I'm enjoying it a lot more than I expected to, so I recommend it if yuan have an open minded reading personality about trying something a little unique.

  • ImLazy 19

    Does this have a manhwa adaptation?

  • Rhine20 1

    Finally ... This is one of my favorite forgotten novels and after searching through all the tags I finally found it, I was finally very happy. Ah I want cry... sorry my English is not good