Celestial Bloodline
Celestial Bloodline

Celestial Bloodline

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Celestial Bloodline novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author _Orange_. 550 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


After awakening a low talent compared to the kids his age, Kyle was ridiculed and looked down upon by others.

That's why he stopped working hard. He knew the world which was filled with danger only followed the strong but there was nothing he could do.

"What's the point of working so hard when my potential is low?"

One day his brother suggested him to give the Royal Academy test just so Kyle could gain some experience.

Kyle was stunned, not believing that his brother was asking him to take the test!!

He knew there was no way a person who didn't even work hard after awakening his talent would be able to pass the test of one of the biggest Academy in the Kingdom.

Nevertheless even after knowing he would never be able to pass the test, Kyle decided to give it a go only for his family.

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  • I3lue 8

    Do you guys recommend it?

  • DarkShadow55811 2

    Oooh I thought this novel would just be an op mc but these latest chapters with him outside of the planet are the best , it reminds me of Authors pov, I'm so happy I miss that novel

  • lnwUser92488 1

    The novel is kind of good. The problem is the writing it feels like I'm not reading a novel at all sometimes. I read up to 50 chapters and I'm not liking some parts like the all the teachers literally laughing and hating him. The teachers look likes 3rd rate villains wishing for his downfall. Not very teacher like and other students doesn't feel like real people they just pop out and author describe them with little details in what they do. I really like the novel but the writing is a bit boring sorry. 😑 You guys are free to read just leaving this Incase you want some reviews from the novel. I read a lot of novel but really there's something that prevents mo me from liking it.

    • Mire 3

      I just feel like I’m reading a chat gpt summary when I read this

  • Menezes 3

    Well, the novel is bellow avarege. The writing quality is poor, it doesnt feel like you are reading a novel but rather a long summary. The side characters are usually bland, without much background development, and fill generic roles (with the exception of a fiew). The Mc is ok, there isnt anything to hate about him, and its a nice change to have a lazy protagonist, afterall 99% of the novels the mc is so hardworking to the point of being more machine than man. Romance is terible so far, its was not developed and just parachuted in the story. Comedy is good though. Power system is confusing. Almost everyone can fight people many ranks above them. Sometimes it feels the author bufs or nerfs the characters so that the fight csn go as intended. Also at some point the author just goes back on his words (for example, it was said that one needed enlightment from the universe to surpass the SSS+ rank, but when mc and his friends are about to advance, all they need is drink a potion)

    • Crowofdeath 1

      the sss+ enlightenment thing is the normal and natural way to advance. remember its very hard to extract that divine liquid? from divine ranked beings since its both a painful process and I think it also temporarily reduces the strength of the divine ranked being.

      • Menezes 3

        Still, all you do is drink something and, voula, no matter your previous rank, now you are pseudo-divine?

  • Multi_read 2

    will the mc remove that soul devouring artifact or not? Atleast does he have any idea about that artifact..?

  • Oya_Ko_Don 11


  • AdityaPandey 3

    Any reviews please

    • abzul 12

      It's a fun cultivation/adventure/academy story to read. There's no overly dramatised nonsensical tragedies that the mc has to go through like suddenly some family member or the fl being kidnapped etc so you don't have to read the annoyingly overused plot devices like that. There's no real system for the mc even tho there's a system tag; actually one of the other characters in the story has a system instead of the mc lmao. It's a nice read. It's not a top tier work like LotM or SS or the many others, but it's definitely better written than many other novels within the top 20-100 rankings currently. There's one or two things that don't make sense but it's not a big deal that would ruin the story at all (the monster species whose egg he finds early in the story has no real business being where he found it). Also, this mc is one where you can't complain about him having plot armour because the author fully embraces that the the mc has broken plot armour (high luck stat) from the beginning

  • Koobas32 4

    read the first couple of chapters. It is simolar to tapov and tne but at the same time really diffrent. Its too early for me to say that its good but its defenitly not bad. y all should try it

  • SenanIbra 5

    This novel is a hidden gem. Read it, You won't regret.

    Edited: 2mo
  • WolfThorn 5

    4 months ago I commented and discussed few problems with this Novel. Coming back now because I literally have nothing better to do, I continued to read ch 100 - 200 onwards. First off, Nothing changed istg If you like it, cool 👍 It's fine having sh*t taste I, for one, like putting on tootpaste before rinsing it with water We all have our differences haha But saying that this Novel is "Godly" or "The Best" is flatout insulting to other novels Anyways, I still don't recommend this, tho if you would like to try it then, well, go for it