Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough
Chapter 1256: Alerting the Winged Lion Demon Beast, Calling for Master!

"Hm? I'm here to pick you up now that you have broken through to the True Demon Realm, isn't that much obvious?"

"But… I had a restriction placed on me by one of the senior demonic cultivators from the core of the Frozen Wasteland. If I really do end up leaving, I will likely end up dying…" Hearing that the other party wanted to take him away, Su Wuhan could not help frowning visibly as he said this.

Not to mention the fact that he had no idea what would happen if he ended up following the other party, he still had the seal left behind on him by a demonic cultivator in the Demon Lord Realm, a terrifying entity above the True Demon Realm.

Even if he wanted to follow the other party, there was no way to do so with the threat of Demon Lord coming to hunt him down or worse, triggering the restriction left behind in him to kill him.

No matter how mysterious the person in front of him was and how it seemed like the other party had been secretly following his every move ever since he had been in the Nascent Soul Realm, he could still clearly feel that he was only in the True Demon Realm. Nowhere near strong enough to face off against someone in the Demon Lord Realm, let alone help him get rid of the restriction that had been left behind in his body!

"Hehe, you don't have to worry about that, we have already come to an agreement with that demonic cultivator, as long as you are willing to follow me back to the sect, I will ensure that you won't h have to worry about the restriction." Having already predicted this question, the demonic figure just chuckled lightly as he said this. Showing that the power behind him was strong enough to negotiate with someone in the Demon Lord Realm.

Though he hadn't been a demonic cultivator for long, Song Wuhan understood that demonic cultivators only responded to strength and someone in the Demon Lord Realm would never bother with anyone weaker than themselves.

Just like how the other party had appeared in front of him shortly after his breakthrough to the True Demon Realm, forced a restriction on to him and commanded him to continue his attack and left without bothering to listen to anything he said.

Meaning that the power behind the person in front of him at least had someone in the Demon Lord Realm backing them up!

To agree or not…

As he realized this, Su Wuhan began to hesitate. Understanding that although he might be able to escape from his current restriction by following the other party and avoid being killed when the powers at the core of the continent sent out their people to suppress the demonic cultivators like himself, he might end up in a far worse situation compared to before.

After all, he had no idea why this strange power had targeted him for so long and even gone through so much trouble to nurture… And considering that it was a demonic force, he doubted it was for any kind intentions like simply wanting to take in a talented disciple.

Instead, he felt that it was more likely for it to be because someone powerful from this demonic sect found he had some kind of special bloodline or divine physique suited for demonic cultivation and wanted to nurture him to take it for themselves at a later point in time.

Reaching the True Demon Realm might be the time that he had reached the level needed for something like this before he grew out of control…

"You don't need to make a choice immediately; you can contact me through this talisman when you thought things through- Ah! Just before I leave, I happened to hear that the Blue Sea Empire plans to suppress the demonic cultivators in this place in around a year. So, I recommend coming to a decision before that time, hehe~"


Knowing that it wouldn't be that simple to get Su Wuhan to follow him, while also understanding that he couldn't force the other party given that both of them had reached the True Demon Realm, the demonic figure just chuckled to himself as he threw out a communication talisman before turning around to leave before Su Wuhan had a chance to respond.


Grabbing the communication talisman with a hint of hesitation on his face while looking in the direction that the demonic cultivator left, Su Wuhan could not help feeling surprised.

After all, he doubted that the other party had no way to force him to follow. After all, if he truly gained the agreement of the Demon Lord who left behind the restriction, he should be able to threaten him with using the restriction against him and force him to follow that way.

The fact that he didn't do that did not make Su Wuhan feel grateful to the other party for being gracious and giving him time to think things through, but instead made him suspicious about whether or not the other party had truly gained the agreement of the Demon Lord who had left behind the restriction in his body.

In the end, he didn't know what to believe and could only sit down and continue his recovery in preparation for facing off against the winged lion demon beast in the future.

At least for now, he didn't plan on following the strange demonic cultivator back to his sect where the person he had perceived as his master back during his time as the king of the Azure Sky Kingdom should be from.


However, as he was lost in his own thoughts thinking about his future prospects, a terrifying divine sense suddenly swept across him and the other demonic cultivator who was still in the process of leaving, causing both of them to freeze on the spot.

Roar? Roar!

Not too long ago, while Su Wuhan and the demonic cultivator were having a conversation with each other only a short distance away from the Star Shattering Sect's territory, the winged lion demon beast could not help showing a slightly panicked expression on its face as it felt the presence of the two True Demon Realm demonic cultivators.

Even though it was confident in its own strength after it had reached the Soul Ascension Realm, it also understood that it stood no chance when faced with two True Demons at the same time. Especially considering that one of them seemed to be far stronger than the one it had been facing so far.


And so, with this in mind, while the two powerful demonic cultivators were having a conversation with each other, the winged lion demon beast contacted its master for help. Not planning to wait around to find out what these two demonic cultivators were up to.

"Hm? Two demonic cultivators in the True Demon Realm appeared on the border?"

Back in the Star Shattering Sect, Xuan Hao, who had been going over his recent gains from the interspatial ring quest, suddenly looked in the direction of the sect borders that the winged lion demon beast had been defending, his gaze penetrating through space itself as he saw the scene of the two demonic cultivators chatting with each other not too far away from the border while one of the smiled at the other, seemingly having come to a cooperative agreement of some sort.

"This is bad... Although that little one is now at the Soul Ascension Realm, it's far from strong enough to deal with two demonic cultivators in the True Demon Realm at the same time!"

Not able to hear the conversation between the two demonic cultivators, Xuan Hao didn't have to be a genius to figure out that the two of them seemed to have come to an agreement on how to deal with his little lion.


So, with this in mind, Xuan Hao took a step forward a used his comprehension of the Dao of Space to cross the distance that would normally take someone in the Nascent Soul Realm weeks to cover in a single step.


Arriving directly in front of the surprised winged lion demon beast, who hadn't expected his master to come personally.

"Hehe, no need to look so surprised, you are still considered my pet, I at least still have to make sure that others don't start bullying you!"


Hearing his master's words, the winged lion demon beast let out a happy roar. Once again feeling like it had chosen the right master to follow back then!

Shaking his head as he saw the happy expression that seemed filled with energy on the little lion's face, Xuan Hao didn't waste any time as he violently spread out his divine sense in the direction of the two demonic cultivators-


Not showing any intention of hiding his divine sense, as he planned to kill both of them!

Chapter 1256: Alerting the Winged Lion Demon Beast, Calling for Master!
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