Cursed Immortality
Chapter 644: Planet Destroyer

After he realized what kind of trouble he was in, Jacob stopped paying attention to the laughing, cursed book, and his eyes flashed with decisiveness!

Although it was hard to accept that an owner of a 100 million unique rank army was bloody for him, he wasn't going to wait for death. He had reached this point by undermining many powerful originations, so another bug added to his troubles was not a big deal.

Although it might be inconvenient for him to chase around, it wasn't like he didn't have ways to make the Queen Ice Fiend Locust pay the price for chasing him around.

While diving deeper into the star ocean, Jacob already started to feel the gravity incursion, yet the army of locusts behind him seemed to have no intention of giving up.

'My water mana can only last for another two or three minutes before this spell breaks. But my speed of descending is continuing to increase, and with this pressure around, I can use some drastic measures to get rid of these bugs.'

After making his decision, Jacob stopped using the water spirit escape and appeared within the water. The ice fiend locust army was only over a mile away from him.

"I'll let you be the first one to experience my new weapon!" Jacob cruelly muttered.

The next moment, a black knuckle armor ring filled with exquisite sapphire gemstones and pristine tiny white runes appears on his right-hand middle finger!

Not only that, but the star watched on his wrist activated, and with his will, a peculiar application opened, and Jacob issued a cold command, "Active the Planet Destroyer's Third Form: Rocket Launcher!"

The next moment, a few sapphire gems suddenly lit up with runes, creating a peculiar pattern around the biggest gemstone engraved in the center of this knuckle armor ring.

Almost instantly, a finger-nail-sized, glowing violet crimson-colored integral octonion appeared right above the gemstone in the center. The next moment, different black metallic parts started to appear and assembled around this integral octonion, taking the shape of a long barrier rocket launcher!

Within three seconds, Jacob's empty hand was now holding a black triple-barrel rocket launcher with beautiful glowing neon lines on its slick body.

Then Jacob issued another cold command, "Load three White-Sun Atomic Rockets, and set the blast timer to 10 seconds!"

The neon lines on the rocket launcher instantly lit up. Right where the rocket launcher's scoop was located, there was a small digital screen, and a '3' number appeared on it.

Jacob didn't waste a second and mounted the rocket launcher's barrels towards the swarm of Ice Fiend Locusts. Killing intent flashed past Jacob's eyes before he pulled the neon trigger!

With a huge sonic wave, three white lighting streaks shot out from the barrels and headed straight toward the swarm before quickly vanishing within them like flaming kindles in darkness.

"Disassemble!" Jacob didn't tarry and quickly issued a command through the star watch before the rocket launcher quickly disassembled and turned back into the knuckle armor ring just as quickly as it appeared.

"Water Spirit Escape!" Jacob turned around and fled into the depths of the ocean, using internal fluid acceleration. With the help of Gravely, he was almost like a light streak.

The Ice Fiend Locust Army clearly didn't have any idea what kind of calamity was waiting for them within those three white light streaks as they relentlessly followed after Jacob.

Ten seconds later, within the sounds of buzzing, three faints 'beeps' rang as quickly as they vanished before. Within the darkness, three white lights began to bloom like supernovas in dark space.

Because of the water pressure, there wasn't a sound, but when a supersonic wave appeared, the swarm of the Ice Fiend Locusts that seemed unbreakable finally crumbled as white light engulfed them in their entirety!

It was like a white sun had suddenly appeared in the middle of the dark ocean as everything was illuminated in white light, and powerful shock waves stirred massive areas of the ocean. Even on the surface, huge tilde waves began to rise in huge numbers.

Jacob, who managed to distance himself from the swarm, was also caught up by the first shockwave. Despite the icy cold ocean water, for a moment, he felt like he was in love.

But this time, he wasn't as effective as the last time when he was too close to the blast radius, and those white sun rockets weren't as powerful as that missile. Still, they had 50% of its destructive might.

Enduring the heat waves, he continued diving until he was finally out of the blast radius. Because of the depth of the ocean and gravity, he was competently fine this time around.

Furthermore, there was no longer an Ice Fiend Locust swarm following right behind him. At this moment, he finally ran out of the water mana as his body appeared again, and even without doing anything, he was still going down.

'Sigh… it seemed I have to live under the ocean for some time now. That bug bitch would be seeking her own death if she sent that army down here. I can live under this pressure, and the place is kind of perfect for me to comprehend the Immortal Chapter in peace.

'If I go back to the surface, and since the comprehension of the Immortal Chapter depends on magic, I'll have to look over my shoulders because of this fiend mark.' Jacob sighed in resignation and also vowed to kill the Queen Ice Fiend Locust once he comprehended the Immortal Chapter or reached the Quasi Legend Rank.

So, without wasting more time, he begins to recover his energy and magic power while he continues to descend into the depths of the ocean.

Furthermore, as Jacob was getting deeper and deeper, he noticed that this time, the bottom of the star ocean was even deeper than last time, making him gloomy. His mana was still not begging to replenish because he first had to recover the physical energy that he used with fluid acceleration. So, he couldn't stop his descent.

Just when Jacob started to get worried, his heart churned as he looked below, and his eyes winded with disbelief because he saw a few peculiar creatures riding a huge ocean beast headed right towards him!

Chapter 644: Planet Destroyer
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