Death... and me
Chapter 2651: Ruins

2651 Ruins

Roan narrowed his eyes. He had a familiar sensation coming from that direction, although he couldn't tell what it was. Rean obviously noticed that. "What is it? Something we should pay attention to?"

Roan pondered for a moment and shook his head. "No idea. I just know there is something related to me in that direction, but I don't know what."

Celis just wanted to cultivate, though. "Just ignore it. We are almost done with the merge of Chaos Laws. Then we will be able to go deeper where there is more concentration of it."

Kentucky, on the other hand, was as curious as ever. "Oh, come on! It is not like we must go deeper into the wonderland. We can spare some time to take a look."

"It's quite far away," Roan suddenly mentioned. "From what I can sense, it will take at least another three days for a round trip."

Rean shrugged his shoulder. "We have time. Whether you feel it is worth a look or not, that's up to you."

Roan kept feeling that sensation, as if that familiar something was calling him... No, it was calling his past self, to be more exact. "Let's go take a look." He had already made it this far; it was pointless to continue avoiding it.

Roan didn't move straight away, though. He first looked at Celis. "If you want, we can leave you here, and you can keep cultivating on your own. It seems like we are also sharing this Chaos Laws cultivation between us like normal cultivation."

Celis pondered for a moment, finding the idea quite alluring. However, he gave up in the end. The Wonder Beasts were already a handful, with the four of them working together. If he ends up having to fight alone, it will be very difficult. It would be even worse if more than one Wonder Beast appeared at the same time. "No, forget it. Let's go there."

And so, they all jumped on Kentucky's flight, who changed their direction and flew into the distance. Their sudden change in direction didn't go unnoticed, though. Two pairs of eyes immediately noticed the change. The first one was naturally Kafan, who couldn't help but smile. 'Yes, that is it, my disciple. Go there and find everything out yourself.'

The other one was a Loporrit, who was put in charge of keeping an eye on the twins' group. 'Hum? They change direction? But the Laws of our World are more concentrated on the other side... Wait, that direction...' The Loporrit pondered a bit and took an item out before using his Chaos Laws inside. 'I need to warn Chief.' After doing that, the Loporrit immediately disappeared into thin air. He had to follow the twins' group, so he couldn't let them go too far, or even he would lose their track.

Meanwhile, outside the Wonderland...

Hex was still hiding in a barren planet, simply waiting for time to pass as he checked the signal of his beacon. Every now and then, Hex would reactivate his beacon just to confirm if the signal of the beings coming from outside the Universe was still there before turning it off again. As long as he kept it on for just a few seconds, it would be impossible to use it to find his location without being in this Universe.

So far, the power of the signal reaching this Universe had been increasing every time he checked, which helped him to calculate more or less when the visitors would arrive. A few weeks ago, when he checked, he thought it would take another four or so years from the signal source to get here.

However, after activating his beacon now, Hex's Spirit almost jumped out of his artifact. "What the hell?!"

Three days later, back in Wonderland...

Roan's group arrived at a ruins' site and stretched as far as their eyes could see. There wasn't a single building intact, and everything there seemed very old. No doubt that place had been destroyed a very long time ago.

Yet, the feeling Roan had only increased. He was sure that this place wasn't just a bunch of crumbled walls and roofs. Something related to him was definitely located inside.

Everyone's Dantians and Cores seemed to have improved since they decided to come to this place. Even though the concentration of Chaos Laws and Energy decreased, it was still much higher than near the entrance. The Wonder Beasts were also present on the way here, so they killed and absorbed the Chaos Laws and Energy every time they saw one.

Naturally, with a lower concentration of Chaos Laws and Energy, the Wonder Beasts were also weaker. Nonetheless, they got enough of them to finally get 10% of their Dantians and Cores merged with the Chaos Laws of this world. Once they go back, they can start going deeper into the wonderland as initially planned.

"Where now?" Kentucky asked, having stopped right in front of the ruins.

Roan closed his eyes as he tried to pinpoint where that feeling was guiding him. However, just as he was about to say something, someone appeared in the ruins as well.

"So you really came, uh?" said a Loporrit that seemed to be waiting for them.

Bunbun had mentioned to Lotiri, the Chief of the Loporrits, that Kafan had visited the ruins, and he sent him away. Yet, he received another message from Lotiri, saying that another group was coming to the ruins. The ruins were quite far from the tower where everyone was moving to, and it was especially far from the entrance everyone used to get inside Wonderland. That said, even the low-level experts who only came to look for treasures shouldn't find this place easily. As for the strong ones, they would definitely go to the tower.

The fact Roan's group appeared here probably meant one thing, Kafan told them that these ruins existed, and that annoyed Bunbun, who was guarding this place. "I don't know what that guy told you, but you can leave now. Otherwise, things won't look pretty for you."

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Chapter 2651: Ruins
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