Death... and me
Chapter 2656: A Clue

Everyone took a deep breath after hearing that. "No wonder you dropped the idea of Divine Lineage. It is more like you have a cursed Lineage instead."

"Still, there seemed to have been several millions of Loporrits in the past," Roan added. "How come they all died?"

Bunbun pointed ahead, already expecting the answer to appear on the wall carvings. "Let's proceed."

The story of the Loporrits continued. Even though the birth rate was low, Roan was right to mention they already had many living Loporrits, so their strength hasn't diminished for a long time. Through trial and error, they gave birth to more Loporrits, although the rate continued to drop at a fast pace.

It was then that they reached what seemed a turning point. "Look, there is another huge wall ahead."

There wasn't only one, but a few of those bigger wall caivings. Finally, the birth rate got so low that it couldn't keep up with the deaths in the race. The Loporrits were strong compared to the majority, but it wasn't like they were invincible or anything. There were plent of powers who could stand up to them. Through the passage of time, Loporrits died for diverse reasons. Some died while out exploring, others died because of traps, others died to Demon Beasts, others died because of disagreements, and there were obviously those who died in the hands of their own race for whatever other reasons. Last but not least, there were those who simply died out of lifespan.

However, Rean noticed something up to this point. "Even now, it doesn't seem like anyone on this world ever traveled outside the planet."

Bunbun nodded. "Indeed. At this point in time, the highest cultivation was only Transition Realm. No one could go further than that."

The twins' group quickly understood. This Wonderland, also known as Hidden Realm, had the capability of traveling around. Most likely, this world's origin was in the Mortal Realm, where the Transition Realm is the Limit. If they did not get in contact with the Realm of Gods, then their problem with death would be even bigger.

After all, Transition Realm experts' lifespan was still only five thousand years. It was obvious through the story told on the walls that the Loporrits still hadn't gotten in contact with Chaos Laws and Energy, so even they couldn't defy this rule.

"Wait, that's weird," Kentucky immediately looked at Bunbun. "Senior Bunbun, if the Transition Realm was the highest Realm at this point, how come you are still alive? Transition Realm can only live up to five thousand years, no? You said you were born a little earlier than this. It doesn't make sense."

Bunbun nodded. "Don't worry. The things that happened from the point I was born to the point where the Laws of the World changed happened in less than five thousand years. You call it Chaos Laws, right? You will understand further ahead. Just know that I was far from reaching the end of my lifespan when I first touched it. I was in a few of the carvings that appeared, although I'm not exactly the type that stands out."

"I see..." Kentucky calmed down and continued to observe.

More wall carvings and more story, which wasn't hard to understand with Bunbun filling in the lacunes. Finally, they reached a wall where a Loporrit seemed to stand out from everyone else. His fur was quite messed up, and his clothes weren't tidy like the Loporrit leaders depicted so far. Nonetheless, this specific Loporrit seemed to be held in high regard by everyone in the carvings.

Bunbun's expression seemed to sadden momentarily before he shook his head. Roan, on the other hand, was as cold as ever—on the surface. Inside, he felt a shock go through his soul when he looked at that Loporrit.

Rean noticed that spike through their connection before asking Bunbun. "Who is this Loporrit? Is this Chief Lotiri? He seems very important."

Bunbun sighed. "No, this Loporrit was known as Lolio."

Rean pondered a bit, "I didn't find anyone in the Burrow called Lolio, though. He seems pretty strong, so he should be alive as well, right?"

"No, he is dead," Bunbun mentioned with a heavy voice.

The walls that came after that seemed to be centered around this Loporrit called Lolia. Bunbun looked at them and kept explaining. "Many efforts were made to find a solution to the birth rate issue, but nothing came out. In the end, most Loporrits began to give up."

A faint smile appeared on Bunbun's face. "However, Lolio was different. He absolutely didn't accept that end. Were the Loporrits supposed to disappear just like that? Absolutely not! He took it as his life objective."

"Things didn't go well at first," Bunbun continued. "You see, by now, we had already explored most of our world. There was simply nowhere else to look for an answer other than leaving our world. That was one of the reasons most Loporrits had already given up the idea of fixing the birth rate problem."

Bunbun floated from Roan's shoulder to the wall and touched the carving of the Loporrit called Lolio. "Lolio, on the other hand, couldn't care less. If there wasn't an answer in this world, then he just had to leave it..."

Celis couldn't help but ask. "Had you had contact with the Realm of Gods by then?"

Bunbun shook his head. "We didn't even know that higher realms existed. As far as we were concerned at that time, the idea of higher realms was nothing but a fairy tale... At least, it was for everyone else. Lolio was different. He dove into the most ancient ruins, the deadliest locations, and the hardest-to-reach ends of our world. All he was looking for was just one thing, a clue. Even I accompanied him several times, influenced by his fervor to save our race."

"A clue that other worlds existed," Roan suddenly mentioned.

Bunbun nodded. It wasn't hard to guess this much. "Exactly. Finally, he found it, a clue, a clue that... the underworld existed."

Chapter 2656: A Clue
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