Divine Emperor of Death
Chapter 3646: Crystal Implosion

After checking thoroughly, Isabella found nothing in sight, so she led Zahara and Yeyin inside.

The surface became crystalline as though seemingly conjoined with the mountain, while the walls also looked the same.

She went ahead and touched the crystal mountain with her bare hand, feeling the dense amount of heaven and earth energy inside. She didn't tarry too long and rushed past, wanting to plunder as many Vein Fragments and Vein Cores as possible.

"Mine that crystal mountain. It seems like it might have many High-Level Immortal Crystal Vein Cores since it is bigger than the other crystal mountains~"

Isabella ordered.

Zahara and Yeyin glanced at each other and then figured it would be faster with them.

They complied and began to mine as they unleashed attacks.

Fire and ice shot towards the crystal mountain and burned a hole within while the ice pierced into it like acid. The Ice Phoenix's ice was actually flames, after all.

"Don't think I'm bossing you two around. I have free entry to the Fourth Hidden Pagoda because I have cleared the ninth step, but as for you two who only made it to the first step, there would be a steep cost of crystal units."


Zahara and Yeyin realized that this was because Isabella wanted them to enter the Fourth Hidden Pagoda.

"At the same time, I don't know how much a Vein Core or the other crystals are worth in terms of crystal units, so plunder everything your Vein Fragments and Vein Cores you two can."

They began mining with more speed.

At the same time, Isabella kept an eye on the surroundings.

She was worried that this place belonged to that Peak-Level Immortal Emperor Crystal Beast Dragon, so she stayed outside and kept an eye on it in order to escape quickly if need be. It appeared like this place only had one exit, after all.

She wouldn't know unless she ventured further.


Abruptly, two crystal beasts flooded outside as they charged towards them,

They were two oxen, appearing ferocious as they ran towards them.

"Zahara, take care of it."

Yeyin continued to icily burn her way through the crystal mountains and threw the crystals out. She didn't have the capacity to store things inside her because she didn't have an inner world as a magical beast, but she did have things to throw inside her stomach that could carry many things, only it would be melted and be digested.

However, if she transformed into an Ice Phoenix, then she would be able to carry many on her wings and hold them using her energy.

On the other hand, Zahara nodded without a word of complaint because she liked to fight and jumped toward the crystal oxen.

They rushed towards her, causing the crystal surface to form cracks over each of their steps but Zahara pounced and flew above, phoenix wings manifesting into her immortal energy before she flapped it against the crystal oxen.

One was a Level Four Immortal Emperor Crystal Beast Ox, and the other seemed like a crystal beast that was hovering at the peak of Level Four Immortal Emperor, perhaps going to enter the Level Five Immortal Emperor Stage. However, she couldn't tell much due to the dense amount of energy from heaven and earth blocking her senses.

Nonetheless, they were thirty meters long in length, extremely intimidating. Heaven and earth energy could said to have formed a barrier when they charged, giving them an extreme defense and offense capability.

Yet, when the fire emerged from the phoenix flames that made too many lifeforms fear it fell on them, they charged through it like mad bulls. The both of them were lit in scarlet phoenix flames, one succumbing to it and growling like a dumb beast that didn't know why it was critically injured while the other continued to charge through pounce to ram Zahara.


Zahara was amazed by their speed and defense.

She hurriedly dodged by having flames emerge from her feet before she flew away like a flaming fairy but due to the dense pressure imposed on flying, her energy was rapidly depleting, so she stopped from rising and dived, flipping to the ground as she turned to look at the crystal ox that also fell and created a small crater.

Zahara gawked.

She could only imagine how much it weighed as even her Immortal Emperor form probably wouldn't weigh much as she would only be bones, meat and feathers while these beasts were all made from crystals like they were manifestations of the heaven and earth energy.

"Yeyin, get here…!" Nonetheless, Zahara didn't overestimate herself.

She knew it would be too difficult to take down a Level Five Immortal Emperor all by herself when her cultivation was sealed to the Level Eight Immortal King Stage. Even if she sacrificed her blood essence, her max prowess was only eight levels higher.

However, if she joined hands with Yeyin…

Zahara punched out, her fire phoenix flames shooting out in a spiral. At the same time, Yeyin also punched out from the other side, her icy flames shooting towards Isabella. The two of their attacks were about to clash.

But instead of exploding upon contact, they swirled together as though complimenting each other before forming a strange new undulation. The scarlet and icy-blue flames fused into a crimson-blue whirlwind of flames and shot down like the creation of a tornado.


The crystal ox looked up and roared in retaliation, but the attack was so fast that it struck with lightning speed.


A huge explosion rocked the world, and the crystal ox was shattered to pieces, each piece burning and covered with strange flaming crystalline strands, eradicating the energy within those crystals. There was only a single thing that survived and that appeared to be a hexagonal crystal core that also flew and almost hit Yeyin but hit the crystal mountain and fell down.

Yeyin picked it up and saw it contained a vast amount of energy, perhaps equal to a High-Level Immortal Crystal Vein Source, although she wasn't sure.

On the other hand, Zahara finished off the Level Four Immortal King Beast.

Despite her common attacks, she had unleashed two techniques to finish it off, heaving for breath as she needed to restore her heaven and earth energy.

'Amazing, their fusion attack using ice and flames, Icefire Laws has grown to such a level…'

Isabella raised her brows as she sensed that the icefire attack was nine levels higher.

Last time, their usage was subpar but this time they even fused it from a distance, displaying immense skill in Icefire Laws. Perhaps, their King-Tier Blood only made them use far more superior level of ice and flames.

Moreover, she noticed something else as she looked at the shattered carcass of the crystal ox that barely reached Level Five Immortal Emperor Stage and that was these crystal beasts were seemingly weak to Icefire Laws.


Abruptly, Isabella sensed something.

Even Zahara and Yeyin had their eyes widened.

The three of them looked at each other and only had one thought going on in their minds.

Someone had cleared a Hidden Pagoda since one of their nine seals exploded into nothingness just now.


Isabella's prowess returned to her. She clenched her fists, her eyes seemingly thirsting for blood as her Emperor-Tier Earth Dragon undulations roared around her, causing the surface of the mountain to shudder in resonance.

Chapter 3646: Crystal Implosion
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