Emperor's Domination (Web Novel)
Chapter 5855: Sacred Teacher Can’t Win

“Boom!” Six supreme weapons broke through Li Qiye’s defenses and struck him, not to mention the unending curse and heavenly tribulations.

“Rumble!” The ocean of lightning fully surrounded Li Qiye; only his screams could pass through. He seemed to be trying to get out only to be dragged back by the curse, looking like a bubble disappearing to the spectators’ horror.

“Damn, Sacred Teacher can’t win.” An Immortal Monarch lamented.

Everyone felt helpless because they couldn’t interfere in this fight. A single shot from an overlord would obliterate them.

“Yes!” On the other hand, the three immortals celebrated while clenching their fists. Their overlords have finally reversed the tides and utilized a heavenly tribulation to take down Li Qiye.

This meant Celestial Court would rule the world - all races and cultivators had to bow before them. The future epoch had so much potential.

‘No, an apocalypse is coming again.’ The founder clenched his fists and tried not to reveal his true feelings.

With Li Qiye’s death, the supreme overlords would certainly descend again for another blood refinement.

Would they devour everything or leave enough behind and wait for the next harvest? The founder lamented the fate of the world with the coming of these seven overlords.

In the former scenario, he would be eaten as well because they would no longer need Celestial Court to guide the world. After all, everything would be gone.

With some left behind, he and Celestial Court may be spared. The survivors needed something to guide them toward prosperity. Both scenarios were horrifying for mortals and cultivators alike.

“Boom!” Meanwhile, Primal, Imperial Progenitor, Stonesplitter, and Dao Ancestor utilized the power of Elder Galaxy to heal Derivation’s broken body and suppress the internal curse.

With the curse isolated deep inside the body, Derivation started healing and the tribulation disappeared.

The other four thought about letting Derivation die but in the end, they chose to keep their promises.

“We should be good.” One of the two new overlords said.

Spectators behind the mirrors trembled at the sight of seven overlords. Two more came to ambush Li Qiye at the perfect time - one used a spear and the other venomous fangs.

They had an epoch-level aura too, albeit stained with death and extinguishment. This was different from the first five.

Derivation, in particular, might be grotesque and nauseating but still gave the sense of being alive.

As for the final two, their epoch had been destroyed. They could be either epoch lord or overlord but their power was stained with the presence of death now.

Both were larger than anyone outside of Derivation. One was a gigantic serpent capable of devouring the world. Its eyes alone could suck in countless stars. As it coiled in space, one couldn’t see its entire body. Each scale seemed to have been refined from worlds.

The other overlord had an illusory form like a cosmic being. Its true size couldn’t be determined as this area was only part of its body. Just one breath could suck in most of Elder Galaxy.

Emperors could sense its existence - its true body was not this immense. Alas, they couldn’t pinpoint the being’s true form and location.

Chapter 5855: Sacred Teacher Can’t Win
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