Emperor's Domination (Web Novel)
Chapter 5857: Not Worthy Of My Attention

“Boom!” Suddenly, the ocean of lightning erupted, sending violent shockwaves throughout Elder Galaxy.

The overlords themselves were pushed back and became startled, unable to do anything in time.

After the initial explosions, the lightning bolts shrank rapidly into a single point before extinguishing like an ember. Li Qiye appeared once more and the primordial light fully healed him.

He smirked at the overlords, seemingly not having lost a single strand of hair after the previous attack.

“Yes!” The emperors behind the mirror jumped and cheered loudly. The consequences of Li Qiye’s defeat would have been unsalvageable for the whole epoch.

“That’s good...” The founder of Celestial Court couldn’t hide his emotion this time for hope had returned.

“I’ve been waiting for you two as well.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Just a trap from start to finish...” Imperial Progenitor said what was on everyone’s mind.

It started with the summoning of Lord of Derivation and the four emperors being possessed. Since they were still overwhelmed, they released Heaven Curse and found it effective.

This baited Voracious Leviathan and Epoch’s End who were unable to resist the temptation. They descended, wanting to share the pot.

They refused the first summoning by Primal since the situation looked dire. Alas, the curse and tribulations worked so well against Li Qiye and they didn’t want to miss Li Qiye’s delicious flesh.

Moreover, by joining at this time, they could devour the epoch as well. This momentary lapse of caution ended with them being caught by a plan that had been concocted since the previous epoch.

These overlords have always exercised caution due to the looming tribulations. The heaven’s wrath stopped appearing as often during Li Qiye’s epoch but their cautious nature remained.

Before, they were on an equal playing field because the tribulations would kill anyone who dared to show up. Now, they had to worry about the other overlords ambushing them and didn’t dare to be reckless.

Therefore, they made alliances and promises on top of just hiding in perpetuity, hence why the world had never caught glimpses of them. Today, the rewards of everything imaginable got the best of them.

“How rare, everyone together, I can’t miss this chance of killing all of you.” Li Qiye smiled.

“H-how did you endure two layers of tribulations?” Derivation couldn’t believe it.

One layer of tribulation turned into an eternal curse requiring a special method to seal within his colossal body. Li Qiye somehow survived the curse, another tribulation, and their ultimate attacks.

“If I can’t handle those tiny tribulations, how can I possibly fight the heaven?” Li Qiye calmly said, causing them to shudder.

The group took a deep breath and felt enlightened. Withstanding tribulations was a requirement before fighting the heaven. They missed this obvious logic because they had never considered fighting the heaven before. Their only goal was to hide because resistance was suicidal.

“You win!” Derivation shouted and fled.

“Go!” The group scattered in different directions, hoping this would boost their chance of survival.

They jumped into the endless expanse of Elder Galaxy, jumping through dimensions and attempting to hide their coordinates again.

They have long been the masters of Elder Galaxy and just like a cunning rabbit with numerous burrows, they also had multiple hidden and reclusive refuges. If their first hiding place was exposed, they still had many more.

Li Qiye didn’t chase the group or perform a spatial seal. Instead, he took out a gold coin given to him by Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng.

“Clank!” He shot the coin into the expanse. Once it reached the right height, it crumbled into powders.

The gold specks of dust traveled and lit up the countless coordinates of Elder Galaxy.

“Boom!” Meanwhile, Voracious Leviathan and Epoch’s End rushed for the river, wanting to leave Elder Galaxy.

This heavenly treasure was not theirs so hiding here was unfavorable given the current circumstances.

Alas, Li Qiye was already there waiting for them.

“Stick around a bit, don’t make me a bad host.” He smirked.

Both stopped with a changed expression.

“Little Dark Crow, you are not worthy of my attention.” Voracious spoke thunderously.

“Is that why you run immediately upon seeing me?” Li Qiye retorted.

Chapter 5857: Not Worthy Of My Attention
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