Epic of Caterpillar
Chapter 2247: Time For The Final Challenge




After we finished our feast and recovered our energies, I noticed a notification pop up.


[The Fusion Skill [Soul Feasting Abyssal Caterpillar Jaws: Lv6/20] has Leveled Up!]

[The Fusion Skill [Soul Feasting Abyssal Caterpillar Jaws: Lv7/20] has Leveled Up!]

[The Fusion Skill [Soul Feasting Abyssal Caterpillar Jaws: Lv8/20] has Leveled Up!]

[The Fusion Skill [Soul Feasting Abyssal Caterpillar Jaws: Lv9/20] has Leveled Up!]

Four Levels this quickly! I was rather amazed, but I quickly decided to stop the leveling process for now, it consumed too much of my own mind energy, I quickly cancelled the summon of the Doppelgangers inside of my World Realm.

Nonetheless, getting the Skill to Level ten out of twenty was already a very big jump, its effects should have been almost doubled at least. I don't really know what happens once a Fusion Skill reaches Max Level though, seeing how they're Primordial Concepts.

But perhaps some sort of Special Evolution happens? I'll have to discover that later though.

However, with this method, I could probably do the same with the other Fusion Skills and Level them up quickly! If only I had the time though.

"Is everyone ready?" I asked, cleaning the table and quickly placing everything left inside my Item Box.

I glanced at the participants of this whole mission, the friends and family I brought along because I knew they were able to move fast and think quick.

Luminous, Nyzzet, Hodhyl, Shadrach and his children, Nephiana, Altani, Alice, Gaby, Charlotte, Faylen, and Redgaria.

…Although that last one pretty much forced himself to join, but he has proven to be useful.

"More than ready… Let's do this," Luminous nodded.

"I am honestly never ready…" Nyzzet cried. "But if I just need to run away and survive, t-then I guess I can do that, yes."

"How reliable of you, Nyzzet," sighed Shadrach. "Next time try to be more cheerful, at the very least."

"I'm ready too! Let's get this done with," Gaby cracked her knuckles, smiling as she showed her sharp shark fangs.

"Always ready, of course," Alice nodded.

"Me too, this time I'll fight as well," Altani said. "I need to test my abilities."

"I'll help in anything I can to make up for the time I was way…" Hodhyl nodded, trying to act cute for me so I could forgive her. She'll need to offer more than that for forgiveness, such as a nice, steamy night, but that'll be for later.

"Ready, ready!" Nephiana chirped. "Let's get this over as quickly as possible! I miss the kids!"

"I'll assist you as much as my capabilities allow me," Charlotte smiled, readjusting her glasses.

"M-Me too! With Yggdrantia's help, I am more confident on myself," Faylen nodded adorably.

"So who's the next target? And what are we doing with those Vampires we found?" Asked Redgaria, pointing at the group of Vampires that have been resting at the corner of the large hall.

They were all those that had survived from being kidnaped and tortured by Ashatath, innocent Vampire people that lived inside a humble village at the border of the World of Abyss, near the Dark Cliffs that led to the Underdark.

These people didn't hunt humans nor even had them as cattle, and only drank blood from beasts they raised. Therefore, they were unable to develop their vampiric abilities as much as the other prestigious families.

Apparently, the richer the blood you drink since a young age, the more the vampire develops their powers and talents. There's a stark difference between drinking human blood and beast blood through their lives.

I also think that it has more implications than just power. These Vampires are much more mild-mannered, humble, and overall really nice people. I think that if they have a diet of beast blood instead of human blood since a young age, Vampires grow to be much better, not driven by their instincts anymore, but much weaker.

Instead, those of the big three families, drinking humanoid blood since birth, develop their abilities fully, which also come with a change in their entire minds, they become more beast-like and ruthless, with almost no empathy for one another, and with a predator mindset, they always see everything and anything as a meal or a resource.

Man, I am the Sin of Gluttony but not even I go that far, unless they're an enemy.

Abyss Vampires are truly divided between these two "groups", the ones that feed on humanoids and the ones that don't.

Naturally, those that don't are a large part of the total population, spread across the entire world living as commoners serving the stronger, more ruthless vampires.

There's a whole vampire society with their own customs, laws, and so on out there, and from what I've heard from Allan, their cities are big and possess some level of advanced technology as well.

It's not all just medieval fantasy anymore, I suppose…

"I suppose you're going inside my World Realm for now," I said. "Allan?"

"We would accept the shelter, but is that fine? I would like to help you and fight, Lady Kireina…" Allan insisted.

"Hmm…" I began to think about it.

"Kireina, please, let him fight! I think he could be useful to you," The Goddess of the Moon said.

"How exactly?" I asked.

"He has the power to imbue things with the Primordial Moonlight Essence, it is primarily effective in this world compared to others," she explained. "Also, his power grows based in the Hope of others. If you let him fight with the other Vampires, not only will they grow stronger thanks to your Origin System, but they might also truly be of great help."

Allan certainly had unique powers. But to make him fight with the Vampires, they were strong yeah, but not strong enough to compare to Recessed. But if there were smaller fry to kill, they would be certainly useful at taking care of that.

"Okay, but only the adults can go, your daughter Mia will go to my World Realm," I said.

"I wouldn't have wanted it any other way, thank you, Lady Kireina," Allan said. "I might have received my powers recently, but I will make sure to prove my usefulness."

"You better do," I smiled. "Now, everyone, we're ready to depart, let's do this."

My form quickly began to change once more, taking the appearance of Ashatath.




Chapter 2247: Time For The Final Challenge
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