Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System
Chapter 1695: Many Valuable Treasures

There were a lot of interesting Divine Treasures, but the one that interested me the most was the one I could only purchase for three million points.

The [Sacred Blazing Dragon and Titan Soul Tree (SSS+ Grade)], which seemed to be the highest quality Divine Treasure, and the one that could bring my own Ascendancy Law to reality.

But why? Well, I've been trying to find the most compatible of them, and although this one may imply fire, it also contains dragon and titan essence.

With this, plus the other Divine Treasure from my Divine Realm, and that one flower creating a barrier inside of the temple the lizardmen were taking care of, I have all necessary ingredients…

I think.

I think I should purchase my own things first, everything I want for myself, then, I'll use the rest to buy stuff for everyone.

Even though I have 27 million points, I am sure they'll vanish easily.

Let's start with Consumables.

[Category]: [Consumables]

[Small Ascendancy Law Fragment of Fire (SSS+ Grade)] [Cost]: [500.000] [Limit: 5]

[Divine Fire Titan Blood Bottle (SSS Grade)] [Cost]: [150.000] [Limit: 100]

[Divine Fire Dragon Blood Bottle (SSS Grade)] [Cost]: [150.000] [Limit: 100]

[Divinity Growth Elixir (SS Grade)] [Cost]: [50.000] [Limit: 300]

[Divine Soul Elixir (SS Grade)] [Cost]: [50.000] [Limit: 300]

[Divine Dragon Strength Elixir (SS Grade)] [Cost]: [50.000] [Limit: 300]

[Divine Titan Vitality Elixir (SS Grade)] [Cost]: [50.000] [Limit: 300]

Hmm, yeah, I'll take the Ascendancy Law Fragments.

Do I take the Dragon Blood? Fire Titan Blood?

I can't awaken the Titan Blood even if I have it though, I'll need to be invited into the Fire Titan Realm first.

And I have no idea how to get there. Maybe the Flame Venerable could invite me there?

Hardly, he seems like asshole, unlike the Frost Queen.

Unless he's repaying me or rewarding me, I don't think I can just gently ask him to bring me there and tell the lord of all Fire Titans to train me.

Skadi herself already stated that what she did with me was insane and not something she ever considered until the Frost Queen, whom she owed something, asked her for.

So the Frost Queen ended wasting a debt Skadi had with her to help me become an Ice Titan…

Titans, unlike dragons, are much more… How do I say this? Less homely? Like, they're kind of distant.

Makes sense though, I was never a Titan, so I guess its natural they would think of me as just a stranger, but come on…

Wasn't Ymir and Tiamat siblings? Surely, they could treat dragons a bit better knowing we are supposed to be related.

Ahh, anyways, my Fire Dragon Bloodline is at SS Rank, I suppose I could raise it to max, right?

Yeah, at least let's do that, five bottles are enough.

[You have exchanged 2.500.000 Score Points.]

[You have purchased [Small Ascendancy Law Fragment of Fire (SSS+ Grade)] x5!]

[You have exchanged 750.000 Score Points.]

[You have purchased [Divine Fire Titan Blood Bottle (SSS Grade)] x5!]

[The items have been automatically teleported inside of the Shop Inventory; you can retrieve them from there at any time.

So there's a Shop Inventory? I guess that's so the items won't fall into the water right now.


Anyways, with that done, let's move on to the others, Equipment.

[Category]: [Equipment]

[Sacred Multi-Purpose Divine Fire Spirit Weapon: Rita (SSS+ Grade)] [Cost]: [3.000.000] [Limit: 1]

[Space-Slashing Blazing Titan Sword (SSS Grade)] [Cost]: [400.000] [Limit: 20]

[Sky-Rendering Blazing Titan Spear (SSS Grade)] [Cost]: [400.000] [Limit: 20]

[Mountain-Splitting Blazing Titan Axe (SSS Grade)] [Cost]: [400.000] [Limit: 20]

[Divine Blazing Beast Necklace (SS+ Grade)] [Cost]: [150.000] [Limit: 30]

[Divine Blazing Spirit Ring (SS+ Grade)] [Cost]: [150.000] [Limit: 30]

[Divine Titan Blazing Goliath Greaves (SS Grade)] [Cost]: [100.000] [Limit: 50]

[Divine Titan Blazing Goliath Gauntlets (SS Grade)] [Cost]: [100.000] [Limit: 50]

[Divine Titan Blazing Goliath Helmet (SS Grade)] [Cost]: [100.000] [Limit: 50]

[Divine Titan Blazing Goliath Armor (SS Grade)] [Cost]: [100.000] [Limit: 50]

Hmm, I mean, do I need any of these things? My stuff's already good.

I am kind of tempted to buy that All-Purpose Divine Fire Spirit Weapon, if it has no true shape, it could take any form.

And that would be pretty damn useful…

Aaah, fine, fine!

[You have exchanged 3.000.000 Score Points.]

[You have purchased [Sacred Multi-Purpose Divine Fire Spirit Weapon: Rita (SSS+ Grade)] x1!]

[The item has been automatically teleported inside of the Shop Inventory; you can retrieve them from there at any time.

Okay, I'll play around with that once I'm done taking a bath. It seems very interesting, and its SSS+ Grade, the highest-Grade Weapon I have right now.

So it's bound to be useful and strong, right?

Also its exclusive for those that get to Rank 1 in the rankings, so only I can have it.

Well, if I end up not liking it that much, I can always gift it to someone else, like Surtr or one of his wives, they would love a fire weapon.

Or maybe Benladann or Miranda, I guess they could try wielding it?

Anyways, let's move on…

Now, Divine Treasures.

[Category]: [Divine Treasures]

[Sacred Blazing Dragon and Titan Soul Tree (SSS+ Grade)] [Cost]: [3.000.000] [Limit: 1]

[Old Dried Yggdrasil's Roots (SSS Grade)] [Cost]: [500.000] [Limit: 5]

[Crystalized Fire Titan Soul Shards (SSS Grade)] [Cost]: [150.000] [Limit: 30]

[Crystalized Fire Dragon Soul Shards (SSS Grade)] [Cost]: [150.000] [Limit: 30]

[Demonic Heart Core Crystal (SSS Grade)] [Cost]: [100.000] [Limit: 50]

[Divine Blazing Fire Spirit Essence (SS Grade)] [Cost]: [100.000] [Limit: 50]

[Divine Fire Titan Bone Tree (SS Grade)] [Cost]: [100.000] [Limit: 100]

[Divine Fire Dragon Giant Flower (SS Grade)] [Cost]: [100.000] [Limit: 100]

Hmm, those Roots seem pretty interesting.

I'll be picking them as well.

Anything else…

Crystalized Soul Shards seem very interesting.

Maybe… I could awaken a Fire Titan Soul with Titan Soul Shards?

Can I cheat the system that easily? I'll have to try.

Also what the hell is that Demonic Heart Core Crystal? Is it really related to Demons?

Maybe Gluttony would like that as a snack to grow stronger, or my Demon King Seed.

Hmm, should I really buy that?

Chapter 1695: Many Valuable Treasures
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