God Level Summoner
God Level Summoner

God Level Summoner

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God Level Summoner novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Comedy, and Sports genres. Written by the Author Die Zhiling. 393 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


This story is about a god level player, Li Cangyu, who returns to the game Miracle after being away for several years. The story explores him playing the game and setting up a team in an attempt to finally win a trophy in the Miracle Professional League.
E-sport God Series 1 “The Strongest God”
E-sport God Series 2 “God Level Summoner”
E-sport God Series 3 “The King’s Return”

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  • lnwUser68786 1

    This was an interesting read

  • rosiexsolos2 1

    does anyone know the links for the uncensored scenes in the end? Asking for a friend

    • Haruko 1

      You can read uncensored scenes from novel updates There is all the couples uncensored scenes

      Edited: 1y
  • lnwUser77728 1

    Send link of 1st series "The Strongest God" can't find.

  • lnwUser79668 1

    This novel is very good. I like it. The story flows well, it's happy, sad, and I like that it's funny. To sum it up, I like it, like it 😍💕😍💕❤❤❤

  • ___zzzz____ 5

    ahhh Yaoi novel

  • lnUser08977 1

    Guys...*sigh* You know the feeling when you've been very satisfied by a good story that sometimes it makes you cry when it's been finished and want more but satisfied too since you've finished reading it and have seen the endings of your favorite characters? I'M GETTING EMOTIONAL OVER HERE!! It was so good and I'll probably repeat this a few more times before my other bookmarked stories update, THANK YOU TRANSLATORS AND AUTHOR< FOR TRANSLATING AND MAKING THIS DETAILED AND VERY EXCITING STORY!

  • MaxtheDragon 1

    So, it's similar to "The King's Avatar", right?

  • DeV1lJ 1

    Pretty good.imo