Grand Ancestral Bloodlines
Chapter 1763: Young Miss

1763 Young Miss

The location was the Dream Wraith Domain.

As fantastical as their name was, their territory was much less of the sort. In fact, it looked quite plain and ordinary, at least on the surface.

There were no obvious displays of wealth, no regions of awe-inspiring and shocking feats of architecture, no powerful auras blanketing any and everything.

But this was the view of a layman.

When one opened their mind's eye, it was like a completely different world would open up to them, the kind of world that both literally and figuratively could only appear in one's dreams.

While the Dream Wraiths sat in meditation, taking up simple cabins that made the world think them to be frugal monks seeking enlightenment… in their minds they had left to enter an entirely different world.

It could be said that it was because of the existence of this world that the Dream Wraiths were so secure. Unless one could enter this world, shaking the foundation of the Dream Wraiths was essentially impossible.

It was inside this world that all the fantastical sights could be found.

The clouds were an array of various shades of violet, from the darkest hues of near black to the brightest of near pink.

These clouds wrapped tightly around mountains that hovered seemingly in the air. But if one looked down, it could be seen that there was truly nothing at all left in the bottom of these mountains. It was like they were the entire world to begin with.

Rivers flowed through the air. Snow fell on one mountain range while cherry blossoms rained down on another. Delicate showers of rain fell on another while a fragrant, pink wind surrounded another.

The sights to see were endless and didn't seem to follow any real laws. Sometimes Dream Wraiths that walked around would suddenly vanish and appear elsewhere as though they were masters of space. There didn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to anything, but it was precisely this that made this hidden world of the Dream Wraiths so mystical and legendary.

It was through this very world that a messenger rushed through, blinking and vanishing several times. But when he found that he couldn't find who he was looking for in one location, he would flicker and vanish to another.

This entire world was formed by a hive mind. The more powerful you were, the more locations you could appear in at any given time. There were some existences that even chose to experience several parts of this world at the same time. Basking in a delicate spring rain and beautiful pink blossoms at the same time.

Sometimes these existences wouldn't even leave their consciousnesses behind, meaning that even finding them was like talking to a brick wall. Almost like their clone was programmed to do just one thing and that thing alone, trying to get it to do anything else was an impossible task.

Most of the time, these powerful existences did this as a method of quickly replenishing Focus Qi. It was a cheat code of sorts and it was a rare ability that only Dream Wraiths had. As far as they knew, there was no other Race in existence with such abilities, which was also why they could spend the longest time in seclusion as well… because many of them were never truly only in seclusion. As one part of them was progressing their cultivation path, another part was enjoying life.

This was the beauty of the Dream Wraith hidden world, but it was also exceptionally frustrating when you definitely needed to find someone.

Because it was a hive mind, so long as someone was connected to it, anyone—so long as they were powerful enough—could find out exactly where they were and what they were doing.

But unfortunately, if this person had also separated their minds into several pieces, it didn't matter if you knew where they were if "where there were" was answered in a million different locations.

It was unfortunate that this wasn't even an exaggeration. Some powerhouses of the Dream Wraiths truly did split themselves up into so many pieces. Not only that, but they disguised themselves as various identities, and sometimes even objects themselves.

For all you knew, in this world, a bench you sat on might end up being a Dao God.

It only made it more frustrating because this Dao Lord wasn't even looking for anyone in particular. He just needed someone of adequate standing to report to.

'Fuck, am I really going to have to?'

He really didn't want to because of the variables it might lead to. Although the Dao Sovereign elder hadn't said as much in so many words, did he need it to be spoken aloud? The reality couldn't have been more obvious.

But if he spent months trying to find the people he was looking for, what good would reporting do him?

In the end, he sighed and flashed and vanished.

When he appeared again, he was standing outside a gated courtyard beautiful beyond compare. The gates were golden and perfectly polished to the point they were almost blinding to look at.

However, he forced himself to ignore the beauty as he reached for a golden bell and rang it.

At that moment, a beauty dressed in white appeared. Her eyes were a deep red and her fair flowed like a black river, its luster shocking to an extreme.

"Young Miss Mae," the Dao Lord spoke.

Mae stared back, looking into his eyes, but seemingly not hearing his words at all.

No matter who it was, so long as you were beneath the monarch ranks of the Sky God Realms, Dao Lords deserved respect.

But there was only so much that one could do when the Sky God in question was the treasured disciple of a Dao God.

Just by virtue of this alone, Mae was bound to stand well above him.

He took a breath.

"Young Miss Tatsuya."

Mae nodded. "What have you come for today?"

Chapter 1763: Young Miss
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