Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage
Chapter 898: Killing Or not Killing


A portal opened in the midst of the Central World. Usually, only Aliac was able to open a portal to this place which used to be his home. Aliac was the true ruler of this place. However, things have changed a lot in the last year. Now this world had been taken over by the Elzeirans who weren't even part of the Royal Army. The subordinates of the Sea King could be seen all around the world. It was as if this world had become their base. Karyk could see that there were hundreds of Elzeiran Pirates in the Central World. Their strength varied a lot as well. Some were as strong as an ordinary knight of the Royal Army. While only a rare few were strong enough as an elite knight. Karyk was sure that the Sea King had more powerful subordinates, but he couldn't find any here. It made him certain that this was just a small team that was sent here to scout the area and set up a foothold for their operations in this new universe. It was impossible for the Sea King to not know about the fact that the Elzeiran Empire was preparing to invade a new universe. For him to set a base before the Elzeirans was a strange development that even Karyk hadn't expected. Although Karyk had never seen the Sea King, but he had heard a lot about that man. The man was said to be an impulsive person who didn't think before doing things. However, he was also said to be very cautious. It was no surprise that he didn't send any powerful pirates to this world. He was still very careful. "Should we start taking back our world?" Gabriel asked Karyk, pulling out the sword that he had been gifted. Karyk didn't answer. He simply remained silent, thinking about something. After a brief moment of silence, Karyk spoke, ""I have a better plan."

"We won't kill them... yet," he added. "Instead, we'll kill the others."

"The others?" Gabriel asked, slightly confused about the plan. They weren't going to kill these people but they were going to kill someone else?

As he thought about Karyk's words, he realized what this guy was thinking about. He had known this guy the best as they used to be the same at a point in time. "I see." Gabriel let out a smile. "That does sound better."

Karyk cast a shroud over his body, turning invisible. Gabriel also did the same. This kind of spell was useless on a General level being of the Elzeiran Army. Karyk had found that out the hard way when he was trying to return to his universe. But fortunately enough, the people here weren't that strong. The cautious nature of the Sea King benefited him. He didn't send any powerful warriors, worried about a trap. It also allowed Karyk to freely move. Karyk passed towards the Royal Palace, accompanied by Gabriel. Even as the Pirates walked past them, nothing odd was discovered. Karyk entered the Palace which belonged to Aliac. As Aliac had already told him all the secrets about this place, Karyk didn't have to walk through the front door. Instead, he was told a secret passage that could lead him directly to the underground floor with the portal. The plan for them was simple. If they attacked these pirates, it was highly likely that a few of them might escape. If they escaped through the portal, they could alert the pirates on the other side. If that happened, it was going to become much harder for them to enter that world through this portal. Karyk didn't want to lose this portal as this was the closest portal to the border city that he knew about. Moreover, he had also wanted to capitalize on this opportunity. At the moment, the Pirates on the other side were lax. They didn't expect any dangers. It was also the best time for him to strike. Karyk had sacrificed a lot of his undeads when he was trying to escape from the Royal Capital of Elzeira. And this was the opportunity for him to gather some powerful corpses. Although the pirates couldn't become a strong undead like the Royals, but there was still the Sea King!

The Sea King was strong. He was comparable to a Shadow Guard. Normally, it was impossible to kill a Shadow Guard because they rarely traveled together. Even if he wanted to kill one, it would've taken him some time, which would've been enough for other Shadow Guards to arrive. The Sea King was different. He was no different than a Shadow Guard walking alone. And even if he went missing, no one was going to know his absence!

If he could control the Sea King, he could control the Pirates and the entire Oceanic Region of Elzeira! He didn't even have to kill the pirates to command them after that moment. He could simply use the Undead Puppet Master to lead the pirates. It could become another weapon for him. He had thought about creating the Border City as a base. But now he had a better idea. He could simply use the Pirate Island that had a portal now. He could just bring all his Border City citizens to the Pirate Island. And even if that was hard, he could still have many other uses. After a brief moment, Gabriel and Karyk appeared in the room that possessed the portal. It was such an important place, yet there was no person guarding this place. On the contrary, there was a presence outside the door where the guards stood. "Although there are no Guards here, there might be many on the other side," Karyk told Gabriel. "Are you prepared?"

"I've been preparing for a long time." Gabriel nodded. He had been wanting to enter Elzeira for a long time, especially to kill the Elzeiran Emperor so he could have his revenge. He now even had a weapon that made it possible for him to use his complete strength without worrying about their immortality. His grip on the sword tightened as he stepped through the Portal, followed by Karyk. ....

As soon as the two of them entered the world of Elzeira, a pair of eyes opened in an unknown place.

Chapter 898: Killing Or not Killing
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