I'll Surpass The MC
I'll Surpass The MC

I'll Surpass The MC

644 Chapters 1.79M Views 5.32K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

I'll Surpass The MC novel is a popular light novel covering Eastern Fantasy, Fantasy, and Action genres. Written by the Author Anvelope. 644 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


I claimed to be better than the MC. An Eldritch entity decided to put my claim to the test and reincarnated me into the world of the novel I read. But, I’m not alone. There are five other reincarnates?

Wait, wait, wait! Why is the MC a regressor now? That wasn’t part of the script!

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: 1 comment on Chapter 428: Hunt a Prince
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  • Whinus 4

    Comments are back!!!

  • Valimpire 2

    This is Fire

  • Poisonous_Immortal 13

    No comments about the novel, just celebrating that after days of being able to comment only through the app, they finally released it through the website again. This genuinely sucked, especially because several ads in the app forced the sound to increase, this is simply the worst type of advertising and all the ads that appeared did this.

    Edited: 5h
  • Poisonous_Immortal 13

    I'm on chapter 377. I would like to know if the protagonist will really have a romantic relationship with Wittral. So far he has had more moments than Asaeya, this is honestly making me sad. I don't want to have to abandon the novel because of this, but I feel like all the joy in reading is slowly disappearing.

    • r0wan 14

      He’s leading him on, Wittral will be a female alongside Inala for an extended period of time, and male Inala will have something with Asaeya for some time

  • Absolute_Abyss_3 15

    naaaahhh wtf yarsha is way too pityfull at this point 😭 . also wtf is that cliff at the latest chap. I refuse to accept it

  • klein_1 2

    how many chapters till this novel ends??

  • BINGOreiDelas 6

    Who is the best GIRL? In my humble opinion it is inala

  • VoraciousPenguin 4

    guys we need to get back to glazing this it fell down in rankings again

    Edited: 12d
  • FearOfSuccess 6

    I’ve changed my ways boys I have once again realized that this is peak, and I just needed to read more

  • AyanoTateyama 12

    Im back after after stacking 300 chaps. This is the most unique novel for me so good luck to me if can still remember the details or story. Last time I was here boar king was the goat.