Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse (WN)
Chapter 2966: Eons of Brilliance Decimated! IV

2966 Eons of Brilliance Decimated! IV

The things under the Miscellaneous section were many as they included Elixirs, and even more things that only gave Noah more ideas!

[Existential Planalith Krystallos of Vanity]:: 199 Fruits of Existence. Forged by the Enclave of Violet Alchemy Hall. Only the highest of Products approved by the Royalty of the Great Imperium stem from them as this Existential Planalith…

[Transcendental Origin Fruit of Existence]:: 100 Fruits of Existence. A Unique Fruit of Existence that allows for 100x increased elevation of one's Origin Dominium, with one's Dominium Rules gaining a mutation of…

[Remnant Source of a Shattered Existential Domain]:: 200,000 Fruits of Existence. An Existential Domain discovered by a Royal of the Great Imperium. Unfortunately, it was after it had been pillaged and destroyed as after a great battle, only the remnant Source of the Existential Domain was left behind…

[Basic Knowledge of the Omniverse]:: 99 Fruits of Existence. The glory of the Great Imperium extends far and wide. Those ignorant of it are low born and those not wishing to bask in the brilliance of the Imperium. This Almanac will provide the basic knowledge of the vast stretches of Domains under the Great Imperium, as well as regions to note or stay away from. Be informed. Be better. Become the limbs of the Great Imperium…

[Basic Knowledge of the Omniversal Pillagers- Chronicles of the Outerverse]:: 100,000 Fruits of Existence…


A great deal of things were laid out before Noah as all of this was only a small glimpse of the Existential Imperium Exchange!

This was only a small portion of it as Noah hadn't even perused through [Enclaves], [Commodities], or [Currencies] available within the Existential Imperium Exchange- all of this seeming like an intricate system set up by the Great Imperium.

And all of this was accessible with the Entry Neonate License.

What did higher level Licenses grant access to? What License did the Archons of Legacies hold?

These questions and more opened Noah's eyes to a new world of possibilities and Loot as within this span of an instant, Noah made up his mind on what he needed to do.

But his eyes couldn't help but linger on one of the many products he saw.

[Basic Knowledge of the Omniversal Pillagers- Chronicles of the Outerverse]

Omniversal Pillagers.

The Outerverse!

He was only just introduced to the Existential Omniverse that was ruled over by the Great Imperium.

But its rule did not seem absolute.

There was something known as the Outerverse.

There were those known as Omniversal Pillagers!

All of this and more just opened Noah's eyes to remind him that in the eons others had lived, they had accumulated a lot of power, knowledge, and influence.

He rose rapidly and in a Quintessential manner, yes.

But he was still eons of strength away.

Even these Basileus before him, even the one that he was devouring the Dominium of…what were they in the grand scheme of things?


His thoughts came to a close as the moment of an instant was passing.

The flow of existence began to resume.

He would delve into the Existential Imperium Exchange and learn more about it by having his Dominium Soul peruse through it.

His Existential Body and Origin Dominiums would complete the purpose of their weavings in the Archaeos Vitalis Pylos for now!

The flow of the spacetime continuum resumed.

Noah stood before the visage of Basileus Moraine whose eyes held not an ounce of light at this moment.

The profoundness of her Dominium had faded as ever so slowly, her body began to crack like a porcelain doll.

In the surroundings, the fighting Basileus seemed to sense this as their Dominium Souls locked onto this area in shock and disbelief!

Basileus Moraine's Dominium…was crumbling?

How was this…?

How could such a thing even happen?!

Hers was a Dominium built over eons.

Reinforced by hundreds of Fruits of Existence granted to her by the Archon Basileus!

How could eons of her brilliance be decimated just like this?!

This question caused their battle to enter an entirely new stage as in their shock…their enemy didn't let the opportunity go to waste.

[Omniversal Emperor's Haki]

His Dominium was squeezed once more as he spent a great deal of its authority, and this time it was being directed to Basileus Amelusa as her existence began to freeze at the sheer regality of an Omniversal Lineage!

And at the same time this occurred, another part of Noah's Dominium was making grand moves.

His Existential Body Dominium facing the Potpourri was undergoing and carrying out its own changes, with its focus currently being set on a feature developed not too long ago!

[The Extremity of Loot is modifying the Log On and Log Off feature.]


The feature was left inactive as the battles this time were head on, but it was still too supreme to be left alone.

[The light of Existential Dominium shines with the ever present glory of Loot.]

[New modifications have been made.]

[From this moment on, whenever the authorities of your Dominium come in contact with enemy Dominium, Loot and Devouring will automatically extract a percentage of their authority.]

[Direct contact of Dominiums will allow for the extraction of .

5% of the enemy's Existential Dominium, while Indirect Contact with their Dominium will allow for the extraction of .

1% of the enemy's Existential Dominium. You can accept this as a form of pure authority, or it can be transformed across your Havens and Forge to form Quintessential Fruits of Existence.]


A modification was made.

And Noah's body pulsing with tendrils of golden light struck out against the Potpourri once more!


His fist smashed into its abomination of a fist as neither was pushed back, but wondrously…

A clear glow of gold erupted from the impact and became absorbed into Noah's Dominium!


The Potpourri paused briefly as its Dominium locked onto Noah, seeing the devilish eyes of this being as he now breathed in before beginning to release a barrage of strikes with his fist that were so fast that they formed phantoms of brilliance.

Such brilliance unfolded within the Archaeos Vitalis Pylos that was being absorbed at this very moment by Noah's terrifying construct!

Chapter 2966: Eons of Brilliance Decimated! IV
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