Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor
Chapter 1150: Missing Link

1150 Missing Link

Wang Wei was deep in thought, thinking about the idea that just flashed in his mind. He deduced and refined this plan to ensure it would work without any problem.

He removed the crystal with the Corpse Selling Sect's luck from his neck. He wore this thing on him so the Quantum Will would remove any backhand left on the thing without him asking. He did not want to use it just in case something was wrong, and from the previous situation, it seemed perfectly fine.

Wang Wei removed a significant portion of the luck from the crystal and blessed his father and mother's Heaven Luck. He did not grant them any specific destiny but blessed them with an overall destiny to achieve great things in life.

'I was right about Father. Although his talent was unparalleled, he failed in the luck department.' He discovered his father's original Heaven Luck was even worse than his mother's, which was a scary fact given the vast difference in their talents before he became their son.

With the Earth Luck provided by the Dao Opening Sect, Wang Tian's highest achievement was the Saint Realm before Wang Wei came around. That's how atrocious his Heaven Luck was. However, now, he had countless destinies - including leaving the Ultimate Sword Path. Wang Wei's action gave him the final push to escape his fate as being a 'luckless' cultivator.

Wang Wei watched his father, who suddenly felt the changes in his fate. Wang Tian felt a new sense of freedom, and after figuring out what had happened, he muttered: "Thanks, son."

"No problem."

Wang Wei smiled because, as of now, his father is guaranteed a brilliant cultivation future even if he were not present or something happened to him; in other words, Wang Tian no longer needs to rely on his destiny to boost him.

"Now for the next step," Wang Wei muttered. He entered the River of Time, and it was not the branch that ran through the Myriad Emperor World alone but the one overseeing the entire lower dimension.

He begins to alter the Endless Void's past slightly. Nothing major, as that would elicit major backlash. Although Wang Wei believed his current strength was enough to bear a significant amount of backlash, that was unnecessary for his plan.

The changes he made were minor compared to the grand scheme of things. He spread a story or legend about a man known for his hard work, unwillingness to give up, infinite spirit and will, and ability to break through his limits time and time again when hardship presented itself.

Then, this man became a God, bringing these traits with him. In fact, this man became the God of Endurance, Hardship, and Limit Breaking. The story spread to every corner of the Endless Void, to every world community, and every world - no matter their levels. The story has changed over time, with many components changing to assimilate to different cultures or the long passage of time.

However, no matter what, the core idea of the story about endurance, hardship, and limit breaking never changed - Wang Wei ensured that.

"Excellent," Wang Wei muttered as he realized this story has become a fundamental aspect of mortal cultures - even spreading to the cultivation worlds in some areas.

'Now, all I have to do is officially confer this man as a God and use incense to condense a Divine Avatar. As a God of Limit Breaking, you should have the limited ability of a Limit Breaker. So, as long as Father absorbs and combines your power with his Emperor Soul and Empyrean Tier Willpower, he should be able to break the limits imposed on him to become a Mortal Emperor.'

Wang Wei could imagine how powerful this God would be once he condensed it with [Incense] coming from the entire lower dimension, not to mention the power coming from its myth and legend that has now been ingrained into the very fabric of the lower dimension's culture and collective consciousness. As such, he's not too worried about the latter's ability to break limits.

'The issue is Father's Emperor Soul. Even after becoming an Everlasting Empyrean, it won't be easy to help him refine it.'

He had many ideas to try, mostly using the Soul Method to temper his father's soul. 'Why am I thinking so hard? Once I become an Empyrean, I can use my Qi Ability to find Tier 11 Qis. I just need to find one for Father's soul.'

He suddenly felt relieved that he had a concrete plan. His concerns now should only be his relationship with True Heavenly Dao and how many things the latter will let him get away with after he becomes an Empyrean in the lower dimension.

"Hmm? What's this?" Wang Wei suddenly noticed something in the River of Time and stopped himself from living. His gaze focused on the time branches of the Myriad Emperor World, and intuitively felt that something was wrong. He observed intently to no avail, so he used other vision prowess and abilities.

Then, when he saw the history of his homeworld as one continuous line, he observed a very subtle cut on the line. "In the timeline, that cut is after the Devil Era. Did something happen?" Wang Wei approached, observed, deduced, and divined the truth.

"There was another era after the Devil Era, and was it erased or cut off from history! So many things suddenly make sense now."

Emperor Kong ascended in the era after the Devil Era, yet Wu Hong was leagues above him in terms of strength, power, and achievements - it did not make sense logically. Wang Wei thought it was because there was a decent period between the two eras where the world was in a weak state and the fact that the time acceleration in the upper dimension was going crazy after her ascension. But no - it was because the two were separated by an entire era.

His Hong'er had plenty of time to grow, develop, and have all her achievements.

'This meant that the Second Origin War occurred during that era, meaning it might have been long by comparison to the others, or the time acceleration in the upper dimension was also at an all-time high,' Wang Wei concluded. However, he soon moved on to more important information or questions.

'What could possibly cause the erasure of an entire era? Could it be Time Eater? Did he eat one of the eras when the parasites cleaned up the upper dimension's history? Hmm, probably not.'

Wang Wei looked around, wondering whether this was the only time this happened. He soon noticed another anomaly in the line of time where things were not flowing smoothly. "That's when my ancestor Battle Maniac proved the Dao." He suddenly had a thought.

"Could it be that Battle Maniac did not prove the Dao not because of True Heavenly Dao's balance mechanism but because of some kind of wibbly, wobbly, timey wimey related event?" Wang Wei observed closer, but his divination failed him this time, so he was deep in thought.

'It's possible that Battle Maniac became an Eternal Emperor, but something forcibly changed the timeline and turned him into a Pseudo-Eternal.' This actually makes more sense. After all, there is no way that Qiyuan would not help him establish a Nine Extremity Foundation. He should have no issue tempering his body, unlike his sworn sister, so achieving a minimum of 3-Root was a good estimation.

'So, how does it make sense for someone with such a foundation only to become a Pseudo Eternal? Although not impossible, it would still be a statistical anomaly.' Wang Wei's eyes twinkled.

'Assuming I'm correct, what could cause such devastation to Myriad Emperor World's timeline.' As soon as he asked this question, Wang Wei knew the answer: "The Origin Wars." He felt the truth on the tip of his tongue.

'The Ancestors said he summoned Shadow Ruler and Rainbow to the past to participate in the Second Origin War, and Wu Hong said she saw Battle Maniac fighting in the First Origin War. In other words, the Battle Maniac was the first to be summoned to the past.'

He slapped his head, wondering why he had never noticed such an obvious incongruency. 'Whatever methods the ancestry used to summon might have some risks, or something happened during these wars that fundamentally affected the world's timeline. It's also possible that Battle Maniac cannot walk the [Eternal Path] due to whatever occurred.'

He did not believe for a second that Qiyuan did not suggest that his brother reincarnate and restart cultivating so he could walk the Eternal Path. And Battle Maniac should not be the kind of person who cannot abandon his power for a better future - just like the Human Emperor.

Wang Wei assumed he never did so because he wanted to prove he was as good as the others despite his previous failure, but now, he guessed things were a lot more complicated.

'Whatever method the ancestor has to travel to the past might be the answer I'm looking for. But it might not be worth it if the backlash is so severe.'

Wang Wei left the River of Time, still processing the information he had just acquired.

Chapter 1150: Missing Link
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