Martial God Asura (Web Novel)
Chapter 5931: Top-notch Dragon Spring, Mucheng’s Nourishment

Chapter 5931: Top-notch Dragon Spring, Mucheng’s Nourishment

All of the Dragon Spring Clansmen sent Chu Feng and Zi Ling off when they left, including the recuperating Long Mochuan and the others.

“Young hero Chu Feng, I underestimated you due to my short-sightedness. I’ll never forget that you were the one who saved my life. When I finally return to the world of cultivation, I’d like to see who dares to bully you! I’ll even fight against the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion if needed!” Long Mochuan thumped his chest out and said.

“It’s a deal!” Chu Feng smiled.

“I’m a man of my word,” Long Mochuan replied earnestly.

Long Mochuan’s words had been jarring. Chu Feng could turn a blind eye to Long Mochuan criticizing him, but he nearly blew his top when Long Mochuan criticized his mother.

He only held back because he knew that Long Mochuan was not a bad person despite his arrogance. Long Mochuan wanted the best for his clansmen, which was evident from his actions.

He had seen many of such people. They made troublesome enemies but the most stalwart and trustworthy allies.

“Chu Feng, our Dragon Breath Spring Chamber will open when we get out of here. You must look for us, even if you don’t want to help us with our request. We owe you a huge favor,” Long Mucheng said.

“I will come, but just to enjoy your Dragon Spring,” Chu Feng replied.

“Ah, I nearly forgot!” Long Mucheng widened her eyes in realization. She quickly took out a delicate jade bottle that was around 60 centimeters tall and passed it to Chu Feng. “We have been so busy channeling the formation core that we didn’t have time to refine Dragon Spring, but this is my private stash. Please take it. It should be enough for you to drink for a while.”

Chu Feng was delighted to see the bottle. “Elder, isn’t this too valuable?”

A single bowl of Dragon Spring cost ten Dragon Spring Coins, and Dragon Spring Coins were extremely hard to acquire.

Back when Chu Feng visited the Dragon Breath Spring Chamber with the Netherworld Envoy, someone tried to trade an Exalted Armament and a Cosmos Sack filled with treasures for ten Dragon Spring Coins, but no one accepted the offer. Instead, that person was mocked by the crowd.

The jade bottle Long Mucheng handed Chu Feng was a Cosmos Sack, and it was filled with a huge amount of Dragon Spring. It was enough for him to bathe in Dragon Spring every day for a hundred years. Naturally, it was invaluable.

“I’ll have to brag a bit here. You can’t hope to drink Mucheng’s Dragon Spring in ordinary Dragon Breath Spring Chambers. Take a close look, it’s called Mucheng Dragon Spring. Mucheng has a special bloodline, so her dragon breath is purer than our other clansmen.

“The Dragon Spring refined by our other clansmen needs to be further processed before they can be consumed, but Mucheng’s Dragon Spring can be consumed straight away. Furthermore, the longer you keep it, the more delicious it becomes. You can say that her Dragon Spring is the best in our clan,” Long Moxiao said with a gleeful grin.

“That’s true. Sometimes we would muster our courage to beg her for some, but she would only spare us a little bit. She would even turn us down at times!” Long Mochuan said.

“It’s true, it’s true!” the other clansmen concurred.

Just then, a little boy raised his hand and said, “I-I-I have heard a lot about Lord Mucheng’s Mucheng Dragon Spring, but I haven’t had a taste of it thus far.”

Seeing that, Chu Feng turned to Long Mucheng and asked, “Lord Mucheng, since you gifted this bottle of Mucheng Dragon Spring to me, may I treat everyone to a bowl of it?”

The crowd gasped.

Many of the older clansmen hadn’t had a chance to taste the Dragon Spring refined by Long Mucheng too. While Long Mucheng often refined Dragon Spring, she treasured her Dragon Spring a lot too.

That could be seen from how she sometimes turned down Long Mochuan and Long Moxiao’s request to have some.

Long Mucheng instinctively wanted to refuse, as she was accustomed to being stingy with her Dragon Spring. However, she knew that she had already gifted her Dragon Spring to Chu Feng, so he had the right to decide what he wanted to do with it.

“Of course.”


Loud cheers ensued.

It was then that Chu Feng murmured, “Ey, I asked that question thinking that Elder Mucheng would refuse.”

“...” The crowd fell speechless.

Chu Feng waved his sleeves, and his spirit power surged out as a golden light and manifested into wine cups in everyone’s hands. He uncorked the jade bottle, and the Dragon Spring inside flowed out and fell into everyone’s wine cup.

“Separations are a natural part of life, but I believe that my fate with the Dragon Breath Clan hasn’t ended yet. Elders, we have long days ahead of us. Let’s meet again!” Chu Feng raised his wine cup.

“Let’s meet again!” The others also raised their wine cups and downed the Dragon Spring.

“Farewell, elders.”

Chu Feng and Zi Ling walked into the formation space.

“Big brother Chu Feng.”

A little hand suddenly tugged Chu Feng’s robe.

Zi Ling was looking at him with an embarrassed smile. She was holding the wine cup he had manifested with her other hand, but there was not a single drop of Dragon Spring left inside.

“You haven’t had enough?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s too delicious. I have never had anything as tasty as this. I feel revitalized as if my soul has been purified. I doubt that there is any finer wine than this in the world!” Zi Ling exclaimed.

“Mucheng Dragon Spring lives up to its reputation. It’s better than what I had in the Dragon Breath Spring Chamber.” Chu Feng took out the jade bottle he had just stowed away and handed it to Zi Ling.

“You’re giving it all to me?” Zi Ling widened her eyes.

“I told you. You’re the one who calls the shots in our family,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

“You’re the best! But this is Lord Mucheng’s gift to you. I can’t take this from you. Why don’t I take a portion of it, and you can keep the rest.”

Zi Ling took out another jade container with a storage function and began pouring the Mucheng Dragon Spring into it. Chu Feng didn’t feel pained by the loss of his Dragon Spring; if anything, he felt proud.

A man should not strive to just protect his family; he should be able to bring happiness to his lover too.

Chu Feng and Zi Ling left the formation space and returned to the holy land, where Tan Yu was still waiting for them.

Chapter 5931: Top-notch Dragon Spring, Mucheng’s Nourishment
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