Martial God Asura (Web Novel)
Chapter 5932: Paying a Visit to a Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s Elder

Chapter 5932: Paying a Visit to a Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s Elder

“What do you plan to do next?” Chu Feng asked Tan Yu.

“Lord Chu Feng, I wish to return to the forest and continue cultivating,” Tan Yu replied.

“There are no cultivation resources there. You won’t be able to cultivate fast.”

“Don’t worry, Lord Chu Feng, I have been granted a second life, so I shall not live my life in vain. I’ll wander the world and find ways to advance my cultivation, but I intend to make that forest my home and return there from time to time. That place has a special meaning to me.”

“That sounds good.” Chu Feng was glad to see Tan Yu’s fighting spirit reignited.

“Lord Chu Feng, will we meet again?”

“If fate brings us together.”

In truth, Chu Feng wanted to say that the world of cultivation was huge, and it wouldn’t be easy for them to meet once more.


Tan Yu understood that too. Chu Feng had offended the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion, so he probably didn’t have a fixed dwelling. Even if he had, he wouldn’t tell Tan Yu, a stranger whom he had just met. Thus, he decided not to ask about it lest he bring Chu Feng trouble.

“Tan Yu, don’t tell others about what transpired here,” Chu Feng said.

“Rest assured, milord. I’ll keep it a secret,” Tan Yu replied.

Chu Feng constructed a formation to obliterate the holy land before concealing it. He feared that this place would catch other people’s attention. The Dragon Breath Clan might be powerful, but there were bound to be even more powerful entities in the world of cultivation.

It was best to conceal the Dragon Breath Clan’s whereabouts until they could escape from the formation.

Besides, this was Qin Jiu’s domain. He hoped for it to remain intact instead of being further damaged.

Chu Feng brought Tan Yu back to where the Sunmoon Sectmembers were.

The Sunmoon Sectmembers knew that they couldn’t escape anymore, so they obediently stood on the spot, not daring to move in the least.

“I have killed the Sunmoon Sect’s sectmaster for the atrocities he has committed. The rest of you have nothing to do with Tan Yu’s affairs, so I shan’t implicate you into it. However, I don’t wish to see the continued existence of the Sunmoon Sect, so I want you to leave this place and never return,” Chu Feng said.

He opened an entrance in the formation enveloping the Sunmoon Sect.


The Sunmoon Sect’s elders and sectmembers quickly left without looking back.

When all of the Sunmoon Sectmembers left, Chu Feng waved his hand, and countless treasures flew out from the buildings and into his Cosmos Sack. He was scraping the Sunmoon Sect clean of all its wealth.

The most valuable possessions were with the old ancestor and the sectmaster, and he had handed those to Tan Yu. He was also planning to give these to Tan Yu.

“Accept it,” Chu Feng said.

“Lord Chu Feng, I am grateful for your help.” Tan Yu humbly accepted Chu Feng’s gift, knowing that he needed it more.

“I still have matters to attend to, so let’s part ways here. Focus on your cultivation when you return. All humans have two sides to them, so don’t trust others that easily anymore,” Chu Feng said.

“Mm.” Tan Yu nodded.

He was reluctant to part ways, but he knew that Chu Feng was a busy man, so he quickly took his leave.

Shortly after Tan Yu left, the formation enveloping the Sunmoon Sect transformed into billowing red clouds. The sealing formation had now become a slaughter formation.

Massive fireballs fell on the Sunmoon Sect like comets, causing the earth to shake. Everything in the Sunmoon Sect was reduced to ashes by the slaughter formation.

The slaughter formation continued to wreak havoc, but Chu Feng and Zi Ling exchanged looks and left.


Chu Feng returned to the Tan Clan’s underground chamber.

Thanks to the imprint he received from Sikong Changsheng, the hidden formation finally surfaced and manifested into a key fragment. The key fragment then fell into his palm as if acknowledging its master.

“Big brother Chu Feng, where should we go next?” Zi Ling asked.

They had successfully obtained a key fragment, but there were four more to go.

“We need all five key fragments to enter the Ancestral Martial Sect Realm’s main city. Jie Tianran has clinched the initiative, and he has the advantage over us in terms of strength and resources. It’ll be hard for us to compete with him.

“However, he won’t be able to enter the Ancestral Martial Realm Sect’s main city now that I have a key fragment in hand. That greatly reassures me,” Chu Feng replied.

“Big brother Chu Feng, you don’t intend to compete for the remaining key fragments?” Zi Ling asked.

“I am going to compete, but there’s no rush. We were quite lucky to be able to obtain a key fragment here. To be honest, I wasn’t too hopeful. I only chose this place because I thought that we could pay a visit to an elder of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect,” Chu Feng said.

“Is it the elder who resides in the True Essence Mountain? Is she currently here?” Zi Ling asked.

The Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster had handed him a Cosmos Sack, which contained a hidden message stating that the elder who resided on the True Essence Mountain was the Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild’s guild leader.

Chu Feng understood that the other party had relayed her identity to him in such a discreet manner because she wanted to keep her identity under wraps, but he didn’t intend to keep any secrets from Zi Ling.

Thus, Zi Ling also knew that the True Essence Mountain’s elder was the Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild’s guild leader, and that she was the one who brought Chu Feng back to the Ancestral Martial Galaxy.

“Yes, but I should enter alone. That elder doesn’t want too many people knowing about her identity, so you should feign ignorance,” Chu Feng said.

“I understand.” Zi Ling nodded.

The two of them quickly set off.

It was a coincidence that the address the guild leader gave him happened to be a neighboring starfield. The two of them soon landed in a remote mountain range.

Chu Feng quickly realized that this place was an ideal cultivation ground. He ventured into the mountain range, and he soon sensed that he had triggered one of the hidden formations here. Thus, both he and Zi Ling decided to hold still for the time being.

Chu Feng knew that what was before him wasn’t the real mountain range, and it wouldn’t be easy for him to find the guild leader on their own. Since he had already triggered a hidden formation, the guild leader would send people to check out the situation if she was here.

As Chu Feng expected, they soon spotted an old man flying toward them.

Chu Feng recognized the old man. It was Manager Ma Qiang, the manager who took care of him the first time he entered the Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild.

“Young hero Chu Feng, we meet again!” Ma Qiang said with an excited smile.

Chapter 5932: Paying a Visit to a Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s Elder
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