My Werewolf System
Chapter 900: Innu's Stronger?

Kevin was starstruck watching Innu at work. Innu had always been his ideal for a long time as he witnessed how hardworking he was, teaching himself the skills of Muay Thai and fighting.

He had even taught some of this to Kevin himself, but seemed reluctant at times to teach him fully.

In his eyes, Innu was the strongest person he knew, and the person he looked up to, the one who had done everything he could to protect the orphanage, and now, Innu had come back after being away from Slough for over a year.

Not only had he come back slightly different from before, but it was almost as if he was a whole new person. The strength he had shown was inhuman, and Kevin was viewing him as a superhero who had come in to save the day.

With both axes in his hand, Innu rushed forward again, he threw one of the axes straight ahead. The edge of the axe lit up as he drew its power out.

Greed was hurt, twisting his neck, blood dripping down, but he was still fully capable of fighting. With the axe coming towards him, he swung in anger with his large cleaver and crashed right against it.

The axe flew right back into the air at that point. Now Greed was just focusing on Innu who was in front of him, and continued to charge ahead.

Seeing this, Innu couldn’t help but let out a smile. "You have no idea what I can do!" Innu said in a low voice.

Greed getting close, swung both cleavers in the air at Innu, but in the middle of his swing he felt a great pain right in his back. The axe had lodged deep inside him.

It caused Greed to flinch slightly. At that moment, Innu then kicked up from his feet, jumping a couple of meters in the air, high above the height of Greed himself.

Coming down with the axe in his hand, he swung it with both of his hands, and powered it with Qi. Greed went to block the hit with his tail, but the power of the axe was strong.

It cut through his tail and the Qi pushed Greed into the ground, destroying it beneath his feet and the concrete lifting up from below.

Innu quickly then leapt to the side, and held out his hand, pulling the axe back towards him, and then hurled them both at Greed.

Who, once again turning, tried to hit them away. He had done so, but the moment they were deflected, they came charging back at him again.

He had hit another away, but was stabbed in the side with the axe again. Right after Innu held out his hands, like a magnet, they came back to him again.

"What are those axes made of, what are you doing!" Greed shouted annoyed. The multiple hits were getting to him, mainly because they weren’t just regular hits, but Qi infused as well, making them far stronger than they typically would be.

"You think it’s these axes that are doing this? You're wrong, this is all me baby, this is my power!" Innu said charging forward.

He then threw one of the axes towards Greed again, who went to block the attack. However, he didn’t feel any impact at all, it had never hit.

Instead, the axe had been thrown into the ground, and Innu had kicked off the handle of the axe coming right forward.

The moment Greed lifted his head, a large knee crashed into both of the cleavers, sending him off his feet and hurling through the air crashing into a car.

Quickly seeing this, quickly seeing the moment of the fight change. Kevin wanted to do something as well.

He transformed his whole body, and moved quickly, he readied both of his hands, as he stabbed them through the side of his shoulders and pushed him onto the floor.

“I’ll hold him, finish him now!” Kevin shouted.

Innu was worried. He could have finished this fight off himself, but now that Kevin, the youngster, was getting involved he needed to be quicker about this.

With the axes in his hand, he rushed forward and threw them again. Right as Greed was ready to move, the axes pierced through his wrist and were locked in part of the car.

Greed could then only see Innu hurling toward him, and a knee that was growing bigger and bigger.

Kevin let go, jumping, and the Qi-filled knee strike bashed right into Greed’s head, crushing part of his skull. The car bent inwards due to the force and moved several meters along the ground.

At the same time, with both axes returned to his hands, Innu gathered all his strength, drawing on the momentum of his steps using Qi to move faster, the reinforced Qi in his muscles, and the Qi covering the weapon, drawing out the power of the weapon itself, he hurled both axes right at Greed's head.

'The amount of times I threw these axes again and again, using all my Qi, using all my strength and telekinesis powers. It took a long time to learn how to do it.'

Right now, Innu was looking at his hands, even though they were bandaged up, blood was soaking through them, as his skin had torn off. The result of his training every single moment up until now.

The axes flew in the air, and pierced right through Greed's head, both of them breaking through the already broken skull.

Blood dripped onto the black of the vehicle, down the rest of his body, as his life was no more.

The momentum of Innu's steps was fading, and he soon felt weak as he saw his face getting closer to the floor.

Moments before he fell, Kevin dashed and caught Innu, stopping him from hurting himself.

"What's wrong Innu, are you sick, what happened, I didn’t even see you get hit by that guy!" Kevin asked in a panic, transforming back to his human self.

"Just, I used up more power than I thought in that fight. It took a lot to take him out, and I'm sure if I was fighting him from the beginning he would have figured out my powers.”

"The element of surprise does well in a fight, and you getting in there, was probably a big surprise to him as well. But I’m feeling a bit light-headed."

Kevin was thankful to hear that Innu had just exhausted himself. His new powers probably took a larger toll than one could see just with their eyes.

"I wanted to help out the others, but I think it's important that we rest for now," Kevin said.

Once again, Innu couldn’t help but let out a small sliver of laughter.

"You don’t have to worry about them, we can rest up. I might be the Hero and the Strongest of the Howlers right now… but if you're comparing me to him, that guy is something else. I’m sure he’ll be the strongest of the Altered Hunters."

Chapter 900: Innu's Stronger?
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