My Werewolf System
Chapter 903: The King's Decree

Clem and Ash had lowered the helicopter and reached one of the hotels based just on the safe side of Cipen. They were filming from high above where the worried citizens of Slough were.

Many of them were holed up in buildings watching the situation from their windows, but surprisingly, there were a lot of them on the ground floor, looking at the situation, seeing what their fate would entail with their own eyes.

For those who couldn’t see, many people in Slough had caught on to the fact that AJ Entertainment was live streaming everything that was going on.

Clem was commentating as the fighting was going on, talking about the arrival of the Altered Hunters appearing in the city of Slough. The reviews of the Altered Hunters were always quite mixed.

At times, they were the ones that dealt with the Altereds that were out of control. Just like now, they had come and fought against those attacking Slough, while the White Rose and police force were sitting doing nothing.

However, the general public looked up to Altereds like a type of superhero, many admired and wished to be like them, gain the strength and superpowers. They didn’t want to get rid of all Altereds like the Altered Hunters did, only the bad ones, which was why the reception was a mixed bag, but in this case, they were thankful they had come.

“It looks like the situation of what is happening in Slough has reached the Altered Hunters! Even they have realized how bad the situation is… but are they really helping Slough, it could also be an opportunity for them to get rid of as many Altereds as possible.”

Innu noticed the camera filming from above, and placed the Altered Hunter mask on his face to make it harder for people to tell who he was. Blake was still wearing his, the two of them went to the respective people that they helped, Kevin and Kai, giving them a shoulder to lean on as they headed back.

All of them were heading to the row of cars, and the Howlers members that had survived including the few remaining Werewolves had come over to help.

As they continued to walk, they went through the vehicles and the people around moved away giving them some space.

“Hey, get some bandages and medical supplies, bring them some food as well, hurry, they must be hungry!” One of the civilians shouted.

They were quickly working away, bringing what they could, they knew Altereds ate a lot, but had no idea what werewolves needed to regain their energy, so Kai didn’t say anything to stop the people.

Slowly, Blake had let Kai down onto the ground, his back leaning up against one of the cars.

“Thank you for helping us, thank you!”

The crowd started to erupt into thank-yous and gratitude towards the Altered Hunters, as well as those that were fighting on their behalf.

A lot of emotion had built up, that eventually caused many of the citizens to finally let out some tears. Some of them had already lost those that they loved.

Others had been badly hurt, but the fear of what was going to happen to them next was too large that they were unable to do anything themselves.

“Can you check on Crowley for me?” Kai asked.

One of the other citizens had already come over.

“Sir Crowley is doing okay, he’s breathing well!” The man answered. “However, he’s in no condition to fight.”

Hearing this question, that was when Kevin started to walk over to Kai along with Innu, and it looked like there was something Kevin wanted to say.

“Not everyone made it.” Kevin said.

Kai already knew this because he could feel his energy fading, many of the Werewolves that had come here didn’t make it.

“Tyler… he didn’t make it.” Kevin answered, his head hanging down ashamed of himself.

The instant reaction of Kai, he felt his heart sinking and grabbed his face.

‘That young guy.’ Kai thought, looking up at the sky. ‘He was one hell of a person. He saved us during our last problematic problem in Slough, even though he was just a driver.’

“F*ck, F*ck, F*ck!” Kai started to shout in anger.

Kai liked Tyler a lot. He would often talk to him when driving with him to places, getting advice from him because he was more sound than the rest of them.

On top of that, there wasn’t a bad bone in Tyler’s body, unlike the rest of the Howlers members. Why did someone like that have to perish over the rest of them?

This wasn't right, what the Phoenix Gang had done, it wasn’t right, if they had just fought, gang to gang with those willing to risk their lives, then people like Tyler, who weren’t really fighters wouldn’t have to get involved.

The citizens had brought some food to all of them and they managed to eat, drink, and get partially reenergized, but Kai couldn’t help but think about Tyler.

“But… the fight still hasn’t ended.” Kai said.

Saying those words, it was almost as if a spell had activated. Because Clem zoomed in to a single man with a large red fur coat dragging across the floor walking down the street.

Innu then shoved Kai as he looked through the gap.

“It looks like we might be needed again.” Innu stated, giving him a hand and lifting him up off the floor.

Climbing up to the top of the cars were Kai, Innu, and Blake. Kevin wanted to climb up as well, but Innu stopped him; the three of them then jumped down back onto the ground, the area where they were fighting not too long ago.

All of them stared at the man in front of them.

“It looks like I might have come out a bit too late,” Sin said, looking at the dead around him. “But I’m not too worried. Now it’s time the King makes his announcement, and my decree is that all of you will be eliminated.”


Chapter 903: The King's Decree
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