Omega Summoner
Chapter 1933: Storm Clouds and an Angry God

Large and dark storm clouds started to cover the skies above the floating platform while the Golem Relic of Z started to pulsate with the lightning element. The power that it released was not akin to a boss monster that is below the level 300. It was something that even Adrian found illogical as this should not be happening even if a god intervenes.

[The power of a god is flowing on the boss monster, Golem Relic of Z.]

[Due to the tyrannical energy that is flowing through it, the boss monster will explode if you survive for five minutes.]

Dungeon Mission Given: Survive for Five Minutes

Dungeon Mission Reward: Defeat of the Golem Relic of Z

Dungeon Failure: All party members are wiped out

[A powerful energy is protecting the Golem Relic of Z which makes it immune to damage for five minutes.]

[A link between an unknown god has been established with the Golem Relic of Z.]

"All of you shall die due to my wrath!" A powerful voice emanated from the Golem Relic of Z.

"Vortex!" Adrian stated as Paradox was already behind the Golem Relic of Z.

With a snap of Adrian's fingers, a powerful black hole suddenly exploded behind the Golem Relic of Z. The boss monster that might be powerful and upgraded due to the possession of a god is being pulled. Adrian has read that any damage on the Golem Relic of Z would be disregarded since it is immune to any damage. What the Golem Relic of Z is not immune to is crowd control which Adrian tried to make sure by using his Vortex spell.

[The Golem Relic of Z did not get damaged by the black hole.]

[The Golem Relic of Z did not get damaged by the black hole.]

[The Golem Relic of Z did not get damaged by the black hole.]

Just as Adrian thought, the Golem Relic of Z is sucked inside the black hole but the all the notifications he is receiving tells him that the boss monster is completely immune to damage. Adrian did not care as all he needs to do is make sure that they survive for five minutes, and everything will be over. He just needs to buy them enough time and he is the perfect being for that as he can manipulate time itself.

[Increasing the mana output for the Vortex skill in order to lengthen the skill.]

[Increase in duration is successful and Vortex would be increased by one more second.]

[Increasing the mana output for the Vortex skill in order to lengthen the skill.]

[Increase in duration is successful and Vortex would be increased by one more second.]

Adrian's mana bar could be seen decreasing at an incredibly fast pace. He lost 5% of his mana with just lengthening the skill by one second which is astronomical. Adrian made sure to cancel all the time accelerating spells he applied on himself and started chugging mana potions to recover his mana. He was able to do this and extended the length of the black hole by two minutes.

Adrian could feel the black hole starting to unravel as if a powerful energy was on the other side and releasing it in powerful waves. He started to sweat as the mana to increase the duration of the black hole started to increase by 1% every second. It increased to the point that the black hole started to use up to 30% per second which Adrian had no choice but to stop.

Adrian's nose started to have a minor nosebleed which has never happened to him ever since his demon core was strengthened. The black hole dissipated, and the Golem Relic of Z came out with a powerful blast of lightning. Piggy Bank immediately protected himself using Merchant's Shield which decreases the damage depending on how much money one has.

Piggy Bank managed to negate the damage to the whole party by sacrificing 50, 000 gold coins as he nullified it completely. He lost a sizeable amount of money, but he and Adrian was safe from the powerful attack. Adrian saw the money that Piggy Bank lost and was a bit shocked since that amount is not a small thing.

"You think that you could defeat me! I shall bathe both of you in pure lightning!" The voice from the Golem Relic of Z shouted as the storm clouds suddenly exploded.

The storm clouds rumbled to the point that one's ear might bust if they are near, but the aftereffects of the Merchant's Shield were still there as it can last up to 10 seconds. Adrian and Piggy Bank are safe from the ear-piercing noise, but they are not safe from the upcoming lightning rain. The Golem Relic of Z vanished into the storm clouds as lightning rained from above.

"I guess I should not hold myself back. Paradox, summon the mirror." Adrian stated as Paradox changed its form into a mirror with Adrian's form also changing.

Using his mirror demon form, Adrian could easily perceive any energy in the area even lightning can catch his eyes. With just a second, Adrian and Piggy Bank entered the mirrors and vanished from their current location. Adrian along with Piggy Bank has entered the mirror dimension which was safe from the barrage of the Golem Relic of Z.

Adrian thought they were safe, but his enemy is not an ordinary golem, but a golem operated by a god. The eyes of the Golem Relic of Z suddenly glowed with divine energy as it saw both Adrian and Piggy Bank in another dimension. The god that controls the golem burst out in anger as he did not even damage mortals that dare defy his will.

The angry god clutched a double-faced helmet and infused more divine energy into it. The angry god targeted the mirror dimension and tried to force both Adrian and Piggy Bank out of it. The divine relic that has the form of a double-faced helmet suddenly flowed in a powerful purple light.

[An unknown god is trying to interfere with the dimensions using the power of a spatial god relic called Helm of J????]

[You have resisted the spatial interference of the relic.]

[The unknown god is furious with you and injected more divine energy into the relic.]

[A powerful spatial energy swept you from the mirror dimension and forcefully kicked you out.]

Adrian saw the notification, but he was unable to immediately retaliate as both him and Piggy Bank were suddenly ejected from the mirror dimension. Adrian was unable to defend against the wave of powerful energy that swept across him in the mirror dimension as he needed to protect both him and Piggy Bank. If it was just him then he might have been able to stay but Piggy Bank is the one that needs to stay alive in this quest.

The angry god laughed upon seeing the two mortals ejected from the hiding spot they used. Unaware that the relic that he used started to crack slightly but he could not feel the leaking spatial energy since he cannot sense it. Only the laughter of the angry god could be heard from the boss monster.

[An unknown goddess of life sends her aid.]

Piggy Bank was the one that read the notification as this came from an item that he is keeping in his inventory. A stalk of wheat suddenly came flying out of Piggy Bank's inventory and absorbed all of the lightning as if it was a lightning rod. All the lightning that should have hit Adrian and Piggy Bank were attracted to the stalk of wheat until it became charred. Piggy Bank sighed with relief as he managed to stay alive without burning the rest of the gold coins that he has in his inventory.

He can only burn the gold coins that he has with him and cannot use anything in the bank. Piggy Bank looked at Adrian to see what they need to do next because they still have one minute left before the statue shatters. Upon seeing Adrian's face, Piggy Bank suddenly gulped because if fury had a look, then that would be Adrian right now.

Players might not know it, but their personalities are also somewhat affected by the race that they have. Dwarves would often but heads with the elves which also translates to the players. Demons, on the other hand, do not have any real enemies but they are prideful when it comes to Origin Magic because that is the only magic that they can use. As if it is a defense mechanism, they will find offense to any inanimate object that can outclass them in Origin Magic even if it is a god relic.

The unknown god unknowingly triggered the pet peeve encoded in the bloodline of the demon race. Adrian felt offended that he was outclassed by an inanimate object when it comes to spatial magic. He was planning on holding back by not using his energies since it could damaged a god but the unknown god has crossed the line.

Chapter 1933: Storm Clouds and an Angry God
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