Reincarnated as an Imperial Prince
Reincarnated as an Imperial Prince

Reincarnated as an Imperial Prince

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Reincarnated as an Imperial Prince novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Romance, and Slice of Life genres. Written by the Author SorryImJustDiamond. 437 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


A scientific genius named Thomas Harrier was transmigrated to an imperial prince body after a car accident that took his life. He found out that he is in a world similar to our own with a timeline akin to early twentieth century. The body that he is occupying was the imperial prince of a failing empire who suddenly rose to power after a successful assassination attempt of his father. Unaware that the attack is just the beginning of what is to come. He faces many challenges throughout. Will Thomas Harrier be able to live his second life in peace while running an empire and getting it back to its former glory? Or will he succumb into a conspiracy lurking within the country's borders?

Expect some:

Cold war era techs.

Super battleship with advanced electronics, propulsion, and fire control systems?
Modern medicines and equipment?
A nuke?
Challenger or Abrams or Leopard?
F-4 Phantom or MIG-21?
Colored TV's.


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  • bacon_hairs 1

    the author somehow p*ss*s off everyone: Russians: by implying they have to rely on American tech Americans: by claiming they will stand down in the face of nuclear annihilation Chinese: by using predatory tactics to take over Chinese land while acting under the guise of morality Japanese: by insinuating that they would cower in the face of an overwhelming opponent Korean: by instilling a puppet government like many before them African (Mali/Cameroon or somewhere, honestly don't remember): by exploiting their land and natural resources Don't think you'll get off easy if you're European, cause you're all enemies to the Russians that get nuked.

  • Mundane 2

    Well if you have nuke you have a way a guest.🤯👿

  • ARS404 16

    Theres a beauty in difference. The concept of reincarnating to 1920 countrl leader is new so it has bonus beauty for that but except that everything is.. not that good. Maybe grammar iz good idk im nıt english so cant tell anything about that but eşceht that iverltnig is not really good. I wouldnt reccomend this to anyone if it were not a different concept i wouldnt revcomerd it. Tldr:concept is unique but potential that could come with the concept is wasted, leaving us with a unique and bad novel

  • Christmas_cat 7

    It's not very good, but I recommend it if you don't know what to read.

  • Healer20 19

    guns go bang

  • Leveloneclub 3

    I know this story is not for everyone. But for me this was a great read. Mc is very smart, and overall consistent.

  • zoooo 1

    very good I highly recommend it

  • ElizonTheWriter 1

    The story is alright, but the author really should just stick to his strengths, and social science is not one of them.

  • The_Heavenly_Scribe 11

    Tian Shu's Summary for Dummies! (THIS IS COMPLETED!) Pros: 1. Kingdom Building (Set in 1920s in a parallel Russia, not Soviet Union) 2. Modern Knowledge (Yes this big daddy has computers? What your still using punch cards? Shame on you!) 3. Early Romance (Its good to have ONE loving wife, AKA No Harem) 4. Thrilling Battles (Of course, you cant love Modern Knowledge tag without testing your toys on an underdeveloped country) 5. Conspiracies (*Illuminate Shivering*) Cons 1. Short and Faced Paced (Finished it in three days) 2. Too much details when tech is explained 3. Time skips 4. You sometimes get bored when its not thrilling battles Honestly, this is good quick casual novel you might want to read. Although short and fast, at least it didnt end in a rush and the story is good. I recommend reading this if your bored to death. MODS when are you changing its status to complete

  • arnonram912 1

    imagine reading dr. stone but in novel and he get b*tches

    • BafBR 12

      I would see it as an absolute win lol