Reincarnation Paradise
Chapter 825: War Begins

Several group leaders began discussing defensive strategies after the commotion caused by the 'unknown liquid,' led by Yanchen. Footsteps echoed as a man in a black windbreaker ascended to the seventh floor. He seemed freshly awakened, yawning occasionally, followed by a 'Husky'?

"Who's this?"

"Not one of us."

"No idea." Several close aides of the group leaders denied recognition. "Friend, wait downstairs first. Once we discuss our defense strategy, we'll notify you." A well-dressed man with gold-rimmed glasses politely intercepted Su Xiao.

"Hmm?" Somewhat groggy, Su Xiao held a cigarette. He had napped during his free time, unaware of potential rest opportunities in the next ten days.

"Friend, I say—"

"Let him in." Yanchen's voice resounded.

"Please." The well-dressed man gestured invitingly; Yanchen was his group leader.

Su Xiao entered the seventh floor. Unlike the previous silence, it was now lively, mixed with the scent of smoke, cigars, and red wine.

Contract holders with different expressions stood or sat around the seventh floor. Some were silent, while others were loud; the only commonality was a hint of bloodlust evident in them all—a readiness to fight at any moment.

"Meeting again." Yanchen, with a sister complex, greeted Su Xiao before continuing discussions with the group leaders. Approaching, Su Xiao handed Yanchen a detailed map of the ancient ruins. "I arrived early and got bored, so I drew this."

Glancing at Su Xiao's dog behind him, Yanchen guessed how Su Xiao had arrived. "You've been a great help. You have professional mapping skills. Yanchen understood the map's value.

"With your abilities, why not join us in discussing?" Yanchen extended an invitation, but Su Xiao waved it off. Su Xiao didn't participate in the discussions among the group leaders. He acknowledged his need for leadership in managing an adventure group. He needed to be more knowledgeable when setting up defenses or similar matters.

For unfamiliar territories, Su Xiao refrained from interfering or making decisive decisions. Compared to him, those group leaders were the experts in these matters. Asserting dominance in unfamiliar areas and giving orders—such people annoyed Su Xiao the most.

His typical approach to dealing with such individuals was to eliminate them first. Seeing Su Xiao's disinterest in the discussions, Yanchen nodded silently. The Lone Rangers might be mighty, but most were uncontrollable.

However, in this war, there were no unruly Lone Rangers. Only four were eligible to reach the seventh floor—two men and two women. Among them, the two women were acquainted. Oddly enough, they still needed to form an adventure group. They were Ada and Bug Sis. Upon seeing Su Xiao, both women quickly turned away.

"Why's this monster here?" Ada glanced secretly at Su Xiao. "I don't know. Should we pretend not to recognize him?" Bug Sis was equally wary. In the trial world of the insect nest, Su Xiao left a deep impression on them. In their eyes, Su Xiao was an extremely dangerous old pervert and monster.

As for the other two, one was the Grizzly, who had tasted the 'unknown liquid.' This guy was smoking a cigar and seemed particularly gloomy. The last person was Su Xiao, lounging on a stone pillar, holding a tablet computer, seemingly engrossed in a game.

Observing this scene, Yanchen raised an eyebrow. He couldn't imagine someone like Su Xiao emitting such a chilling vibe or having a hobby like gaming. After about an hour, the group leaders finalized their defense strategy.

The Oterlan Ancient Ruins were too vast. With over 700 contract holders, fully defending them was an impossible dream. Unable to defend entirely, the group leaders decided to contract the defense, concentrating the workforce to support the 'Twilight Palace' and the nearby second zone.

Three stone bridges were situated at the three corners of the Twilight Palace. These bridges were the best defensive locations, allowing a solid defense and a retreat into the palace.

However, the Reincarnation Park side wouldn't initially choose to defend these bridges.

After discussion among the group leaders, they planned to support the outer second zone first. They would retreat to the bridges if they couldn't hold the dual zone. If the bridges were lost, they would continue to fall back.

The End of Days Park contract holders aimed to seize the World Core. They needed to break through the second zone first, followed by the three stone bridges. But breaking the bridges wasn't enough; they were also required to enter the Twilight Palace, fighting their way up to the seventh floor.

This was a highly challenging task. The End of Days Park side was already disadvantaged even before the battle commenced. If End of Days Park's contract holders were in charge of defending the World Core, they would have chosen this manner of defense. This layered defense might appear secure but has a fatal flaw: no retreat.

With no escape route, the idea was that if they couldn't defend, they'd perish. Hopeless and outnumbered, Hope would face over 70% opposition from her subordinates. If the End of Days Park's contract holders managed to reach the seventh floor of the Twilight Palace, it meant the Reincarnation Park's contract holders were almost extinct.

Before that happened, End of Days Park's contract holders would never have had the chance to ascend. They were ready to die if they failed. This was the defense strategy of the Reincarnation Park's contract holders.

To take the World Core? They needed to eliminate them first. Until then, End of Days Park's contract holders could only watch from the outside. With the plan set, the group leaders and the crowd on the seventh floor left the Twilight Palace. Hundreds of contract holders outside the palace's platform looked at those leaders.

After explaining the plan, the contract holders briefly considered and agreed to the strategy of dying in defense. No one even mentioned an escape route. If the World War failed, it meant everyone would perish. In such circumstances, considering an escape route was meaningless. It was more important to think about surviving amidst the chaos of the contract holders' melee.

The members of the adventure groups received orders from their respective leaders and began spreading toward the nearby second zone, forming defensive lines. The individual players were scattered among the adventure group members, while some long-range snipers climbed above the Twilight Palace, taking the high ground.

Su Xiao stood on the stairs of the Twilight Palace, not intending to join the defense yet. He was waiting for someone—someone who would come to him. "Byakuya, although you're not under my command, now isn't the time to hide anything." Yanchen sat on a stone stair nearby, his gaze on the contract holders setting up defenses in the second zone, a natural maze, relatively easy to defend.

"I don't have time now. There's a tough opponent I need to deal with." Su Xiao was waiting for Ranju. He believed Ranju would come looking for him. "A tough opponent? Can you tell me his characteristics? I might have some clues. I have plenty of information about End of Days Park's contract holders."

As they were on the same front line, and considering Su Xiao had previously shown the map, Yanchen wasn't holding back. "Characteristics? He's a mechanical summoner."

Before Su Xiao could finish, Yanchen interjected, "He controls a metal arrow with a whistle? Can you detonate mechanical summons?"

"Yes, have you met him?"

"Of course." Yanchen pulled down his collar, revealing a coin-sized scar on his clavicle. "I was almost caught off guard by that guy once. You're going after him?"

"Yes, I've clashed with him before, and he escaped." Hearing the crucial word 'escaped,' Yanchen's eyes brightened. He asked, "Are you confident?"

"I'm 70% sure he'll die, leaving 30% for me to die." Su Xiao had already thought of ways to deal with Ranju. However, Ranju's abilities were comprehensive, and there were too many unexpected situations in a fight, so he had a 30% chance of dying.

"Impressive, the 'Beheader of the Night.' I'll inform you through the war channel if my subordinates spot him. Ah, I don't know if I'll make it out alive. My sister is quite beautiful, you know."

Yanchen's words might seem like he was complimenting his sister's beauty, showing a brother's concern for his sister. However, the reality was different. Yanchen was worried that if he died, his sister would end up with another man, essentially being cuckolded post-mortem.

"It seems you love your sister very much." Su Xiao faintly detected Yanchen's off-beat words. "Of course, deeply and extensively. Every inch of affection."

Saying this, Yanchen headed back into the Twilight Palace.

"This sister complex." Su Xiao wasn't stupid; he could figure out what was happening. The personalities of the End of Days Park's contract holders were unexpectedly open-minded.

Twenty-six hours they were passed quickly.

The End of Days Park contract holders were on high alert, with an airtight defense set up. However, there wasn't a single contract holder from End of Days Park attacking, nor were they even present. Silence enveloped the second zone. About ten minutes later, this silence was shattered.

Swoosh... swoosh... A dense sound of breaking wind came from the sky—hundreds of green phosphorus-burning bottles.

"Air raid!" The contract holders of the Reincarnation Park responded swiftly, firing bullets, arrows, psychic balls, magical spheres, and even rocket bombs toward the burning green phosphorus bottles.

Boom! Boom! Boom... The explosions merged into a chorus. Large swaths of green flames fell before the second zone, consuming trees and weathering stones. Neat footsteps sounded as at least ten thousand orc soldiers walked out of the forests in the third zone.

Hovering above the forest, Hope watched the contract holders of the Reincarnation Park.

"Kill." Hope's delicate fingers pointed forward, directing over ten thousand orc soldiers. She had contributions and military ranks available in the shop and army positions.

But what was terrifying was that all the combat achievements of the End of Days Park contract holders were transferred to Hope. Her rank allowed her to command over ten thousand orc soldiers.

"This woman's unexpectedly tricky. However, flowers in the greenhouse wither faster."

A black-haired, red-eyed youth removed his upper garment. He was adorned with hundreds of bombs of various types.

The black-haired, red-eyed youth suddenly charged out of the Reincarnation Park's formation straight toward the marching orc soldiers. It was evident that this guy's mind wasn't quite right. An average person wouldn't strap themselves with bombs and charge into a mass of troops.

Seeing this scene, Hope frowned. "These lunatics." Hope's eyes turned fiery red. Boom! Before the black-haired, red-eyed youth reached the orc soldiers, he detonated himself prematurely. A blaze surged, with dirt flying and smoke billowing.

A few seconds later, a somewhat staggering figure rose from the smoke. "Damn, that hurts." The black-haired, red-eyed youth stretched his neck. With a clicking sound, a radiant light flashed on him, revealing hundreds of bombs of various types once again.

Chapter 825: War Begins
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