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Release That Witch novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Mystery, and Action genres. Written by the Author Er Mu. 1498 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.

Volume Information

Volume 1: Song of Months of Demons

The first volume contains chapters from 1 to 88 and has 88 chapters in total. It focuses on Cheng Yan's adaptation to prince Roland's role and preparation for the defense of Border Town during his first Months of Demons. It covers the misfortune of Witch Cooperation Association, first signs of inner conflict between princes and nobles of the Kingdom of Graycastle and Church's plotting to weaken all Four Kingdoms.

Volume 2: The Little Spark

The second volume contains chapters from 89 to 481 and has 393 chapters in total, it is mistakenly divided into two on original website. It focuses on development of Border Town and Western Region, internal war and allying with Fifth Princess Tilly Wimbledon.

Volume 3: The Bell of Twilight

The third volume contains chapters from 482 to 825 and has 344 chapters in total. It is focused on defeating of king Timothy, war against Church, annex of Southernmost Region and allying with Taquila witches.

Volume 4: The Battle of Doomsday

The fourth volume contains chapters from 826 to 1218 and has 392 chapters in total. It is dedicated to the final integration of Kingdom of Graycastle, establishing of united humanity front with Kingdom of Dawn and war with Demon civilization on Fertile Plains.

Volume 5: A New Journey

The fifth and final volume contains chapters from 1219 to 1498 and has 279 chapters in total. With Red Moon's appearance the Third Battle of Divine Will officially starts. Graycastle is preparing to fight at border of Kingdom of Dawn and Wolfheart while the First Army suffer losses trying to evacuate as much people as possible.


Cheng Yan transmigrated only to end up in a medieval Europe like world, becoming Roland, a Royal Prince. But this world doesn’t seem to be the same as his former world, despite some similarities. Witches are real and they actually can use magic?

Follow Roland’s battle for the throne against his siblings. Will he be able to win, even though the king already declared him to be a hopeless case and with the worst starting situation? With his knowledge of modern technologies and the help of the witches, who are known as devils’ servants and are hunted by the the Holy Church, he might have a fighting chance.

Now, let his journey begin.

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  • ChillFire 15

    Loved this manga until I realized its not a monogamy and he marries the underage-looking girl for reasons that made no sense to me. :crycrycry:


    Read too fast and thought it was ‘release that bi###’💀

  • Average_R3ader69 8

    Comments on this book seem to be ok so ill probably give it a try later

  • Renegade_prism 27

    This novel the goat fr guys. My second time reading this(read it a long time back). I do remember that it goes a lil too verbose and boring at times, and there are a little too many other pov chapters, like 1 in every 10 which get annoying, but the story building and setting itself is great. It's not a harem, it's literally 2 women who've been there from ch 1 and it's a slowburn of good feels. The main part is of course, the science in this is on point, I've multiple times just started searching how to make a revolver just cuz it's so interesting. The grammar has a few faults but read-able.

  • lnwUser72317 2

    Can someone recommend a novel similar to this one?

  • __theoneandonly__ 4

    Any good? Trying to stack on good novels have been running low on them

  • whyshy 1

    Re-reading this hidden gem again.

  • Smurphed 2

    Can't recommend. I found this book super boring and focused to much on Haram building and drama instead of Kingdom building and politics. In fact the entire bad guy setup is just really goofy and a huge plot hole. If you like nonsensical bad guys and cheap soap opera drama tho you will enjoy this one. However if you enjoy kingdom building and politics and raising a powerful village into a mighty kingdom this book is definitely not for you. I also disliked there was hundreds of side stories in the first five hundred pages only roughly a third of it actually has anything to do with the Mc.

    Edited: 4mo
    • Animo 10

      Recommend some kingdom building novels..

    • Sheeza 32

      Is this Harem?

    • Spidy 21

      Harem building? Bro there's literally one fmc till 1400 chapters and author had to compromise in the last chapters and then we got 2nd girl Kingdom building is bad? Too many side stories not focusing on mc that's actually good point bro going into more details on side characters

    • Kaise 7

      you saved me a whole lot of time with this one, thanks

      • Spidy 21

        Give it a try yourself bro

    • EdelJaeger 6

      Ay can you reccomend some good kingdom building novels

      • Good_boy 4

        Try Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece. It is realy good and there are no modern technologies, so its just a reincarnated mc who is skilled in managing and a good commander. He uses some technologies from the romans and there is some Romane and two wifes but the focus lays on kingdom building.

      • Enzucka 2

        Very good choice gentleman.

    • linowor 5

      "However if you enjoy kingdom building and politics and raising a powerful village into a mighty kingdom this book is definitely not for you." Which ones are the good ones?

      • Enzucka 2

        Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece, or if you like a mix with ants and evolution/leveling system Chrysalis.

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  • Twilight_Flame 4

    Hello, can someone who has read the novel "Release that Witch" answer this for me? At some point in the story, does the protagonist acquire a power equal to or more powerful than magic? One of the reasons I've never read the story is because of the doubt that the protagonist might not have any power. Transitioning into a magical world without the ability to use magic sucks. If someone answers, just say "Yes" or "No". I don't want anything specific, thanks...


    where can i find better translation? because the translation in here is soo bad.