"I see things others can't."

A blazing inferno raged across the capital city that once stood on the continent for thousands of years.

"Hear things others don't."

The sound of warcries, curses, and dying screams spread across the entire city as the invaders mercilessly attacked anything and everything in their path.

"Shed tears when others won't."

The sound of babies and children wailing in their mother's arms could be heard everywhere, as their parents desperately looked for a safe place to hide in order to save themselves from the one-sided massacre that was happening around them.

"And fight when others don't."

A red-headed boy looked at the vast hordes of monsters that were about to destroy everything he held dear in his life. Even so, he walked towards them fearlessly as several men and women marched alongside him.

"I seek the monsters you fear the most," The Half-Elf said softly as he raised his hand, summoning countless Undead to fight for his side. "I chase the nightmares that plague your sweetest dreams."

"I walk in the darkness so that others may see the light. I fight the creatures that threaten this world with all my might."

A giant bone dragon landed in front of the Half-Elf and bowed its head in respect. The red-headed boy patted its head before jumping on its back, preparing to fight alongside his Undead Legion.

With one mighty flap of its tattered wings, the bone dragon soared towards the sky and uttered a deafening roar of defiance. Its Master stood straight on its back like a sword, looking at the countless monsters that were slowly advancing in his direction.

"In a world where my existence has long been forgotten…" The Half-Elf stated as his bone dragon opened its mouth to unleash its Dragon Breath.

"I will let you know the error of the path you have trodden!"

Chapter 1: Prologue
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