The Bloodline System (Web Novel)
Chapter 1486: The Deed

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter

Damn, maybe I should have used that one,' E.E nearly faced palmed.

"I still do not understand what you're talking about, General. Why is the girl a problem exactly? She isn't who you came here to find," E.E decided to stop mentioning relatives or any other excuse and outright played coy.

"True, she isn't the one I am looking for..." General Reina arrived before E.E once more and stared into his eyes briefly.

"But maybe she has connections to him," Immediately after adding, she turned to the side and started walking towards Sersi.

"You don't mind if I ask her a few questions, do you?" General Reina emitted an intimidating presence while approaching.

"Uhm, without a warrant or anything that advocates a crime... isn't that against her rights?" E.E voiced with a tone that slightly hinted at trepidation.

"Just a few, friendly, simple questions. Nothing much... unless there is something to hide," General Reina turned slightly to shoot E.E a glance.

"Haha... knock yourself out, General," E.E laughed wryly.

'I don't like where this is going,' E.E screamed internally.

General Reina proceeded to bring out a holographic tab which displayed a picture of Gustav.

"Have you seen this person before?" She questioned with a keen gaze.




Bang! Bang! Boom!

Powerful ripples spread across the air due to an ongoing battle between a trio.


After images could be spotted in the skies as they engaged one another powerfully. Blasts often rang out and despite being distant from the surface, the icy terrain would occasionally split and shatter from the residual energy.

No normal person could witness the ongoing battle due to their unparalleled speed as they bolted across the skies. However, on closer look, it was a two versus one-battle.

The figure in the middle was continuously deflecting blows from the other two and appeared to be doing it rather easily.

One of the two had his arms covered in rocks as he repeatedly threw fierce jabs at the figure in the middle.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The figure in between swayed his hands causally, slapping the fists away before they made contact.

His arms looked like they were moving a million times in just one second.


He slapped the one covered in rocks away, sending him hurling across the air.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

He slammed into the icy surface below, sliding across it and forming wide crevices due to the force of the attack.

Meanwhile, the other one whose attack had also been repeatedly getting deflected now had to face the figure with dark hair alone.

"Thanks for doing this, Sir Jack," He voiced in gratitude before opening his eyes.

"Not a problem... I was starting to get bored here anyways," Jack responded with a smile as he stared at the multiple twinkling colors in the eyes of the 7'5" youngster with silver hair, before him.

Jack's smile suddenly vanished the moment the world before him lost all color.

He felt the space around him bending and contrasting in a very eerie manner while the youngster across from him was the only being with color.

"Impressive..." Jack's smile returned as he praised.

"Not impressive enough if you're still smiling," Aildris's silver hair floated as he raised his index finger which had a swirling mass of numerous colors above it.

Waving it forward slightly, the swirling mass sped towards Jack who responded by thrusting a palm forward.


A star-patterned construct materialized into existence, fighting against the colorless domain as it flickered occasionally with colors.

Like a switch turning off and on, the construct collided with the swirling mass of multiple colors, causing a mass of blackness to form upon merging.

"Thank you," Aildris smiled while spreading his palms apart.


The moment he clasped his hands together an incredibly immense suction force was generated from the dark mass.

With such powerful suction force, even the earth should have been swallowed up in an instant. However, this suction force only seemed to affect Jack, who found himself unable to fight against it.

'This is ridiculous!' He voiced internally as the black swirling mass pulled him into its center and formed restraints that held him in place.

"Now!" Aildris yelled.


A loud explosion rang out from underneath as the icy terrain ruptured and a figure sped upwards with such immense force that it tore a line across the sky.

A tempest accompanied by a flaming mountain of ice and volcanic magma trailed across the air with unbridled intensity.

Behind it was Ria who stomped onto the bottom, sending it spiraling at the restrained Jack.


A deafening collision reverberated across the vicinity, bringing with it harsh winds that blew everything away... Ria and Aildris included.

Shockwaves spread across the air, turning miles of the icy terrain beneath to water. Everyone within a five-hundred-mile radius could feel the earth quaking intensely like it was about to give way.

The battle was being fought in the sky and yet it had greatly affected the surface beneath.

"Did we get him?" Ria voiced from below.

"Being the strongest mixedblood in existence... you know the answer to that," Aildris smiled wryly.

Not long after, Jack appeared in the distance where the skies were completely void of clouds. The last blast had blown them all away. He floated in place, practically unscathed except for a few cuts on his clothes.

"Tch why is he so overpowered?" Ria felt like all his months of seclusion had been thrown down the drain.

"Hahaha come on Ria... even Gustav would be unable to win," Aildris reminded him from the side.

"But he's not even injured. I trained for so long and I'm still so weak," Ria voiced with a tone of defeat.

Jack's figure suddenly vanished, reappearing before Ria in the next instant.

"You're not weak," Jack raised his palm to show Ria that it was scalded.

"You're just up against me. Some Alphas would be unable to cause me even the tiniest bit of damage so don't sell yourself short," Jack patted Ria's shoulder.

"Really?" Ria's face suddenly lit up in excitement.

"Of course. I'd say you're powerful enough to contend with a Beta-ranked Mixedblood and being that powerful at such a young age means that you will be stronger than me when you're my age," Jack smiled while floating upwards.

"I'll give you two an A for effort... at least you made me use a pretty high level of strength to not only get out of that restraint but also block your attack," Jack turned around to fly away after revealing.

"Thank you!" Ria yelled but he was already gone.

"Praise from the world's strongest. Today is not a bad day," Aildris descended while speaking.

"How did you do that trapped thing?" Ria questioned with a hint of curiosity.

"Oh, that... I just bound his energy to my attack and used it to lure his essence and merge him into it. No one should be able to get out of that restraint so long as they attack it instead of evading," Aildris explained.

"But he got out of it," Ria said with a tone of confoundment.

"He is Jack Sherwin..."



Within E.E's apartment, General Reina stared down at Sersi who kept answering all her questions with 'no'.

"So you've never seen Gustav Crimson before... You don't know who he is and you have no connection to him?" General Reina voiced with her tone rising every second.

Sersi shook her head in response.

"General you said this was gonna be friendly and brief, would you please stop harassing the poor girl?" E.E voiced from the side with a tone of annoyance.

General Reina wore a smile and stood upright before turning around.

"I have checked... there is nothing," Gohan voiced from the side.

"No records, no birth certificate, no database whatsoever on this young girl. It's like she just appeared out of thin air," He added.

"How intriguing... coming into existence around the same period Gustav Crimson is suspected to be on earth. What an interesting coincidence indeed," General Reina gazed at E.E briefly to note his reaction.

E.E was quiet, seemingly racking his brain on how to respond to her.

"Since someone that doesn't exist is currently in here... I guess it wouldn't be what I do to her now would it?" General Reina suddenly reached out at that moment to grab Sersi.

"General Reina! What are you doing?!" E.E yelled while strutting forward but before he could get close, Gohan threw a glowing icy cube towards the floor before him.


A triangular barrier of light suddenly surrounded E.E, trapping him in place.

"You use spatial abilities, right? That will keep you from interfering for a while," General Reina smiled while watching E.E bang the walls of the barrier constantly.

He tried to conjure a vortex but to no avail.

General Reina drove a fist into Seris's belly at that moment, causing her to spit out a mouthful of blood.

"Sersi! Let her go, you witch!" E.E voiced out in anguish.

"Just stay in there and don't interfere," General Reina turned to face Sersi once more before raising her.

"I'm only dealing with someone who shouldn't exist."

Immediately after saying that, she threw another punch forward.


Chapter 1486: The Deed
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