The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 641: The Final Battle[II]

641 638:The Final Battle[II]

When a being reaches Godhood, it will also be able to use the transcendental skill according to each of the qualities it is endowed with.

Achievements, name and even the origin power of one existence.

The God of Darkness, which was created by gathering darkness, chaos and the destruction of the world began to appear forming a huge mass of cognitive flame of darkness that moulded itself into a power

A huge flame, a large flame that was enough to cover the whole world with its shadows, and the aura of destruction emanating from it was enough to engulf the whole universe and even engulf and burn the fates that connected from one universe to another slowly bloomed into a beautiful flower.

Seeing this, Alex sighed deeply.

"This son of bitch just can't die easily and created the multiverse threat.''

The heat of the flames soon reaches everyone.


All beings on the battlefield including humans, monsters and dragons vomit out thief voices of despair as they watch the giant flower bloom outside the atmosphere.

"Make a shield," Athena shouted and her body radiated with a golden light that covered the light world army in a barrier but to their horror, the barrier started to erode.

The moment the flowers fall, everyone would be burned to dust.

"Yes, those eyes. That's what I wanted to see."

A satisfying sound came out from the leftover consciousness of the God of Darkness.

A look of helpless despair in the face of the predestined fate of destruction.

From the birth to beginning his existence had one meaning which was to create chaos and destruction and until he died he was going to do the same.

"It's over for me."

As if finally declaring its death, the God of Darkness uttered his very last words.

The flower of the God of Darkness begins to fall.

The world started to contort and disappear along the path the flame flower started to fall.

Even in such a hopeless situation, everyone stared at the back of the man shining with the aura of confidence.

As Alex's gaze fell intently on the flower of destruction, he blurted out subconsciously.

"Isn't this too shabby? At least visuals of the flower. Even until the end, everything you create is a piece of shit just like you."

If God of Darkness had heard Leon's words he might have died vomiting blood for real.

A small power of darkness started to coalesce, blooming into a blade in Alex's hands.

No, it wasn't darkness.

It was something that existed but at the same time, it didn't.

Something closer to nothingness.

Something that doesn't exist and is capable of turning everything in its part to nothingness.

The state of emptiness .....

Slashing something that doesn't exist...

A certain enlightenment flashed in Alex's eyes and the hands holding the sword quivered.

[Sword of Nothingness.]

Alex's hand holding the sword of nothingness stretched upwards and he slashed.


The centre of the world is shattered.

An endlessly flickering sight.

Vanishing light and sound.

Changing the past and future.

The whole world was collapsing with just the aftermath of the impact.

The only thing the beings on the battlefield could do was surrender themselves to this cosmic horror and pray for all of this to end.

Did their prayers work out?

After an unbelievably long time passed, finally everything began to change quietly.

Light and sound return and the twisted time period returns to nothingness.

A brief silence ensued and what followed after was...

The world tore apart at its centre, a maelstrom of flickering chaos, where light vanished into the abyss and sound evaporated into eerie silence. Past and future danced in a gruesome tango, their steps reshaping the very essence of existence.

In the wake of this cataclysmic event, the world crumbled, its foundations shaken to their core. On the battlefield, beings tremble before the looming horror, their futile resistance crumbling like sandcastles against the tide. All they could do was surrender to the unfathomable terror, their prayers a desperate plea for salvation in the face of oblivion.

But as time stretched on, hope withered like petals in a storm. Yet, amidst the darkness, a glimmer of something emerges, a faint whisper of change echoing through the void. Slowly, achingly, the shattered fragments of reality began to knit themselves back together.

Light pierced the gloom, casting twisted shadows on the scarred landscape, and sound followed, a symphony of discordant echoes . Time, though wounded and twisted, stitched itself back into a semblance of order, a fragile tapestry of past and present.

And amid this fragile world that slowly gained colour, stood Alex like God of annihilation, his presence a chilling reminder of the fragility of life. And as the vast catastrophe and booming sound of destruction settled and everyone's vision noticed to normal, their expression quivered and changed from disbelief to shock, cry and happiness The God of Darkness and his presence were nowhere to be found along with the army.

Alex then smiled and his voice then flashed across the vast expanse.

"It's over..."

As Alex vanquished the God of Darkness, a surge of triumph swept through the human army, their hearts pounding with awe and relief. Yet, amidst the jubilation, there lingered a sombre realisation of the sacrifices made and the battles to come.

Meanwhile, Alex's wives watched with a mixture of pride and fear, thier emotions swirling like a tempest. Grateful for his victory, yet haunted by the toll it had taken on Alex to finish him.

"That menace is finally dead."

The moment his words fell, the entire world was set ablaze by the sound of screams and cheers of happiness making the whole world tremble.

The universe stood witness to the end of an epoch, as the God of darkness was now vanquished, and everyone started to fall to their knees in respect.


No one knew who started it.

"Praise him...Adore him...And more than Respect Him….For the person who is gonna bring an era of everlasting peace that's why we shall name him…"

"Hail The Monarch Of Eternity."

"Hail The God of Light."

Alex, now ascendant as the true God of Light, emerged victorious, his name echoing across the cosmos for eternity, amidst the fading echoes of his opponent's existence bringing aeons of peace and prosperity.


[The End]

I am happy that the story finally ended while also feeling a bit sad.

It has been a long arduous journey to write with all things on the back. Writing isn't easy and even if we don't want to, we may sometimes write things making the story garbage but believe me every writer hopes to write his best.

I hope this story might have made you pass the time in enjoyment even if for a little There would be a few side stories but until then I bid farewell.

Chapter 641: The Final Battle[II]
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