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Dexzin 1
Chapter 1029 17 days ago

Its a fresh spin. Novels like this and "Florida Mans general store in a cultivation world" are way too good and funny. Now that I've caught up to the chapters, i'm sad to wait. This is a great read "The Innkeeper" . Recommend to all to try it. Authors got a great naming sense and wild story.

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SenPieWiLL 2
Chapter 1019 21 days ago

First of all a very unique piece of work in my opinion, the start is slow and had certain aspect of slice of life but not the boring kind the good kind! Very intresting approach for system in this novel that I haven't come across before, power lvls are losely defined at the start and can get irritating for people who prefer straightforward power levels (the wiki guide people), world building is the meat and potatoes of this novel I mean it's literally a story about universal inn how can it falter that aspect and it hasn't and kept the standard high in that aspect! Author has a referencial aka meta writing style which I like but it can be too much at times of used too frequently. Overall, once you get in the groove of the story it's really enjoyable and I would give it a solid 4/5! Good read

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ch1ckenandbeans 6
Chapter 1007 29 days ago

I'm at Chapter 1007 rn, and I really like the story. It has good side characters, power system is the typical cultivation novel power system and there are a few misunderstandings, but the misunderstandings don't get annoying so don't worry about that. The story is not so focused on the MC as I thought it would be, side characters get a lot of chapters too. The first 300 chapters were really bad imo, I wanted to drop the Novel a few times, but I saw a lot of comments saying that I should wait a bit more, I did, and I don't regret it, but if putting yourself through 300 bad/ok Chapters is too much for you, I recommend you don't read this.

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RobotBits 19
Chapter 914 one month ago

In my opinion a very solid read, there are lots of different characters who are doing their own thing but also interact with Lex and his Inn. I’ve read the reviews for this novel and people have talked about “plot holes”, saying how there are many plot holes and what not. But have never actually explained what the plot holes are. That makes me feel like they don’t understand what a plot hole is and is getting it confused, because there are so many minor plots with the multitude of characters in the novel. People have also talked about how the cultivation of the mc is “slow”. Which I find stupid considering him being compared to the average Joe who takes hundreds of years to go to the next stage while he has only been cultivating for over a year and is already far stronger then them. Overall I would say this novel is a solid 7. 5/10. I’m currently on chapter 920 and addicted.

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Royal_roy 2
Chapter 926 2 months ago

Read 900+ chapters I want to give this novel 3. 5 but I can't do that on this site . the novel is a great read for everyone if you want to relex and just listen . the writer does a great job on keeping the novel intresting . the mc has the same vibe as Lin form I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey. you can read this if you like I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey

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Teck877 38
Chapter 695 2 months ago

Ch. 695 The novel leaves me generally mixed. The first few chapters were a pain to read but it's getting better. I recommend reading up to ch. 200 to really get a feel for it. The main character, Lex, is a weakling who has been given a conditional power, the Midnight Inn, and must play the role of the mysterious and powerful innkeeper. This is probably my favorite part. Lex's culture progresses at an aberrant speed due to its slowness. Of the 10 known cultivation levels, Lex is at 4th at ch. 700. Despite its flaws, the novel remains excellent overall. The universe is diversified thanks to the countless changes of point of view.

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legalizeit10 8
Chapter 937 2 months ago

Good concept, decent writing, some very minor plotholes here and there, tiring plotlines (10 concurrent plotlines are not good for the overall story).

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Spineman 7
Chapter 935 2 months ago

This novel is great and had a very complicated and wide world building so there will be probably 3000 chapters in the future and the characters in the story is very entertaining , it had a balanced plot armour and some times the just have bad luck so i am gonna stack for 2 or 3 years hope it will be finished by then

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KittyKittyMeowMeow 7
Chapter 48 2 months ago

Description is misleading The story consists more of side characters rather than the main character. In fact the main character is very little written about

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WynterSnow 1
Chapter 916 3 months ago

I liked it more than I expected. The story progresses slowly but steadily. In addition to the development of the main character, the story also covers the Personal growth of some supporting characters. At the early stages the branching out to the supporting characters is done quite well, however as the story progresses it becomes increasingly difficult to keep an overview over all the situations happening to different people at the same time. Plot holes are filled but sometimes the time between the beginning of a side story and its follow up can be really long. All in all it is a solid and interesting story with occasional humour and diverse characters.

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