The Prodigies War
Chapter 1544: Godly Momentum

Ruowu had said it so casually like she was only stating a simple fact.

However, the cultivators of the Ancient Wasteland Domain were dumbfounded. What’s going on? What does Fairy Ruowu mean by that?

Does she think that Lin Xun alone can suppress all these enemies?

Even Shaohao was stunned. Is this...possible for Lin Xun?

But to the foreign supreme Saints, Ruowu’s statement was full of provocation and disdain, so much so that they barked out a laugh from extreme anger.

This little girl sure talks big!

“Heh. I thought we caught a big fish, but who would have thought that he would lure out two more? Now we can wipe them all out in one go,” said one of them with a sneer.

“I want that brat dead!” shouted the brawny, red-haired man with a gloomy expression. The fact that he had been caught off guard by Lin Xun’s Omni-Finger and sent flying made him feel intolerably humiliated.

“Not just that brat, none of them can escape this time,” corrected a supreme Saint expressionlessly, apparently seeing all the Ancient Wasteland Domain experts present as prey to be eliminated in one fell swoop.

This caused everyone’s heart to sink, and they quickly sobered up from their initial excitement.

Shaohao was injured. Even with the help of Lin Xun and Ruowu, the gap between them and the enemy party of over a dozen supreme Saints was still far too big!

Shaohao took a deep breath and said firmly, “Brother Lin, you guys have come just in time. In a while, just take everyone with you and leave the rest to me...”

Lin Xun and Ruowu were undoubtedly powerful in battle even as individuals, but in the end, there were only two of them. Shaohao didn’t want them to risk their lives here like him.

By some possibility that they were all wiped out, the Ancient Wasteland Camp would be finished!

“If you knew about the things this fellow did in the Blood Demon Territory, you definitely wouldn’t say that,” Ruowu transmitted to Shaohao with an odd expression, subtly advising him to just enjoy the show.

Shaohao was skeptical, but seeing her so confident, he could only believe it for now. Still, he decided to keep a focused eye on the situation and was ready to sacrifice his life if worse came to worst, as he certainly would not watch his domain’s central force get annihilated.

At this moment, Ruowu had turned her gaze to the supreme Saints. “You guys don’t know who he is either?”

The old monsters were all stunned. All they had been doing these days was chasing and besieging Shaohao, so they naturally didn’t know what else had happened in the Nine Domains Battlefield.

“He’s a mere youngster who was able to become a supreme Saint. Who else could he be?” laughed an old supreme Saint mockingly.

The others also sneered. Trying to scare us? These Ancient Wasteland Domain youngsters are really childish.

Seeing this, Ruowu finally concluded that these old fellows really didn’t know about Lin Xun’s deeds in the Blood Demon Territory. Her eyes couldn’t help but show a hint of pity.

Toady couldn’t help but ask, “Big brother, how sure are you?”

Lin Xun casually replied, “Just a bunch of old animals. Slaughtering them is a piece of cake.”

His words were like a stone that pierced through the sky. It made Shaohao’s group gawk in shock. Even at a time like this, Demon God Lin’s overbearing spirit is still the same as before!

Meanwhile, the group of supreme Saints from the other eight domains was so outraged that they laughed. This was the first time they had seen such an arrogant young man.

Does he really think he can be lawless just because he was able to become a supreme Saint?

“I’ll first kill this little scum!”

The brawny middle-aged man with fiery-red hair suddenly appeared before Lin Xun with a single step. Like a hammer, his palm blasted out with a divine glow.

It was a strike that shocked gods and demons!

It fully interpreted the depth and might of a supreme Saint.

Shaohao’s heart couldn’t help but tighten.

As for the others, they failed to even react, for no other reason than how fast the brawny man had deployed his strike!

Only Ruowu was unperturbed.

Almost at the same time, Lin Xun made his move. He clenched his hand into a fist and used his physical cultivation as a medium to fuse his qi and spirit cultivation into it, uniting all the Three Ways to the Absolute Apex into this single punch.


In the deafening collision, the power of the brawny man’s strike exploded bit by bit, shattering his right arm into blood and flesh pieces.

He was appalled and terrified. It was beyond his imagination to find out right from the first exchange that he was no match for the other party.

Almost on instinct, he endured the pain and evaded.

However, Lin Xun’s fist was so terrifying that it allowed no escape. Power poured out like a tsunami before erupting all at once.


The brawny man’s chest sank, and his full-body protective layer shattered almost simultaneously. His internal organs all suffered damage, and he was sent flying to the ground, which kicked up a cloud of dust.

The crushing punch had heavily wounded a supreme Saint!

A bizarre silence instantly filled the area.

The eyes of Toady and the others went wide open, and their hearts trembled. Isn’t this a bit too ferocious?

Even Shaohao couldn’t help but gasp.

The faces of the foreign supreme Saints, on the other hand, all changed color. Their sneers froze on their faces as their minds had taken a great impact.

How could a punch be that strong?

When they looked at Lin Xun again, their gazes had taken on the colors of suspicion and gravity. Who was this kid, and where did he come from?

Why hadn’t they ever heard of such a powerful expert from the Ancient Wasteland Domain before?

Standing next to Shaohao, Ruowu glanced at him and caught the shock on his face. She revealed a knowing smile as she recalled just how equally shocked she had been after witnessing Lin Xun slaughter a group of supreme Saints before the City of Protection in the Blood Demon Territory.

“Let me test his depth!” A silver light suddenly swept out before revealing a man bathed in a divine silver glow.

He was tall and slender, with a horn in the center of his forehead. His azure pupils flowed with intimidating silver lightning, and his powerful might reached beyond heaven and earth.

He was Peng Tianlin, an old supreme Saint monster of the Silver Horn Clan in the Nine Dark Ancient Domain. No one knew how long he had lived so far, so he definitely possessed an overwhelming battle prowess.


As soon as he made his move, silver spears condensed from silver lightning swept out from him and rattled resoundingly. Their destructive auras spread in all directions and tore through the sky.

Many people’s eyes stung, and they felt that it was hard to breathe. Ruowu and Shaohao had to act together to ward off and dissolve the terrifying Saint might spreading toward them.

Otherwise, the others wouldn’t have been able to fend for themselves under such an oppressive aura, and their souls and bodies would have been ripped apart!

“Silver Bolt Nine Strikes!” shouted Peng Tianlin.

The silver spears shot out one after another. Just their auras alone shattered the air in their wake with deafening noises.

But Lin Xun didn’t dodge. He even strode forward without doing anything to block the spears.


As soon as the first lightning spear approached him, it exploded into electric sparks.

Lin Xun acted as though he was oblivious to this and continued to move forward. His hair was dancing wildly, and he looked like a demonic god who was invulnerable to all powers!

Bang, bang, bang!

The following lighting spears burst one after another before they could even get close to Lin Xun, turning into fine bits under the invisible power surging out from him.

Shaohao felt dizzy from just watching all this. How can this guy have such heaven-defying power by just becoming a supreme Saint?

Meanwhile, Peng Tianlin looked ashen and was almost screaming out in shock.

It had become apparent to him how extraordinary Lin Xun’s fighting strength was after witnessing the defeat of the brawny man, so when he had attacked, he had used all of his power as well as his trump-card skill.

Who would have thought the killing move he was so proud of couldn’t even get close to the other party?!

“Ignorant,” commented Lin Xun indifferently. A Taixuan sword qi then abruptly flew out from him, looking restrained and nothing special.

The sword qi didn’t even move in the slightest. Imprinted in it was a quality of being invisible while being vast and resounding while being silent.

Not good!

The instant Peng Tianlin saw this sword qi, goosebumps surfaced all over him, and his hair stood on end. Without any hesitation, he took out a copper mace and smashed out at full force.


The next moment, Peng Tianlin was flicked flying alongside the copper mace in his grip. Blood sprayed out from his mouth and nostrils as he let out a painful, miserable scream.

After hitting the ground, he convulsed uncontrollably like he was having a seizure. The domineering energy in the Taixuan sword qi had invaded his body and was inflicting constant and deep injuries as it raged inside him.

This scene shocked the entire field again. Every single person present was gawking in utter astonishment!

Time and time again, the power displayed by Lin Xun heavily impacted and overturned their worldview in a way that no one had expected.

At this moment, the foreign supreme Saints looked like they were facing their greatest enemy. Their expressions were grave to the extreme. Even the stupidest of them could see that the young man they were facing was not someone to be trifled with!

Meanwhile, Shaohao finally understood where Ruowu’s confidence in Lin Xun originated from, and he was overwhelmed with emotion.

As expected of the fellow who I refuse to lose to but still have to look up to all the same!

As for Toady and the others...

They had been completely befuddled.

The terror of a supreme Saint was enough to wreak despair to any of them, but facing Lin Xun, even supreme Saints looked so powerless!

Just how strong was the current Lin Xun?

“Attack together!” bellowed a supreme Saint, knowing that they were in a bad situation where they had to join forces.

Lin Xun’s lips curled up into a sneer. “A long overdue decision. What a bunch of idiots.”

As his words echoed, he erupted with a brilliant dao light that was as vast as infinity and as blazing as the sun.

In that instant, his aura stirred up the air and clouds in the region, causing a thousand miles of void to wail!

“Move back!” Ruowu and Shaohao quickly took the others to retreat. The consequences of being caught in a battle of this magnitude, even if just slightly, would still be unimaginable for them!

“Die!” The group of over a dozen supreme Saints also acted right away and went all out with their attacks.

Even though they knew that Lin Xun was strong, they were confident that they could still kill him by teaming up.

If only they had known that outside of the Blood Demon Territory’s City of Protection, Bi Jianqiong and a bunch of other supreme Saints had also thought the same thing...


Amidst sky-shattering clashes, Lin Xun locked on the brawny middle-aged man with fiery-red hair with just a single glance. The Broken Blade instantly bolted out.

At the same time, the three thousand Taixuan sword qi formed a sword array that enveloped Peng Tianlin of the Silver Horn Clan.

These two supreme Saints were both severely injured, so Lin Xun naturally wanted to take advantage of this and end them!

Meanwhile, he himself shot toward another supreme Saint with a dominating momentum that made the whole land tremble.

He was all by himself, but he exuded a domineering aura that could only be seen on the sole sovereign of this world!

Chapter 1544: Godly Momentum
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