The Prodigies War
Chapter 1545: A Stunning Sword Strike

How strong was Lin Xun who was fighting at full strength?

Imperial Son Shaohao and his group got to see it for themselves in the next moment.


As the Broken Blade drew a horizontal slash, its ferocious sharpness wrapped in a matchless, piercing silver radiance came down like a raging blizzard.

The brawny, red-haired man, who was already heavily wounded, was virtually powerless. Unable to resist, he was drowned in the torrent of blade energy.

He burst into pieces, and his flesh and blood vaporized.

As soon as his primordial spirit was exposed, it was incinerated by the Broken Blade amidst screams of terror and helplessness.

In another direction, the sword array built by the three thousand Taixuan sword qi glided across the sky. Unable to block the dense, crisscrossing swords within, Peng Tianlin was quickly ridden with cuts and holes.

In his final breaths, he was still struggling and roaring in fear and the unwillingness to die, but to no avail. In the end, the sword array erased him from this world.

Two supreme Saints were killed in just the blink of an eye!

Shaohao felt an unprecedented tremor to his core. As a supreme Saint, he knew full well how difficult it was to kill an existence like this.

Even in the entire Nine Domains Battlefield, a supreme Saint could be considered an overlord.

But Lin Xun had just slaughtered two of them in just an instant!

That kind of peerless killing power was something that Shaohao could never have once thought of before. His mind was rattled for a quick moment, and his lips couldn’t stop twitching.

Lin Xun had taken a little longer to become a supreme Saint, but once he had done it, he left no room for competition!

“Feeling speechless, aren’t you?” asked Ruowu, who was relatively calm because she had seen things more shocking and bloody than this.

Seeing Shaohao being as appalled and disoriented as herself back then, she actually empathized with him.

When one compared themselves to a freak like Lin Xun, it was indeed easy to feel speechless.

“Not speechless, but frustrated.” Shaohao smiled bitterly. “Back in the Supreme Realm, I already realized that I didn’t have much of a chance against Lin Xun in the supreme King stage, so I secretly swore to compete with him after entering the supreme Saint stage. But who would have thought...”

Ruowu completed his words with an understanding look, “Who would have thought that even at the supreme Saint stage, this guy would still be so powerful that it’s impossible to even have the idea of competing with him?”

Shaohao deeply agreed. “Eyy, you get me.”

Ruowu was speechless.

Of course she got him. She even knew better than him the depth of Lin Xun’s power after he had become a supreme Saint.



In the battlefield, blinding lights exploded and roared, covering the heaven and earth in a horrifyingly destructive atmosphere.

Lin Xun was like an invincible god of war who treaded the astral dipper and patrolled the universe. Every move he made had the power to swallow mountains and rivers.

His opponents were over ten supreme Saints!

Any other person in the same cultivation stage would have chosen to avoid them and run with their tail between their legs.

But Lin Xun didn’t even dodge. Instead, he pushed across the field from beginning to end with an unrivaled might and unstoppable momentum. And he hadn’t shown a single sign of being suppressed.

To make it short, he was suppressing a group of supreme Saints all by himself!

Toady, A’lu, and the others gulped furiously, their minds in turmoil as they watched. They had always known Lin Xun more than anyone else, but at the moment, they couldn’t even figure him out at all.


Lin Xun raised his hand and chopped a bronze lance in half.

His opponent, a mountainous man whose skin was covered in totem tattoos, screamed shrilly before Lin Xun crushed his throat and ended it.

Then, he threw the gigantic corpse into the materials bag for city construction like a piece of trash.

“ can he be this strong?!” roared a supreme Saint in a fit of rage.

The faces of the other opponents had also become ashen and frightful.

Up to this moment in the battle, three supreme Saints had been killed. They had joined forces and attacked together but still failed to suppress the other party even just a little.

This was simply unbelievable!

After all, an allied force of over a dozen supreme Saints was supposed to be invincible in this Nine Domains Battlefield.

Yet, they still couldn’t do a thing about a young man!

How could they bring themselves to believe this?

“Die!” shouted Lin Xun.

Then, with an earth-shaking noise, the Dao Endless Pagoda, glowing brightly like it was made of pure gold, swung up and slammed down.

Looking from afar, Lin Xun was like a normal person throwing a mountain at the sky!


His target was a dwarf-like youth, who was blasted apart in splashes of blood and terrified screams of despair.

The fourth supreme Saint: Executed!

And it had only been a few moments since the battle had started. Not even ten minutes had passed.

“Damned bastard!” roared someone.

Suddenly, several supreme Saints bolted out. Their target, however, was the distant group of Ruowu and Shaohao and the others behind them.

Clearly, they were doing this in an attempt to restrain Lin Xun’s momentum and thus take the initiative from him.

At the same time, attacking his friends could serve to distract him.

But the best result, of course, would be that they would be able to capture the Ancient Wasteland Domain crowd and use this to threaten Lin Xun!

As they had expected, Lin Xun frowned, his eyes surging with cold killing intent.

Five supreme Saints were charging toward Ruowu’s group, while the remaining nine continued to hold him back by attacking at full strength. According to their plan, Lin Xun wouldn’t be able to rush to help his friends while also being distracted by the concern for their safety!

On top of that, this left no time for him to kill his enemies one by one.

“You think this can turn the tables? It’s futile!” said Lin Xun coldly.

Then, his aura suddenly shot up like a sword that came out after having been buried for ages, piercing the sky with its sharpness.


He raised his hand, and using his finger as a sword, he drew a stroke in the air.

It was a light, unadorned movement.

But in that very moment, the hearts of all the people present trembled. There seemed to be a sword qi emerging in their field of vision and blotting out everything else. It spanned across the horizon with indescribable profound mysteries imprinted therein.

Its sharpness was matchless and could not be confined.

Its momentum was unrivaled; even gods dared not stand in its way!

Every cultivator seeing this sword suddenly felt small, desperate, and suffocated, as if it was not a strand of sword qi, but a god who controlled life and death!

The moment it took shape, the region fell silent as though time had stopped. Everything was in a bizarrely still state.

And then, a bloody human head was thrown up in the air.

On the face still hung chilling murderous intent. In the eyes still lingered a hint of cruelty and complacency. The owner of this head apparently hadn’t even realized that a sword qi had come and reaped their life.

Poof poof poof poof!

Immediately following, one head after another was flung up, painting over the eerie silence with a scarlet color.

Blindingly red.

Frighteningly red!

Someone suddenly screamed shrilly and broke the horrifying silence.

When the crowd awoke with a start, they were already drenched in cold sweat. Looking over, they saw that the five supreme Saints who had been rushing toward Ruowu’s group had all become headless corpses!

The most absurd thing was that these corpses were still rushing forward.

Their heads that were flying in midair were still wearing sardonic smiles, not even realizing that death had descended upon them in a single sword strike.

“This...” Ruowu and Shaohao, who had prepared to defend, were also appalled. Their hearts and minds still quivered after seeing that one sword stroke.

On the contrary, Toady and the others hadn’t felt much. The execution of the sword stroke to its descent had been so extremely fast that they hadn’t been able to perceive it, let alone react.

However, upon seeing the supreme Saints rushing to kill them become decapitated one by one halfway through, they all froze with dumbfounded expressions.

Had they not been sure that this was real, they would have wondered if they were hallucinating.

After all, those were five supreme Saints, who, in their eyes, were simply insurmountable and untouchable existences!

“How can this be...?”

The nine supreme Saints holding back Lin Xun looked like they had been struck by lightning. The sword strike had been so stunning that their pupils were still constricted.

All there had been was a series of poofs, and a set of corpses and heads had crashed to the ground with no signs of vitality, with no possibility of coming back to life.

That was No Escape!

It was a simple sword strike, but it was also the quintessence of Battle Emperor Mo Yang’s lifelong knowledge. How could the scale of the profound mysteries contained within be anything simple?

Due to its absolutely mind-boggling power, Lin Xun had always regarded this sword strike as his ultimate trump card that was not to be easily utilized.

Now, for the first time after becoming a supreme Saint, he had finally unleashed it through his whole comprehension of the Three Ways to the Absolute Apex.

The power of the sword stroke truly didn’t let him down.

It had executed five supreme Saints!

It also scared the wits out of the remaining nine. Even at this moment, their hearts were still trembling uncontrollably.

Too terrifying!

When Lin Xun had killed the three supreme Saints one by one, what they had seen was a heaven-defying strength that was still acceptable, although barely.

But now, they found the power of No Escape too astonishing to comprehend at all!

After all, who else on earth had seen a sword that could cut down five supreme experts in the same cultivation stage?

Throughout the entire history of their eight domains, how many people were able to break apart a big group of enemies with a single strike?


This was the only thought left in the minds of the remaining nine supreme Saints.

With no delay, they scattered and fled like frightened rabbits, each one faster and more vigorously than the last.

This was a battle that they could no longer afford to fight. Despite his young age, Lin Xun already possessed the invincible power to sweep through everything!

As far as they were concerned, only the leading figures like the Azure Blue Eight Supremes could fight against Lin Xun in this Nine Domains Battlefield.

But, how could Lin Xun let them escape?

Without hesitation, he launched a pursuit.

The Taixuan sword qi, the Broken Blade, the Dao Endless Pagoda, the No-Nonsense Bow... One by one, he deployed all of his treasures and skills at full strength!

The land kept rumbling in turmoil as all kinds of terrifying radiance, dao sounds, and treasure light spread and raged.

In just a few breaths, several supreme Saints were put to death one after another.

One was blown apart by a Biluo Arrow, spilling blood all over the blue sky.

One was cleaved in half by the Broken Blade, scattering flesh across the earth.

The one who had been the slowest to start fleeing was bombarded by the Taixuan sword qi and the Dao Endless Pagoda together, resulting in the most wretched death out of the nine, with his blood and bones all ground into fine ashes.

Once their fighting spirit collapsed, even an army of supreme Saints could not escape defeat!

Chapter 1545: A Stunning Sword Strike
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