The Rise of the Black Plain
Chapter 2365: Spiritual World Returned!

With the death of the last powerful enemies of the Spiritual World, Minos ensured the end of the War of the Worlds, fulfilling everything he had promised his people upon his arrival in the Dry City.

Seeing the remains of the aliens from The Adamant Land scattered in this underwater area, Vico clasped his hands together, feeling a mixture of sadness and joy.

It was good to see the end of the enemies who had caused the misery of his world. This action of Minos wouldn't bring any of the dead back to life, but it would at least put an end to the terror of war, bring justice to the dead, and ease the consciences of the living.

Still, Vico wanted many of those who had perished in the war to be with him, such as his son, his great rival, old acquaintances from the Spiritual Church and the Divine Continent. Unfortunately, almost everyone he could call old friends, family, and people he respected, like Willow, had died in the war.

Seeing the end of the aliens from The Adamant Land, Vico felt the death of all these people once again and couldn't ignore his melancholy side, even though it was a good day for the Spiritual World.

But he didn't blame Minos. The young man had done a Herculean job to become so strong and cross the universe just to save the planet. Others, like Maximilian, wouldn't have done such a thing in Emperor Stuart's place. That alone showed the young man's dedication, which was more than enough for Vico not to hold anything against him.

Still, Vico couldn't help but think how different things might have been if Minos had arrived a little earlier or if his companions had been more defensive in their positions.

Many had risked too much to defeat their enemies, thinking that Minos was dead or that it would take them too long to return to the Spiritual World.

Callie and Aurae thought similar things to what Vico felt, both touched by the moment.

Lily was especially moved to see her father put an end to the cursed civilization that had caused her mother's death.

Sarah and Kendrick sighed with relief, feeling this was the end of a chapter for the Spiritual World and the beginning of a new journey for all of them.

"It's finally over," Dillian murmured, unable to ignore the good feeling that came with justice.

The three Gods there approached Minos and thanked him for his efforts, and it wasn't long before the other spectators of the aliens' demise made similar comments.

"You don't need to thank me. I did what I did of my free will, revenge for my Isabella," Minos said, remembering the fateful day he lost his fourth wife.

"Anyway, let's not talk about that now. We've killed the strongest enemies, but there are still alien creatures on our planet. Now we're going back to the mainland, but first we have to check every part of our world."

He looked at Callie and said. "I want you to spend the next few days investigating the Ancestral Sea. It is unlikely that there are powerful aliens lurking in this area, but let's not take any chances. Search the entire region.

I'll leave Vico to search the Central Continent. Aurae and I'll recover Elves Island before splitting up to search the South Sea and East Sea."

The three Gods accepted Minos' orders, and Callie left long afterward to search the submerged area of the Ancestral Sea.

Minos told his people before opening a wormhole to the mainland. "I will leave you near the Dry City. I'll come back for you after I make sure there are no more aliens in our world."

They left the area, leaving Callie in that frozen sea zone, where she would meet some survivors over the next three days, but none of them would survive her.


After leaving his group on the Central Continent, while Vico began his mission in those lands, Minos arrived on Elves Island next to Aurae.

The place had recently been taken over by the Irpoll apes, so there hadn't been time for this civilization to change almost anything about the place. Still, there were more than a thousand apes there now, as this was one of the most interesting places in the Spiritual World for the druid civilization.

Noticing these creatures surrounding her territory, Aurae took the lead and moved against the many enemies there that could not pose any danger to her.

Although she was tired and weakened from the battle Minos had intervened in earlier, she was still much stronger than the level 90 to 97 beings now on her island.

Minos allowed her to brutalize those opponents, merely supporting her while preventing the aliens from fleeing the area.

For a God, even an exhausted one, dealing with Demigods was like a child killing ants. In less than ten minutes, Minos could see hundreds of giant ape corpses throughout the previously elven-dominated territory.

When Aurae finished the massacre on Elves Island, her blonde hair was smeared with the blood of her enemies, while she had a fierce look on her face.

Minos instructed her to move on to investigate the East Sea, while the North Sea was already clear, something he had ensured earlier by killing the only aliens in the area when he and his group arrived.

He said goodbye to the blonde woman and headed south to the Spiritual World, where he intended to clear the former domain of the Sky Whales.

As much as the apes of Irpoll were terrestrial beings, they had brought with them aquatic creatures from their world. The journey of Minos and his group was not only to kill the apes of this civilization, but to eliminate all alien life forms in his world.

Thus, their work would also involve killing aquatic creatures, special plants, and other organisms capable of cultivating and working as a team with the apes that had almost taken over the planet.

It would take Minos and Aurae three days to complete their sea missions, killing all the alien organisms in the South and East Seas before he moved on to the Continent of Beasts and she to the Divine Continent.

They would soon discover the situation of the two Minos envoys on those continents!

On the fourth day since the arrival of Minos' group in the Spiritual World, the planet would finally be 100% free of alien beings, free for the natives to regain control of their ancient lands.

Some places had been devastated or lost their original natives, but a significant portion of the planet could still be occupied by its original rulers!

Chapter 2365: Spiritual World Returned!
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