The Rise of the Black Plain
Chapter 2382: Legacies Left Behind

The three Sovereigns were many times stronger than Vico and Callie. As much as these two were at level 100, their cultivation base was so weak that they couldn't even be considered Divine Journey cultivators. Only when their powers developed, their foundation improved, could they be considered Sovereigns, or Divine Journey cultivators.

They had difficulties that the Sovereigns in the group didn't have.

As their conversation showed, while it would take Vico and Callie at least a century to create a good, stable Spatial Kingdom big enough to become a headquarters, the three Sovereigns had made places as big as the Ancient Dragon Spatial Kingdom in just weeks of hard work.

In fact, the strongest of them, the level 103 Sovereign, had created two Spatial Kingdoms during his 12 months in the Spiritual World. He made one for his old family and another as an inheritance, where his future heirs and geniuses of the world could compete for growth opportunities.

They hadn't been the only ones. Overhearing their conversation, Ruth and Minos joined in to talk about what they had done besides ruling and helping to rebuild the empire.

"I also made a Spatial Kingdom. I created an independent space in the former Flaming Empire in honor of Isabella. It will open every 100 years with opportunities to cultivate and get powerful artifacts.

It has three levels. The one for cultivators below level 70, the weakest, the one for cultivators between levels 70 and 90 and the strongest of them, for Demigods. Anyone willing to take a chance there can join my inheritance," she pointed out, having lovingly made that place where she left almost all her wealth associated with the Mortal Journey.

Minos said. "I didn't make any Spatial Kingdoms. Only cultivators from level 100 upwards can create areas like that. But I've established a dozen quasi-Spatial Kingdoms, most of them for my estate, but two of them with inheritances. One of them is in the Seraphim's Ancient Sarcophagus and the other is in the area between Albano and Brown."

This area was where the ancient curse that Minos had come into contact with a few times on his journey in the Spiritual World was located.

"Between Albano and Brown? In the area of the curse?" Vico knew the Central Continent as well as Minos and identified the area in question.

"I had an old deal with that curse and ended up creating a kingdom for it to rule. But it will have to follow my rules and benefit those who meet certain requirements," Minos said with a smile on his face.

He had an agreement with that being regarding the day he became a level 100 cultivator and tried to take that being with him out of the Spiritual World. Sadly for the curse, Minos had not yet reached that level, so they could not complete the agreement.

Minos updated his agreement with that being before leaving the world. He guaranteed he would help that creature have a larger space to live—the quasi-Spatial Kingdom—and in the future, someone would try to help it migrate out of the Spiritual World.

Minos was almost 100% sure he could give Vico and Callie a seal before they returned to the Spiritual World in the future. By doing so, they could settle his deal with that curse once and for all.

"That sounds dangerous," Callie observed as she thought about what she had heard about the area.

"Yes, but the prize for whoever survives the legacy that the curse and I left there will be magnificent." Minos agreed with her.

"Will the Spiritual World be all right after our departure?" Gloria asked, as Kendrick, Lily, Hollie and Abby approached the group chatting.

"It's not uncommon for forces that win wars and lose some of their eminent experts to face problems not long after peace and recovery begins," Kendrick said what he had learned from the history books about his continent.

"It's possible that there will be some instability in a few decades," Minos answered the doubts of the weaker ones there, quite confident in his words. "In the short term, nothing should happen.

There are too many opportunities currently available in the Spiritual World and The Adamant Land. Someone would have to be idiotic to cause trouble right now.

But in a few decades, when the world has fully recovered, the surviving forces have completely dominated their territories and set a new norm, things should stir.

But by then, your siblings will be Demigods, and there will be new Gods in the world. Then they'll have ways of solving internal problems."

"What about the dangers from outside?" Lily asked, thinking of the aliens who had killed her mother.

"That's the biggest problem they could have in the short and medium term," the level 103 Sovereign reflected on the subject. "But the problems should be limited to the galaxy of The Adamant Land in the short term, where the maximum level is level 102.

But don't worry too much about that. Most level 102 Demigods would never waste their time in the Spiritual World or The Adamant Land. It's even less likely that stronger enemies will try to contact them.

What is more likely is that civilizations on the level of Irpoll will take an interest in our world if they discover it. But the dangers will be more or less on the same level as our friends in the Spiritual World have already faced."

"That may sound worrying, but the chances of anything happening before the new Gods emerge in our world are slim," Minos said to reassure his family. "But dangers are part of a cultivator's life.

It's good that you're worried about our companions and family members in our world. I'm worried too, but think more about your situation. In a few months' travel, we'll be passing through places where even our Sovereigns could die," Minos warned everyone.

With this warning, the weakest of them would soon begin to meditate in seclusion for the weeks of travel ahead to The Adamant Land.

Chapter 2382: Legacies Left Behind
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