The Rise of the Black Plain
Chapter 2390: Needless Worry

Two more months passed for the group traveling aboard the spaceship bound for Dream Station.

In those months, the ship had made yet another stop, with no incidents occurring during or after boarding and disembarking at that station. The group of Minos continued their seclusion during this period, until, one week ago, the group left their constant meditation sessions to focus on the stop following the spaceship.

Three days ago, the spacecraft made its stop, where there were supposed to be dangers for the crew and passengers.

However, even after three days of traveling following this stop, the group had yet to encounter any strange situations on board. Minos was alert, but with enough time having passed for something to happen, he recommended that his group return to meditating in seclusion.

There were methods of avoiding problems on journeys like this. Even though rumors said that dangers lay ahead, they didn't always come true. Sometimes the crew could prevent problems from entering their ships and in other situations, the organizations behind space stations could prevent problems even before malicious beings boarded spaceships.


With the preparation for a battle in vain beforehand, the group would continue traveling for another three months, facing in that time only the infamous spatial instabilities of long journeys through the vacuum of the universe.

But no incidents occurred in the group's last three stops in those months, with the spaceship reaching the last leg of its journey to Dream Station. With only a few more stops to make in the coming months, the passengers were slowly preparing for their arrival at their final destination.

Some passengers on ships like these disembarked in the middle of the journey, at points other than the end of the route. But the majority went all the way to the end of the journey.

So, even though there were less than half the stops to go before they arrived at Dream Station, the spaceship Minos' group had been traveling in had just departed from yet another station, with its capacity still made up of beings who had departed from Aether Terminal.

Minos was aware of this, observing whenever the spaceship stopped to check who was a real passenger and who might be dangerous to his group.

Today 12 new passengers boarded the spaceship at the terminal they had just left, and Minos was watching them intently through his Bright Eyes.

The captain of the spaceship had just given the signal for the passengers to leave their cabins and seats, when Minos' family members slowly moved to leave the cabin they were in and return to the cultivation room.

"Wait a minute," Minos said to his group when he noticed strange behavior by 5 of the 12 new passengers. "We may face a problem today."

Minos looked at the robot and the level 103 cultivator and said. "You two are coming with me.

Vico and Callie, stay in the cabin together with Abby, Gloria, Kendrick, Lily, and Hollie. Ruth and you two should stay in front of our box." He finished as he looked at the two level 102 Sovereigns.

With his orders, he left his group's cabin and went with his two level 103 allies towards the cabin of the strangely behaving aliens.

He had seen many situations on trips like this and more or less understood what was needed to maximize the chances of weaker groups, as was the case with his team.

In that cabin where the five aliens were behaving strangely, some of them with items that looked like weapons in their hands, there were three cultivator at level 107, one at level 108 and one at level 109.

Such power would be enough for a small mutiny on a ship where the vast majority of passengers were only low-level Sovereigns.

Minos looked meaningfully at some aliens his group had interacted with in recent months, showing his suspicion of some of the stronger ones he had come across.

'Are you sure about this, Minos?' asked a level 104 alien native to the galaxy where Aether Terminal was located.

This alien had talked to Minos a dozen times over the last six months, enough for him to know about the brown-haired young man's abilities and to have some confidence in Minos' nose.

'I can never be sure. But they are behaving suspiciously. Let's get ready to attack them as soon as they show themselves to be hostile.'

'All right. My group will fight alongside you.' The creature agreed, while changing the look on his face, signaling his companions nearby.

The group of five strangely behaving beings left their cabin doing nothing wrong, soon heading towards the cafeteria area of the spaceship, where most of the passengers were going at the moment.

As they followed this path, without realizing it, 18 creatures were walking right next to them.

When two of them split off from the rest of the group to go in different directions, the group of 18 creatures also split up, with 8 of them following behind those two.

Minos and his two companions followed behind the three strongest, heading for the spaceship's cafeteria.

When they reached that area, as he had expected, the three of them drew weapons and fired towards the ceiling, starting what he had expected would happen.


All 10 allies on the cafeteria floor saw the signal to act, with Minos using the cultivation base of a random alien nearby to raise his strength to level 100.

In the blink of an eye, he fused his techniques and attacked against the level 109 creature, acting in tandem with the level 103 robot and human, those most familiar with his fighting style.

Simultaneously, his companions felt their levels rising, while Minos used the cultivation of one who was unaware of what he was starting to strengthen his 9 partners.

While the Divine Sword cut against the level 109 Sovereign, Minos' other 7 allies acted against the level 108 Sovereign and the level 107 alien.

With cultivations ranging from level 104 to 106, Minos' allies surprised their opponents with an unexpected attack.

Minos focused on his opponent, spreading his wings and moving at high speed, using them to decisively attack the level 109 opponent who naturally didn't have a dense cultivation base like that of Zocarro cultivators!

Chapter 2390: Needless Worry
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