Walker Of The Worlds
Chapter 2170: Coming Clean To Others

Qiao De's earlier regret of eating the healing pills to early was nowhere to be seen and he was high on the pleasure of reward.

The others could only smile wryly and let the man revel in it for a bit while Lady Kang and Crown Prince wondered where they where to go from here.

"What's the way out?" Crown Prince Feng Shun asked. "It doesn't seem like the arrays are doing anything more after the reward." He said.

"I'm a bit confused about this too." Lin Mu replied. "There's nothing more in the arrays that hint as to what were supposed to do next." He added.

"Hmmm… Does it perhaps have something to do with us getting out of here then? Could the fourth trial be related to escaping?" Daoist Chu wondered.

"No… I have a hunch as to where the Trial would happen, but it should have been initiated by now." Lin Mu said as he gazed past the barrier and looked at the giant Spatial Plane.

The others couldn't see it, but followed Lin Mu's gaze only to realized that he seemed to be looking at thin air.

"What is it?" Lady Kang had a better idea as she easily guessed Lin Mu was using her Spatial skills. "There is a Spatial Plane beyond this place." Lin Mu revealed. "A plane bigger than I've ever seen." He added.

"What?" Crown Prince Feng Shun was surprised. "But aren't we on a Spatial plane earlier?" he asked.

"Yeah, all the trials we did were on a Spatial Plane." Daoist Chu said.

"The spatial plane that we did trials on so far, can't compare with the Spatial Plane here… By my estimation, this Spatial Plane might just be as big as the Dao Wind continent." Lin Mu said, stunning them. "Or there is a chance it might be even larger… There was a limited area that I managed to observe." "Wait… what do you mean observe?" Crown Prince Feng Shun realized something was amiss. "How did you observe outside this place? Our immortal sense cannot even go out. Theres only void outside it." He said before a shocking thought appeared in his mind.

"Daoist Mu Lin, you…" Daoist Chu seemed to figured it out by now too.

"You're a Spatial Master, aren't you." Ziran had already suspected it, but Lin Mu's current words confirmed it for him.

Crown Princess Shang hadn't expected this, and Monk Hushu was also taken aback.

'He has a great affinity with the Buddhist path and is also a Spatial master? Amitabha, Buddha be merciful.' Monk Hushu felt a bit overwhelmed.

After all, having an affinity with the Buddhist Path was already a great blessing. But being a Spatial Master on top of it was simply too grand for them.

It was now that the Crown Prince and his companions realized, there were a few among them that didn't seem to be surprised. Namely, Lady Kang, Min Ju and Elder Hu.

"You knew?" Crown Prince Feng Shun inquired. "Since when?" he could at least tell that Ziran had only figured it now, but the woman seemed to be on a different level.

"I did… Since the start." Lady Kang answered. "I was waiting for Daoist Mu Lin to speak of it himself, as it would not be my place to reveal it." She added.

The Crown Prince was at a loss for words and a hundred questions popped up in his mind.

"Wait… But Daoist Mu Lin used no Spatial Skills before this… Not even in the Tournament." Daoist Chu suddenly realized.

"Yeah… I didn't use them." Lin Mu confirmed.

"Why did you do that?" Crown Prince Feng Shun couldn't figure it out.

"It was a test… for myself." Lin Mu spoke. "I placed a handicap on myself so that I could improve my other skills." He explained.

"How good are you with Spatial Skills, Daoist Mu Lin?" Daoist Chu asked what had been bothering him the most.

After all, they all knew there were several Spatial Masters, but their skills were quite varied. Everyone had a different affinity with the Spatial Element and ass such their capabilities would greatly vary too.

One could have strong martial skills, but be bad with Spatial Skills despite having them. "I can answer that." Lady Kang chimed in. Lin Mu was about to answer, but reckoned this was better than to toot his own horn. Having someone else vouch for one's capabilities was always better after all.

"You can?" Crown Prince now started to wonder if the relation between Lin Mu and Lady Kang went deeper than he thought.

"Daoist Mu Lin is good enough that he has been hired by the Kang Clan in officially capacity as a Spatial Master." Lady Kang stated.

It left them at a loss and it took them a while to comprehend it all. Someone that could be good enough to be hired by a great clan like the Kang Clan was already someone who had been established in their occupation.

They didn't think Lady Kang would lie or overestimate either, as it was not in her nature or benefit to do that.

"Does this mean… You could've had an easier time had the Tournament but you chose not to?" Crown Princess Shang asked in disbelief after listening to everything.

"In a way yes. But it would've felt like cheating so I limited myself." Lin Mu replied. "While using them a life threating battle is good, I don't think I would like to use them to end a fight quickly. One of my goals in the Tournament of the Four Guardian beasts was actually to learn from others too. If I ended matches early, it would defeat the purpose." He explained.

Hearing that Crown Prince and his companions couldn't help but think that Lin Mu's thinking was simply beyond what they had seen so far.

"Then in the fight against Feng Baxing… He never had a chance at all." Crown Prince Feng Shun finally realized why Lin Mu always had a hint of confidence around him.

Chapter 2170: Coming Clean To Others
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