Walker Of The Worlds
Chapter 2171: Team Effort

The true abilities of Lin Mu were certainly stunning to the group.

"From now on though, I suppose it would be unwise of me to not use my Spatial Skills." Lin Mu stated. "I also think something might be wrong with this place." He said furrowing his brows.

"What do you mean?" The Crown Prince was now talking the matters a lot more seriously.

"The death aura that was present in the Spatial Channel is not normal." Lin Mu replied. "Not just that, but the size of the Spatial Plane below us is massive too… in fact, the size it has is not something that should have kept it hidden. As a Crown Prince you should have information about those not known to the public right?" he inquired.

"I do…" Crown Prince Feng Shun nodded. "There are thirty four known Spatial planes in the Rust Sky world, the largest of which is the Desolate Battlefield in the Holy Topaz Dynasty. In addition to these, there were six more Spatial Planes that contained a legacy of an expert that have already been explored and closed.

But as you've said, none of them seem to match the scale of what you are talking about." He added.

"With the powers of the three emperors and the temple of the guardian beasts, discovering the presence of a Spatial plane, this large should have been possible even if they couldn't enter it. A plane this large will exude strong enough Spatial Fluctuations for them to be sensed by experts as well as formation masters. Not to mention, the Teleportation gates that join the worlds and continent would also be affected by the sheer scales of this Spatial Plane, forcing them to be adjusted accordingly.

With such factors, someone should have suspected there to be a plane like this," Lin Mu explained.

"And yet there were no signs of it." Ziran spoke. "Its presence was concealed."

"Exactly… That Death aura might be behind it." Lin Mu nodded. "The sheer amount of it is so high that it managed to generate the Spatial Channel, which shouldn't have been possible normally. And I don't think this was part of the trial either.

The death aura would've had certainly killed us or at the very least crippled us if we didn't defend against it. Not to mention, doing that in the Spatial Channels is not possible for those that do not have proficiency with space. They wouldn't even be able to see it coming." He added.

"It would indeed be unfair… something the trial has not been so far." Lady Kang could now tell there was something strange going on with the trial.

"This place is supposed to be the graveyard of the demons right?" Monk Hushu suddenly spoke up. "What if… the trials we went through were not the actual graveyard… it looked like a manufactured place." He gave his hypothesis.

It didn't take much of others to connect the dots from this and figure out the problem.

"The trials we went through… Weren't like that to be fair." Elder Hu spoke. "They were meant to prepare us… If we were to fail them, we possibly would've managed to return to the Rust Sky World. But since we've passed them all, the trial possibly thinks of us to be qualified enough to arrive here." His thousands of years of experience reflected in his words.

They thought over his words and found it to be the most likely hypotheses.

"If so… this should be the 'real' site of the inheritance ground. Whatever happened to this place was possibly not intended by the Celestial that made it…" Crown Princess Shang chimed in. "The reward we got now was also to restore us to the best condition and further improve us… as if it wanted us to be fully prepared." "We'll know more once we are down there." Lin Mu said, gazing at the vast plane below. "Let's see how we do that." He said before taking a deeper look at the area around them.

"Could it be the pedestal?" Min Ju wondered.

"It does not seem to have any formations that take us below. I also don't see any spatial array that can teleport us further." Lin Mu had already checked.

"You can break through the barrier and go into the void, right?" Lady Kang suddenly asked. "I can yeah. But it would mean we'll get assaulted by the Death Aura." Lin Mu replied. "I will be able to protect myself, but it will be hard to do the same for you all." He added.

"You won't have to do it alone. We'll do it together." Crown Prince Feng Shun spoke. "I believe with all our abilities, a little death aura shouldn't stop us." He added.

"Indeed. We only became disadvantaged earlier because we were in a Teleportation channel and caught off guard. If we had time to prepare, I don't think we would be that troubled." Daoist Chu spoke up.

"Amitabha, the foul death aura is nothing compared to Buddha's grace." Monk Hushu wasn't going to back down either.

The others gave their agreement too, and none of them were discouraged. Hearing everyone's words, Lin Mu nodded and decided to go with it.

"Very well, we'll have to do this in order then." Lin Mu stated. "I can open up the path and bring us into the void, but I'll need Lady Kang's assistance to guide us through it. I can do it for myself, but not everyone." He added.

"We'll focus on the defense then." Crown Prince Feng Shun stated. "We've dealt with Death aura before on missions. We just have to replicate the same." He said, looking at his companions.

"Amithabha, it shall be done." Monk Hushu said, his eyes sharper than usual.

"At least this is better than the disgusting swamp." Crown Princess Shang said as she recalled the horrifying experience.

With everyone in agreement, Lin Mu began discussing the procedure of how things would have to go. Since it was his first time doing this, Lin Mu consulted with the Crown Prince a bit about how they had done it in the past.

They didn't go through the void in the past, but just normal ground that was tainted with Death Aura, so it was a bit simpler. They simply used their Yang oriented skills to repel the death aura.

It was a constant drain on their immortal Qi, and since this place was even more dense with Death Aura, they'd definitely have to collaborate to have the best effect.

With the defense part down, they now had to figure out how to get down there together. Opening a path into the void was the simple part. The main trouble would be to stay together.

"I can take care of that." Ziran stated. "And I believe Qiao De has something that is 'disposable' enough for us to use in the Death aura." He turned to his old friend.

"Ah, of course! I especially brought it for situations like this," The merchant said before taking out an object.

"What's this?" Lin Mu asked, looking at the palm sized cage.

It looked rather rusty and was a bit too small for it to be intended for a bird or any creature.

"An expert of the Huiqing Empire pawned this off to the Black Candle Pavilion, but was never able to pay off his debt." Qiao De replied. "Its called as the Forbidden Exiles cage." He reveled.

"Is that thing fine, though?" Daoist Chu asked, seeing its condition.

With the rust it had on it, and the lack of Immortal Qi fluctuations, it didn't seem to be exactly in an immaculate condition.

"It's still got a couple of uses left in it." Qiao De replied. "This cage was meant to imprison exiles in a prison filled with baleful energy. It protected them from the baleful Qi, but also keep them trapped inside. A rather cruel tool, but very effective." He added.

"That Death aura will overwhelm it within minutes though." Elder Hu knew about the cages and informed.

"Which is why I'll reinforce it." Ziran replied. "Crown Princess Shang can assist me too, as we both have the wood element."

"It won't be a problem." The Crown Princess replied.

"I'll focus on defense, along with Monk Hushu, Daoist Chu, Elder Hu and Min Ju." Crown Prince Feng Shun stated.

With the plan being set, they spent no time on getting ready.

"Can you activate the cage?" Lin Mu asked.

"Of course," Qiao De said before controlling the cage.


The cage grew in size and soon became over ten meters in size!

"That'll be enough for us," Lin Mu said before turning to Ziran. "Now you two." "On it." Ziran said before chanting.


His entire body glowed in a green light as strong Wood Elemental Dao Traces surrounded him.

"Grace of the Tree Mother! Wood King Fortress!" Ziran activated a Dao Skill!


The Dao Traces turned into vines and wood branches that started to surround the cage.

Chapter 2171: Team Effort
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