Walker Of The Worlds
Chapter 2179: A Desire Of The Blades

The experienced prince's eyes wandered around the area for a minute before he spoke again.

"Though I must admit, Lady Kang was right, the beasts do nothing despite being so close to us." Crown Prince Feng Shun praised.

"The Guidance of Pyxis has always been accurate." Lady Kang replied with composure. Though Lin Mu could tell that she was slightly exhausted. There was a faint shade of fatigue behind her eyes that he could only recognize due to being with her all this time.

'She definitely expended more than ten percent of her Immortal Qi in that.' Lin Mu estimated seeing her state. Others might not know the state she was in but there was no way Lin Mu wouldn't know what she had expended in order to get the group to safety.

As such, Lin mu was a lot more sympathetic to the woman and even wondered if he should offer her a method of restoration.

'But would that be fine?' Lin Mu wondered. 'Could that potentially be offensive… Is offering someone well off and rich an offense?' Lin Mu truly had no idea.

In order to err on the side of positive chance, Lin Mu took the stance that he had done.

"I agree with Lady Kang. The Guidance of Pyxis seem to be the good so far. If it were not, perhaps we would have been attacked by now." Lin Mu stated to the group.

He could truly see that the beasts seem to be disinclined on coming on their side and attacking them. The reason for this was still unknown, but that didn't change the fact that Lady Kang's technique had been very accurate.


As soon as Lin Mu said his words, the beasts seemingly changed their demeanor.


A collective grunt could be heard coming from the eerie beasts as their sound echoed across the entire area.

"What's happening?" Daoist Chu asked.

"Nothing good." Ziran frowned. "Get ready and brace!" he warned.


As if his words were a prophecy, the entire plane shook and the eerie beasts started to make their move.

First they changed their gaze and looked towards where Lin Mu and his group was before starting to move towards it.

"How are they moving?" Crown Princess Shang questioned, her eyes tracking the strange movement of the beasts.

"Something is happening…. The beasts have certainly been affected." Min Ju chimed in.

"ON GUARD!" Lin Mu roared as two swords sprang into his grasp. "BEASTS ARE COMING!" he voice echoed before he swung.


Lin Mu's warning certainly did not go unnoticed as the others retaliated in equivalence. Lady Kang shot out fragmenting stars, Crown Prince Feng Shun slashed out with wind blades that separated ones parts while the rest contributed on their own way.

"Afternoon Pine!" Lin Mu uttered, slashing out to created a golden slash that bloomed into a metal pine tree.

The metal pine tree sprouted and immediately turned into a large creature that expanded its branches and twigs. These very branches and twigs cut into the beasts, severing apart their very being, and tearing apart their flesh as if they were mere radishes set out for pickles.

But this was merely the start as it was just the first sward that had begun its work.

Ocean Raker had a different demeanor to it all.

Even Lin Mu seemed a bit surprised by the long swords reaction that wished to cut all that stood in front of it.

"SEVER!" Lin Mu spoke as per his blade's desire.

Just as his command had said, the blade obliged.


Ocean Raker resonated with the very air itself, manifesting a great blade that tore across the area in front of it. The blade imprint was over fifteen hundred meters long and severed all that stood in its path.

The combined work of the two blades was competitive, as if both were trying to prove their worth to the owner.

This was both a surprise and pleasure for Lin Mu as the power of both swords exceeded what they normally where.

The eerie beasts were turned into minced meat on one side while the other side was turned into perfectly cut halves.

But the common part was the fact that the souls of both sides were eradicated regardless. At the same time, Lin Mu felt the drain on his Immortal Qi as well as the desire the two swords felt.

'They've never acted like this before… what is this… these beasts feel as if they are the arch enemies of the two swords.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

After the two attacks had elapsed, Lin Mu could feel the deep desire that stemmed from them. Because the two blades were linked to him, he could feel it in his heart as well and knew that this desire went deeper than what they had originally thought.

'For you two to act like this… Did you encounter them in the past too?' Lin Mu couldn't help but wonder.

Lin Mu had obtained both blades from the Deep Sapphire City and they had been obtained due to his affinity to them. Lin Mu had accepted both blades due to the fact that he had a great chance of nurturing them and growing them to the next level.

As such, it was an obvious choice to get them when it was literally free to do so.

Lin Mu had expected that he would be growing both weapons by slowly nurturing them over time with the resources he had.

It was a matter of waiting and thinking.

But now, it was as if a golden opportunity had been presented to him.

'The blades convey… they wish for the slaughter of these eerie beasts.' Lin Mu thought to himself, a grim smile appearing on his face.

With a wish that did not contradict his own, there was no way it would be rejected.

"Drink and slay! Afternoon Pine, Ocean Raker!" Lin Mu uttered, stunning his companions.

His demeanor seemingly flipped as an aura of slaughter sprouted.

Chapter 2179: A Desire Of The Blades
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