Warlock of the Magus World (WN)
Chapter 100: An Exception

An Exception

Time passed by.

The Abyssal Bone Forest Academy’s professors and acolytes had gradually recovered from all these sad events and adapted themselves to the present situation.

The current Abyssal Bone Forest Academy had almost become a tomb.

Within such a great academy, one would rarely see another soul.

The classrooms were vacant, the Trading Area was left uninhabited and even the academy’s mission area — which has a large, wide wall; on which the missions were hung up — only had a few acolytes accepting missions.

The entire Abyssal Bone Forest Academy had sunk into a stillness as silent and steady as a grave.

In these circumstances, if an ordinary person were to stay here, he would be frightened to death!

However; the great thing was that the acolytes who survived the bloodbath, as well as other professors, were extremely resolute; so they were able to maintain the operations of the academy, even under such circumstances.

However, these state of affairs would not last very long.

According to Leylin’s guess, the enrollment period for new acolytes joining the academies of the south coast was fast approaching.

This time, the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy would certainly lower their requirements. Then a large number of acolytes would be able to join and thus reinstate the glory on the surface.

But the nurturing of any talented acolyte will consume a vast amount of time and energy, and not to mention the aptitude of 5th-grade acolytes — where and how would it be easy to find one with such a talent?

The Abyssal Bone Forest Academy’s heritage had declined drastically during Leylin’s generation. It was likely that at least 10 years would be required to regain their former level of glory.

However, Leylin wasn’t greatly concerned about these issues.

He once again returned to a thread-like monotonous life — he would cooperate with his professor in his experiments and thus learn from experience.

Meanwhile, he took advantage of the privileges granted to a level 3 acolyte — he purchased large amounts of magical resources and stored information on advanced subjects.

Leylin’s aptitude in the Magus World was considered average, neither high nor low, but it was rather decent.

Moreover, he had succeeded in advancing to a level 3 acolyte. In the future, there would be plenty of time for him to breakthrough into an official Magus!

Considering this point, regardless of a professor or an acolyte, all would regard him as a person of very great importance.

Whenever Leylin encounters an official Magus, he would greet them. In return, they would nod their heads in recognition and approval. Also, when acolytes see Leylin from afar, they would immediately greet him.

As for Nyssa and the rest, they did not dare to appear in front of Leylin.

Thinking of Nyssa, Leylin could not help but feel happy for her. In such a bloodbath, she was actually able to preserve her life and even obtain a few contribution points, which was an extremely difficult thing to do.

He overheard that Nyssa had been able to exchange her contribution points for a potion to increase spiritual force and was preparing to breakthrough to level 3 acolyte.

“I hope she succeeds! To heal her body, she needs to, at least, become a proper Magus!”

Leylin thought of Nyssa’s injuries and was somewhat dismayed. Right now, in Abyssal Bone Forest Academy; there was only himself, Nyssa, and Jayden who hailed from the Chernobyl Islands.

These thoughts only passed through Leylin’s mind. Very soon, he concentrated on the book in front of him.

The book in his hands was extremely thick, the same thickness of two bricks together. However, the paper’s surface was extremely small. This was the style of ancient books.

“Mother Earth laid down on the ground and gave birth to 7 children. They are Anger, Sorrow, Greed, Sloth, Lust, Gluttony, and Fear. Each of her children inherited one of their mother’s power. Mountains will tear themselves apart in front of them, and the seas will part before them….”

The book in Leylin’s hands concerned myths.

“The ancient writing is extremely obscure, in it, many information about Magi is concealed…”

Leylin’s eyes flashed as he commanded, “A.I. Chip! Record!”

Ever since Leylin registered under the administrative area and became a potential Magus, he managed to obtain more access within Abyssal Bone Forest Academy.

One of this was to peruse the hidden library section!

Of course, within these books, many information regarding official Magus were erased. At the very most, they were briefly mentioned in passing, with cryptic writings. Normally, people would just gloss over this information.

Even so, Leylin with the A.I. Chip obtained much more information from this hidden library section.

First of all, the A.I. Chip had recorded almost all information that was beneath the topics of Magi. Right now, Leylin could vouch for himself that most professors in Abyssal Bone Forest Academy could not match his knowledge concerning acolytes.

This was a great foundation buildup for Leylin in the acolyte level.

At least now he was aware of the mistakes from breaking through to a level 3 acolyte and even tried to correct them.

One should not look down on such information. If the mistakes are not corrected, even after Leylin becomes an official Magus, his spiritual force would stall for a long period of time, with no chance of ever breaking through.

Furthermore, Leylin found some content regarding advanced meditation techniques.

According to these bits and pieces, together with Roman’s information, Leylin could confirm that the chairman of Abyssal Bone Forest Academy and those leaders of major guilds and magisterium in the south coast used these advanced meditation techniques to break through.

Hence, they were able to achieve their current levels.

As for the majority of the Magi in the south coast, as well as many professors in the academies, they did not know of the existence of advanced meditation techniques. They used Grine Water to breakthrough, causing them to remain at the level of rank 1 Magus for their entire life!

After looking at all these, Leylin completely sealed the notion of using Grine Water to breakthrough.

“It seems like heading towards the Zither Moon Mountain Plains and obtaining the advanced meditation technique that the great Magus Serholm left behind is necessary for future developments!”

Leylin closed the book slowly and left the library.

Leylin had used the A.I. Chip to record most of the information in the hidden library section. In the future, no matter where he was, he could always perform a search with the A.I. Chip. It was equivalent to carrying a large-scale, intelligent library with him at all times.


Leylin went to Kroft’s lab and bowed to Kroft, who was carrying out an experiment.

Although Kroft was the same as before, Leylin found that his eyes were somewhat dimmed. It seems that Merlin’s death had slightly impacted this old man of more than 100 years of age.

“Leylin, my child!” After seeing Leylin, Kroft smiled and he looked to be more focused.

“Regarding my suggestion from before, have you decided on an answer?” Kroft asked.

“Yes, Professor!” Leylin bowed once more. “I appreciate that the Leslie family thinks highly of me, but I wish to try breaking through on my own!”

After hearing Leylin’s reply, Kroft’s expression darkened. However, Leylin’s talent in Potioneering was admirable, even to Kroft. After knowing that Merlin died, Leylin had become his best apprentice, so he could not help but advise again.

“The Leslie family is a great one, with Potioneering as their niche. In there, your talents will definitely be displayed to the fullest. Moreover, the Leslie family has sincerity, where the contract conditions are much better than the academy’s.”

Leylin displayed a very keen look, but deep down he had rejected Kroft’s proposition without the slightest hesitation.

After the bloodbath, Leylin’s position in Kroft’s heart was elevated.

Previously, when they spoke, Kroft represented the Leslie family in supporting him and made an offer to Leylin.

Leslie family was one of the large-scale Magus family in Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, with many Magi supporting it.

Kroft was one of its members.

Having a long standing tradition and history with Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, the Leslie family also possessed a copy of a rank 1 spell and Grine Water.

What Kroft suggested was the same contract signed with the academy. The Leslie family would also give a rank 1 spell model and a Grine Water in exchange.

Compared to a contract with the academy, a contract with a family would have fewer restraints. However, this was not in line with Leylin’s interests.

No matter how powerful the Leslie family was, would they be able to provide an advanced meditation technique?

Looking at Kroft, who did not have a single high-grade meditation technique, he already knew the answer.

Under the inheritance of great Magus Serholm, Leylin hoped that he would never have to join a Magi family and put restrictions on himself!

Moreover, Leylin was a person who valued freedom. Unless he was in a desperate situation, he would never consider selling himself to be contracted with a family.

“All these, I know, Professor! But…”

Leylin raised his head, his eyes showing an unshakeable resolve and determination.

“I still wish to try on my own! If I were to fail, I promise you, Professor, that I will definitely prioritise and consider the Leslie family!”


Various expressions flashed across Kroft’s face. Looking at the most outstanding acolyte he had right now, he suddenly felt a little helpless. “Alright then! You are only 17 now! Youth is precious, it allows you to make mistakes!”

Kroft looked at Leylin and was reminded of his younger self. His eyes revealed that he was recalling a memory.

“Thank you, professor!” Even though Kroft was unreasonable, Leylin was somewhat moved. He never wanted harm to befall his apprentices. This trait was rather praiseworthy within Abyssal Bone Forest Academy.

“In that case… How do you plan to overcome this obstacle to becoming an official Magus?” Kroft asked.

“This…” Leylin shook his head, as if in ‘embarrassment’, revealing an apologetic expression.

“I heard that Professor Dorotte had a piece of remnant information concerning official Magus…”

“Haha…” Kroft laughed, “So this was your plan!”

In the south coast, the information to become an official Magus was often controlled by large guilds, but there was always an exception!

Chapter 100: An Exception
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