Warlock of the Magus World (WN)
Chapter 39: Two Methods

Two Methods

“A.I. Chip, examine Guricha!”

Leylin ordered. Immediately, an image of Guricha was projected and Leylin noticed some pathological symptoms in some of his organs, the lungs in particular.

Acolytes are already capable of resisting spells, so how strong would the radiation have to be for an acolyte to be unable to withstand it?

Leylin’s face changed, “What did the academy say about this?”

“What could they say? Nyssa signed a pact with her mentor before the experiment and even declined any compensation!” Dodoria exclaimed as she sobbed.

Leylin was silent. Many low-grade acolytes, with no magic crystals, could only be assigned to different professors randomly. If their luck was good, they would meet professors like Kroft. If their luck was bad and they were to meet with professors who liked to experiment on humans, then they could only blame themselves for being unlucky.

Additionally, many of the acolytes could not resist the enticements from their mentors and would cooperate with them for experiments, so even outcomes like death were a possibility.

A few acolytes would die from experiments in Abyssal Bone Forest Academy each year. In comparison, Nyssa, who was able to keep her life, was much luckier than those who died.

“So why did you look for me? If it’s to help seek revenge or any other justice-related matters, then I’m afraid I won’t be of any help.”

Leylin did not allow any room for negotiation right at the start. To challenge a Magus with the powers of an acolyte, he would only do that if there was water seeping through his brains.

“We don’t have such intentions. We’re just here to let you take a look to determine if there is still hope for Nyssa to recover her original appearance.” Guricha hurriedly shook his hands.

Leylin nodded his head. After all, he had the Potioneering Master, Kroft, standing behind him. If he couldn’t think of anything either, Nyssa could only despair.

“Do you mind if I have a look?” Leylin asked Nyssa.

“I don’t” Nyssa’s voice was extremely soft, almost inaudible.

Leylin walked forward, and the disgusting stench only grew more revolting. Leylin forced himself to pick up Nyssa’s palm.

Every finger was thicker than a carrot, looked purple, and there were disgusting rings of folded skin.

What used to be the dainty white fingers of a lady had turned into this. Leylin believed that if he could not help Nyssa, then she ought to mentally prepare herself.

Leylin pressed the back of Nyssa’s hands “Do you feel anything?”


“Her defense seems to be pretty good!” Leylin silently appraised, taking out a surgical knife from his waist pouch.

The tip of the gleaming knife was placed on the surface of her palm and pushed into the skin lightly, but it didn’t manage to cut through the skin!

Leylin’s brows furrowed and he applied more pressure on his hands, using all of his strength as a Knight to push down the tip of the blade. The surgical knife finally pierced Nyssa’s skin, and a drop of yellow pus flowed out.

Leylin hurriedly took out a test tube and stored that drop of pus.

After dabbing some hemostasis potion on it, the wound on Nyssa’s hand rapidly healed. 10 seconds later, there wasn’t a single scar to be seen.

“What monstrous healing abilities!” Leylin gasped inwardly but didn’t dare say it aloud.

Seeing Dodoria and Guricha, who were staring at him without moving, Leylin laughed.

“Qiadarmo – Xurado” With the incantation, a gust of wind suddenly swept into the room and formed a small whirlwind.

Black mist rose unceasingly as it consolidated into a vague, humanoid shadow in front of Leylin.

Guricha and Dodoria were startled, and even Nyssa retreated several steps back.

“I never thought that he would already be at this level after only 1 year or so. Could there really be no way to remedy the difference between aptitudes?” Guricha looked at Leylin, who was casting a spell, with a complex expression.

Leylin did not pay attention to Guricha in the slightest. Right now, his thoughts were all on the summon that was right in front of him.

“For you!” Leylin spoke in the Byron language and handed over the test tube containing the yellow fluid from Nyssa over to the shadow.

The shadow’s eyes glowed red. As it did not have any hands, it directly bit the test tube with its mouth. *Crunch!*

The test tube broke and the black shadow swallowed the yellow liquid into its stomach.

*Hah Hah!* When the yellow fluid entered its body, the black shadow seemed to destabilise. It roared loudly, and cold sweat formed on Leylin’s forehead.

“Krin – Sidamoersi!” As Leylin continued to chant, he took several dark-green rocks from his pouch and tossed them towards the shadow.

After about 3 to 4 minutes, the black shadow stopped rampaging and spoke to Leylin in several obscure words.

Guricha and the others listened closely, but this language was very unfamiliar to them. It was definitely not the Byron language.

Ever since the ancient times, many Magi organisations have invented their own unique language for magic after many years, so to learn them all is just a pipe-dream.

The black shadow continued to howl, and then disappeared after one final roar.

Looking at the disappearing black shadow, Leylin could not help but to heave a sigh of relief.

“How was it?” Nyssa asked. As it was her own problem, she was the most concerned about it.

“It’s very difficult! Your constitution has already been completely transformed, and there is a huge amount of polluted energy circulating in your body. If not for the fact that you were an acolyte, you would have died long ago!” Leylin shook his head.

After listening to Leylin’s assessment, Nyssa’s eyes dimmed and she retreated back several steps.

“However, it’s not like there are no solutions at all!” Leylin continued.

“What means are there? No matter what the conditions are, I will definitely do my best for Nyssa!” Dodoria clenched her fist.

“Yes, we should think of a way together. Then we’ll be able to solve it eventually!” Guricha cheered on, which made Leylin somewhat speechless.

“The first method is for Nyssa to advance to an official Magus. Magi are able to use the constant radiation to change the way they look. As long as she spends the time, she will definitely be able to change back into her original appearance!”

Leylin said slowly. This kind of remodelling of the physique through radiation required fine tuning from oneself. There was no room for other Magi to help; there would be a huge backlash if they tried.

“An official Magus? I am only a level 1 acolyte right now!” Nyssa’s eyes flashed for a brief instant, but it dulled almost immediately.

“That is too difficult, however, it is also an option. What other methods are there?” Dodoria asked.

“There is only one more method I can think of, which is to use the Harmonious Aqua Regia Potion! It can cleanse Nyssa’s body of the pollutants, after which it would be much easier to remodel her appearance.” Leylin introduced the second method.

“Harmonious Aqua Regia Potion! Heavens! Isn’t that a potion used by Magi? One potion is worth at least 1000 magic crystals!” Guricha’s eyes almost popped out from his sockets.

“That’s right! The pollutant in Nyssa’s body is rather severe, only a Magus level potion that can remove radiation will be useful!” Leylin said definitively.

“These are the only two methods that I can think of, but I will also ask my mentor later!”

These two methods were the most optimal of the choices provided by the A.I. Chip, Leylin believed that even Mentor Kroft would not be able to come up with a better idea.

“An official Magus? 1000 magic crystals? I will achieve it!” Nyssa’s eyes filled with resolve as she clenched her fists.

“My sincere apologies for not being able to help. Please accept these potions, it will be able to reduce the pain that you feel during midnight!”

Leylin gave a small bow and took out a pink potion from his pouch. He could only do this much.

“How did you know about that?” Nyssa was clearly a little shocked.

“From the reactions given by your body, it seems like the energy particles react the most at midnight, which is also when you will feel the most pain!” Leylin explained calmly.

“Nyssa! Why haven’t you told me this!” Dodoria’s eyes filled with anger once again.

“You have already done enough!” Nyssa replied.

“Take it!” Leylin handed the potion over to Guricha and turned around, walking out of the dorm.

The three people left in the room were as silent as the dead. “What now?” Guricha spoke first.

“An official Magus? This is simply out of reach for us because of our low aptitudes. The acquiring of magic crystals to buy a Harmonious Aqua Regia Potion is more realistic!” Dodoria said.

“If the three of us were to pool our resources together, after borrowing some more from others, we would have…… “ Dodoria did not even believe her own words. Acolytes would definitely spend any magic crystals they had on knowledge or items to increase their power. No one would simply throw them away.

“No! I wish to try breaking through to an official Magus!” Nyssa said slowly, her words filled with resolve.

“With the blessings of my mentor, this radioactive body’s defense is much higher than an average person’s. My spell resistance isn’t too bad either, I should accept more missions and earn the resources I need to advance! I cannot hold the two of you back any longer…”

Nyssa forced a smile, but it looked uglier than crying.

“Why? Why did it turn out like this?” Dodoria cried.

Guricha hurriedly embraced her, it seemed like these two had been a couple since long ago.

“Following the plots of the novels from my previous world, shouldn’t I hurry and sell some potions to earn enough money to pay for Nyssa’s treatment? And at the same time, I ought to advance to a Magus and seek revenge for Nyssa and the like.”

Leylin let his imagination run wild as he walked.

“A pity that this is the reality! Nyssa and I can’t even be considered friends, only strangers who have seen each other a few times. Giving her the painkiller potion earlier was already the limit, and that was seeing how we came from the same place!”

“As for magic crystals, I don’t even have enough to use for myself, so how could I take them out? One must always pay the price for their own actions!”

Leylin’s gaze turned frosty as he left the dorm area.

He would not do anything else for Nyssa, and she would only depend on herself.

After walking past the flower garden located beside the dorms, sniffing the aroma from the flowers, and basking in the sunlight radiating from the roof, Leylin’s mood became much better.

Walking to a long bench, Leylin sat down and looked at the acolytes walking past, his mind at peace.

“Coming out to bask in the sunlight occasionally is also a type of enjoyment, isn’t it?”

A voice travelled over and a grey robed youth sat beside Leylin.

“Jayden?” Leylin’s eyes opened wide.

[Beep! Jayden. Strength: 1.9, Agility: 2.7, Vitality: 3.1, Spiritual force: 5.0. Level 2 acolyte. Energy waves from a low-grade magic artifact have been detected from the Target’s body. Target is classified as dangerous!] The A.I. Chip’s scan of Jayden appeared in Leylin’s mind.

Jayden’s spiritual force was the highest among the acolytes, and even his vitality had increased after the constant radiation. Normally, Magus would intentionally increase their vitality to prepare for future transformations of the body.

Right now, Jayden’s spiritual force was higher than Leylin’s. He also carried a magic artifact, but no one knew of his battle experience.

“Calculate my chances of winning if I were to fight with Jayden!”

[Simulation beginning. Success rate: 57.82%!] The A.I. Chip provided the data.

“Only a little over half, it seems like the might of a magic artifact is not little. Jayden is no pushover too.”

Chapter 39: Two Methods
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