Warlock of the Magus World (WN)
Chapter 98: Murderer Identified

Murderer Identified

The badge on Leylin’s chest emitted a fluorescent light.

Leylin’s entire body was then engulfed by a layer of this light and was lifted off the ground as he began to involuntarily rise into the sky.

Floating at a distance within the light bubble, Leylin saw other acolytes in distant regions also floating in the same manner; they looked like stars strewn across the sky.

“This is really a beautiful scene!”

Leylin couldn’t help sighing in appreciation. His hand touched a badge and holding it he said, “There is no force felt from this badge, it seems that the pulling force of the badge only works on those acolytes who are still alive. If that’s the case!”

Leylin waved his hands, and 2 badges that belonged to two level 3 acolytes was tossed out of the light bubble.

These two badges had, at one time, belonged to Silver-Claw Saurun and the female blonde acolyte. Since Leylin had already collected sufficient badges, he would no longer keep these two with him.

“I also have this thing with me!” said Leylin, as he withdrew an iron chain that had an electrical current and also threw that away.

After a thorough examination by the A.I. Chip on this destroyed magic artifact, there was a hidden spiritual force within it which kept pulsating — it seemed that this force had a tracking ability. If Leylin were to bring this item with him, then the professors of the enemy academy would know immediately that he was the one who had killed Torash.

As for the other items taken from the acolytes — the half dagger and the shattered palm — there were no problems if he brought them back with him. They were carefully placed within his rucksack.

“The final procedure!”

Leylin smiled heartily, and removed the Shapeshifting spell.

The muscles on his face contorted, as his height continuously grew. Very soon, Leylin resumed the state of his original appearance.

“I have been acting inside the secret plane with this disguise, where no one had seen my true appearance!”

“I’m afraid after I exit, the enemy academy would wildly search for an acolyte that doesn’t exist?” After thinking of the probable scene in the future, he could not help but smile.

“Right now, I am Leylin Farlier, an ordinary Potioneering acolyte!”


Looking at the dazzling rainbow coloured exit, Leylin’s smile widened yet even more….

With much effort, Leylin managed to suppress the dizziness that came abruptly and did not vomit.

“The feeling of crossing planes is not a great one!”

“Hurry up and move, don’t block the way!” A cold voice sounded right beside Leylin’s ear.

Leylin hurriedly bowed and left the place.

Only then, did he take a look at the surroundings.

Outside the exit of the secret plane, it looked the same as before. The 3 academies were divided into a triangular formation where they faced each other. Sage Gotham’s Hut and Whitewoods Castle members stood closer together, and faced the common enemy, Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, in unison.

As for now, acolytes continuously swarmed out from the exit, returning back to their respective professor’s side.

“Who is that person?”

Leylin saw a black robed man ahead of the 3 chairmen. He couldn’t help guessing the person’s identity.

*Shua!* But now, because the black-robed man felt Leylin’s unwavering sight upon him, he turned his head around and looked back.

He immediately glanced upon a pair of dark green eyes.

The surrounding world was as if it had been suspended in time; everywhere one could see only green.

The acolytes and professors around Leylin seemed to turned into jade statues where no signs of life could be observed.

Leylin strove to open his mouth, but he found no words coming out of his mouth.

“Leylin! Leylin! Leylin!“

The surrounding statues suddenly opened their mouths, chanting Leylin’s name.

“What is happening?” Leylin roared within his heart, but not a single word could be spoken.

* Peng! Peng * The dark green sculptures began to move and green dust constantly fell off of them. Their eyes had become red-colored, as if the sockets had been embedded with rubies.


Countless green statues swarmed around Leylin, drowning him….

“Argh!” Leylin suddenly regained consciousness and panted heavily.

“What happened earlier?” The surrounding acolytes now seemed to be doing fine, yet Leylin did not dare to look in the direction of those chairmen again.

“Relax, son!” A pair of hands with a medicinal scent covered Leylin’s head, emitting a white glowing light.

“Professor Kroft!” Leylin bowed deeply. Under the white light, he felt much better.

“Was it you who saved me?”

“I did not exactly ‘save’ you, only a small favour.” Professor Kroft smiled and led Leylin back towards their academy’s gathering area.

“Official Magi always have a defensive force field surrounding them. Moreover, most of it are instantly activated or have a permanent effect. As for higher ranking Magi, they have an even stronger force field encircling them at all times. An ordinary acolyte cannot even get close to them!”

Kroft explained for Leylin.

“Just now, that Magus from the Lighthouse of the Night did not do it intentionally; he just looked over this side and immediately many apprentices got caught in a hallucination. If a professor wasn’t here, then I would have been. . . ”

Kroft’s expression slowly turned stern, “Leylin, before you turn into an official Magus, remember to steer clear of any high ranking Magus! If not, I would not even be able to imagine your end….”

“I’ll keep that in mind!” Leylin’s expression was extremely solemn as he nodded his head.

Only a slight glance had almost cost Leylin his life, which left him a lingering fear. Moreover it had resolved his determination to climb up in the ranks of the food chain.

“I don’t wish for my soul to crumble immediately in the future just because a high ranking Magus crosses my path in the future. This would really be a grievance!”

Although higher ranking Magus could exercise restraint on their forcefields, it would mean that they were showing their softer side. Leylin could not imagine anyone doing that for him.

“Alright now! Welcome back son!”

After healing Leylin, Kroft revealed a sincere smile.

“Being able to see you again is really great!” Leylin also smiled as he hugged his professor.

At this moment, only then he had time to view the casualties in his own academy.

Due to the teaming up of the other two academies, a huge number of Abyssal Bone Forest Academy’s acolytes had perished previously in the war. Right now it seems that Abyssal Bone Forest Academy suffered an even more severe casualty count.

At this moment, behind the professors, there was only a few scattered acolytes standing behind him. Most of them carried injuries with a gloomy expression.

“Leylin!” A pleasantly surprised voiced sounded in his ear.

“Bicky!” Leylin smiled warmly and hugged the curvaceous and beautiful Bicky.

“Very good. I still believed in you….” Tears welled up in Bicky’s eyes.

It seemed like she was worried about Leylin but that she did not know he was the mysterious man who had saved her before.

Leylin took another look at Bicky and was rather surprised when she was actually not injured the slightest, only that her mental state did not seem to to be in the best condition. He could not help but feel so as even if it was a level 3 acolyte from Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, under the oppression in numbers from their enemy, they may not be able to protect their lives.

As if seeing Leylin’s bewilderment, Bicky spoke on her own accord, “I met Molly right after entering. Also, I met with an extremely powerful enemy acolyte, but a stranger saved me. After that, I met Fayle and it was him who kept me by his side, so I was able to live up till now.

Bicky pointed at an acolyte behind a professor.

Leylin looked over, and it was indeed Fayle who he saw before. After a span of 3 years, he seemed to be even more mature and had more charisma.

With a level 3 acolyte protecting her coupled with some luck, it was probable that she could survive. Leylin nodded his head and did not ask further.

After casually exchanging a few sentences with Bicky, Leylin looked at the secret plane’s exit. Most of them were enemy acolytes streaming out, where very few Abyssal Bone Forest Academy acolytes came out. Leylin sighed inwardly, “It seems that this time Abyssal Bone Forest Academy suffered a great loss. I’m afraid that there will be a scenario where Abyssal Bone Forest Academy would have more professors than acolytes period of time.

* Peng! * At this moment, another acolyte walked out from the exit.

This acolyte wore the grey robes of Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, and had several holes in them. Injuries seemed to riddle his body and there was even traces of blood. Moreover, an arm was missing.

“It’s Jayden!” Leylin’s pupils contracted.

Towards magicians, missing a limb was no big issue. There were various and mysterious spells which could regrow their limbs.

Jayden braced himself and walked several steps forward. After seeing his professor from Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, he smiled and fainted immediately.

* Shua! * A white figure immediately appeared in front of Jayden and caught him.

After the white flash stopped, Leylin saw the appearance of the Magus within – It was a skeleton with an underworld flame in its eyes!

“Professor Dorotte!” Leylin called out the name of this set of bones.

Previously, it was Dorotte who led Leylin into Abyssal Bone Forest Academy. Moreover, he was Jayden’s mentor and even gave Jayden a magic artifact. It seemed like he doted on Jayden rather much.

“Alright! After my detection, there are no more surviving acolytes inside the secret plane. Seal the exit!’

The black robed figure standing before the 3 chairmen spoke.

Once he spoke, the 2 camps sank into deep silence, before the murmuring and sighing noises sounded incessantly.

“No! Where is my Torash? He is definitely still inside!”

“Silver-Claw Saurun? Hurry and come out! He is a genius acolyte, how could the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy manage to defeat him?”


“Morphis! Morphis, where are you?”

Constant cries were heard from the enemy camp.

And the Abyssal bone Forest Academy’s party seemed to have already expected this. Although the numbers of dead acolytes were many, the reactions of all professors were much lower than what Leylin had expected.

Even for the Potioneering talent Merlin, his responsible Professor (Kroft) only let out a soft dismal gasp upon receiving news of his death.

“Torash! Torash! I left spiritual force coordinates on his body; he should be present amongst us here!”

On the opposite side, a blue bearded old guy yelled madly, following which he chanted an incantation.

* Bang! *

A bright blue beam of light drifted floated above Jayden who had fainted. Within this light an indistinct badge of an acolyte could be seen .

“Argh! No! My Torash! I will kill you!”

The expression on the face of the blue bearded old guy contorted, where a massive thunderstorm appeared midair above him.

“Torash’s power, when compared to this, is absolutely rubbish.” Leylin gulped, and suddenly felt extremely lucky.

Chapter 98: Murderer Identified
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